Wicklow Round Rule Announcement

Richard NunanMay 31 2018, 6:31pmWicklow Way Round Rules

Please note from today the 31/05/2018 as per the request at the 2017 IMRA AGM we have put in place a set of Rules to governing all future the Wicklow Round attempts.

The purpose of these rules are to provide clarification and definition of what a Wicklow Round attempt is.

IMRA’s further role in this shall remain as it is now, and that is to record attempts. IMRA will only record attempts that have been carried out in accordance to these rules. All previous attempts that have been recorded will be deemed as Wicklow Round attempts as they are today listed on the IMRA website.
Paul O'CallaghanMay 31 2018, 9:10pmWill IMRA be recording all attempts, or all completions?
Liam VinesMay 31 2018, 9:21pmRichard seeing as the line was drawn today will you stick my winter one up.. Please and thank you..
Richard NunanMay 31 2018, 9:31pmHi Liam - I noted on the other post I was missing yours - would you mind emailing me your splits and i will get your winter one up. richard.nunan@imra.ie We have everyone else up. Thanks
Paul O'CallaghanMay 31 2018, 11:49pmYou might check around the date of mine Richard, I think Adrian Hennessy went Round.
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