Missing dog

Kevin O'RiordanJan 6 2018, 11:03pmHey guys,

Received an email from a member of the public who claims to have a lost a dog who followed a hill runner around Duff Hill, West Wicklow today.

Our family dog went missing while hillwalking today in West Wicklow. He went missing on Duff Hill. We think he may have followed a hill walker / hill runner who we had met there. His name is Newman. He is a Scottish border terrier, sandy brown in colour, with a grey face. If you find him or have seen him please contact me on 086 3977722. Thank you. Kevin"

Here is a link to the photo they sent me of the dog: http://media.imra.ie/ad-hoc/received_10154869458486595.png

Would anyone possibly know who it could have been or have seen the dog?
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