Slí Mhúscraí Half-Marathon

Nowak TomaszJan 9 2018, 12:08pmHello!
I will have a question any runners from Cork are going to run Slí Mhúscraí Half-Marathon on 3rd March and have a extra seat in his car.I will need a spin to start line and back to cork after =( no car.I will pay for petrol.
My contact number 0899866147 or facebook messenger Tomek Nowak Cork
Conor O'FarrellFeb 13 2018, 5:01pmHi

I heard a few people chatting about this over the weekend and I'm thinking of heading down. Is there anywhere specific that people are staying? Any recommended accommodation?

Tanya SheridanFeb 13 2018, 5:48pmHi Con, hope you make it down. We are staying in the Wallis Arms in Millstreet - I heard it is handy to the race start. I'd call to make a reservation -- I don't think they respond to emails.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 13 2018, 10:52pmThanks Tanya

I'll give them a call in the morning.
Ian HarrisonFeb 16 2018, 12:30pmIs there any chance of a .gpx file or a more detailed map of the route for the half marathon?
Matthew BranchFeb 16 2018, 4:13pmI have created an Event on Strava if you wish to download/review the gpx in more detail
Robbie WilliamsFeb 18 2018, 12:59pmContrary to the closing time advertised in the Purchase Product section
Reg will close tonight at 11pm

No further entry will be taken after this point

Ian HarrisonFeb 18 2018, 8:14pmThanks Matthew
Dave CallaghanFeb 20 2018, 8:29amQuick question folks, I registered for the Half on Sunday and it is on my recent purchased items on this site but never got a confirmation email. Is this normal??
Robbie WilliamsFeb 20 2018, 8:41pmHi Dave

You are paid up but havnt been assigned a number

If they have not contacted you by Monday will you private message the Facebook Sli Gaeltacht Mhuscrai page

Pol O'MurchuFeb 20 2018, 9:00pmHi Dave, You have been assigned number 84.
Robert McEvoyMar 1 2018, 8:14pmMyself, Robbie and Matthew have been working in the background on an alternative date for the Ultra marathon and the Half marathon. Thanks to those people who sent us suggestions. Ultimately, it will be impossible to find a date that suits everyone.

We have almost settled on a date, but we're not quite there yet. It's been difficult to contact the local stakeholders due to the bad weather. We hope to be in a position to announce the new date by tomorrow (Friday) evening. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, we can confirm that refunds will be available to those who cannot make the new date. There will be more details on the refund process tomorrow.

The next update will be tomorrow (Friday) evening. Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages of support.
zsolt szomjuMar 3 2018, 10:08amHi,Unfortunately the date is not good for me.Is there any chance of getting refund,please.Do I have to cancel it by written form?
Thank you for your help.
Best regards

Zsolt Szomju
Pol O'MurchuMar 3 2018, 10:39amReposting Robert’s Instructions from the Ultra Page:
Thanks for your patience.

After much discussion and many phone calls, we have set the new date for the Ultra Marathon for Saturday 17th March (i.e. St. Patrick's Day). We have looked at parade schedules and we don't think that they will impact on our race (or vice versa).

We understand that this won't suit everybody, and apologies again for that. Anyone who can't make the new date will have their race entry refunded.

We will now proceed as follows. I have sent an e-mail to anyone who registered for the Ultra, and also to people who were on the Ultra waiting list. Please check the e-mail address that you used to register with IMRA.

If you wish to run with us on March 17th, please e-mail me back to confirm that you wish to take part. The deadline for getting back to me will be Sunday 4th March at 11pm. Please only use e-mail (not Facebook, text or IMRA forum) as otherwise it will be hard for me to track 50+ replies.

If you can't run on March 17th and wish to be refunded your entry fee, please e-mail me back anyway to confirm that.

By Monday morning, we will hopefully know how many runners from the original group can make it on March 17th. Any remaining places in the race will then be offered via the IMRA website - hopefully we can bring the number back up to 50.

Think about it over the next 48 hours and hopefully as many of you as possible can join us for this West Cork adventure on March 17th.
Robert McEvoyMar 3 2018, 11:52amThanks Pól. The refund procedure is the same for the Half Marathon, except you will be e-mailing Matthew (the HM race director) in that case and not me. Registered runners should check the e-mail address that they use with their IMRA profile for instructions.
Enda MaguireMar 5 2018, 11:24amIs there any way to register for this race?
Robert McEvoyMar 6 2018, 4:58pmDue to the change of date, we have some extra spaces available in both the Half marathon and the Ultra marathon. Thanks to those who contacted us requesting refunds - these will be processed by IMRA in due course.

Ultra: 17 places
Half: 32 places

These places will be available to purchase from 7pm on Wednesday 7th March. Make sure you have a valid 2018 IMRA registration, then log in to myIMRA and click on "Purchase IMRA products".

Registration will remain open until all places are filled. Ultra €60; Half €30. Remember that both races are non-profit, and any proceeds will be fed back into the local West Cork communities who maintain the trails. Thanks.
Brian FlannellyMar 18 2018, 12:26pmResults are now up for Sli Gaeltacht Mhuscrai Half, the first event of the Munster Half Marathon Championship, a new league for 2018. Any questions/queries on results, please email:
brian.flannelly at imra dot ie
Many thanks to Matthew, and his team of volunteers, and all who made this re-scheduled race possible.
Next up in this league is the Knockmealdowns Half at the end of the month
3rd and final race this weekend in Muscrai kicks off in less than an hour on Mt Claragh!
Barry MurrayMar 18 2018, 7:23pmThanks to Matthew and crew for this race, a big task with all the logistics. A great event.
Barry MurrayMar 19 2018, 11:27amrace report now up.
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