Glendalough Clover (Relay)

Stephen CollerJan 9, 6:06pmHi lads/ladies. If anyone is putting together a team for the relay I would be interested in doing a leg. Not fussy which leg.
Robert CarneyJan 9, 9:59pmHi Stephen, I will join you for this and can sign up and register us, all we need is one more person to make a team of 3. I can probably just go ahead and sign up for it if you're in agreement as im sure someone else will partake. So if there's anyone willing to join us, just post up here and I'll register and pay for a team.
Rob - zeroeightseventwothreesixsixthrefourfive.
Paul MilesJan 10, 10:36amHi Stephen/Robert, I would be happy to run a leg if you are interested? Thanks, Paul 0858709116
Robert CarneyJan 10, 6:12pmHi Paul,
That's great. I'll register, was in touch with Stephen. Both of us are happy to run any leg. So if you have any preference just shout. Oh, and any good team name?
Will be in touch on here or drop me a text and i'll give u a shout on the phone.
Greg ByrneJan 10, 11:17pmQuestion from Raimondas Pasternackis
"Hi,to all.How many runners have to be in a team for relay run?"

Hi Raimondas,
It is a three leg relay, so most team will consist of three runners on a team one per leg, two is possible also if one runner takes on 2 legs. Entry fee is the same for both options.
Best regards,
Raimondas PasternackisJan 11, 8:39pmThank you.We will compete to support our friend who will try to participate in Tokyo 2020 Paraolypmics games in triathlon.So see you all soon;) Looking forward to compete in Glendalough Clover.
Paul MilesJan 12, 1:15pmHi Greg, if you need a running volunteer I would be happy to cover the third stage. Paul
Greg ByrneJan 12, 3:10pmThanks Paul, register as a volunteer on the details page and I will be in touch in the 2 weeks before the event to see what suits. Best regards, Greg.
Mick HanneyJan 14, 4:33pmGreg - provisionally putting myself down to help. I'll confirm nearer the time. Would suit best if I could man the Glenmalure checkpoint but open to other offers.
Greg ByrneYesterday, 12:31pmThanks Mick, offer accepted... Greg
Greg ByrneYesterday, 12:31pmThanks Mick, offer accepted... Greg
Greg ByrneYesterday, 10:28pmWe've updated the relay race information booklet and this can now be downloaded from the link on the race details page.

Furthermore we've updated the online relay entry form. This can be accessed through the link on the race details page. We ask all team captains to fill out this online form once they have paid for their team entry through myIMRA.

Thanks, and happy training.
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