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Wicklow Round Attempt

Shane LynchApr 19 2019, 10:12amHi All,

I'm making my formal announcement for my attempt of the Wicklow Round this weekend. I plan to set off at 4am Sunday.

The tracker link is

I've done plenty recce's over the past few months and the weather is looking good so looking forward to a good tough day in the hills. Certainly the toughest day I'll have ever had in the hills.

On the day Karalee and Neil are crewing me so big thanks to them in advance!!

Graham K. BusheApr 19 2019, 10:29amBest of luck Shane, hope all goes well. Weather looking good too. More dot watching for us :)
John BellApr 19 2019, 11:57amBest of luck Shane. You picked the right weekend with this weather.
Mick HanneyApr 19 2019, 12:34pmBest wishes Shane & crew.
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 19 2019, 8:00pmBest of luck.
Gordon PlaceApr 19 2019, 8:32pmBest of luck Shane
Luke RaffertyApr 19 2019, 10:16pmGood man Shane - best of luck
Stuart ScottApr 20 2019, 9:55amBest of luck Shane. Great weekend for it at least!
Paddy O'LearyApr 20 2019, 10:17amBest of luck, Shane. Should be lovely running out there. Excited to follow along the action. I'd say you know it like the back of your hand, but sure let me know if you want to chat about any of the route before.
Shane LynchApr 20 2019, 1:48pmCheers. Not sure I know it that well, i’ll have map out for all of it - route won’t be too dissimilar to yours Paddy! I’ll stick to my recce’d lines, though some may not be the optimum. And if all goes pear shaped i’ll lay in the heather and sunbathe!
Siobhán HayesApr 20 2019, 4:18pmBest of luck
Lillian DeeganApr 20 2019, 6:20pmAll the very best Shane, you little dark horse ;) Go get it!
Richard NunanApr 20 2019, 6:30pmPerfect day for it tomorrow Shane, hope the gog lifts so you get a good sunrise. Best of luck and hope it all goes to plan
Paul KevilleApr 20 2019, 8:36pmGood luck Shane.
Brian KitsonApr 20 2019, 9:53pmHave a one, Shane. I'm sure you'll give it a right good lash.
Rachel CinnsealachApr 20 2019, 10:39pmGood luck with it.
John MurrayApr 20 2019, 11:06pmBest of Luck Shane!

Enjoy the day and we'll catch you on route at some point to cheer you on.
John MurrayApr 20 2019, 11:06pmBest of Luck Shane!

Enjoy the day and we'll catch you on route at some point to cheer you on.
Mick HanneyApr 21 2019, 7:31amAfter CP8 Shane is faster than Paddy. Some going. Cmon Shane.
Mike JordanApr 21 2019, 8:30amBrilliant pace by Shane! His good nav skills should get him to Drumgoff faster than Paddy's time. After that there's less route choice until Scarr. Hopefully it doesn't get too hot during the day.
Conor O'FarrellApr 21 2019, 11:15amThe very best of luck Shane. Looks like it’s going well so far.
Warren SwordsApr 21 2019, 11:24amBest of luck Shane. He’s flying it at moment. 30 mins up on record at Glenmalure
John MollohanApr 21 2019, 12:04pmWOW! This is serious running. Fantastic stuff. New entry for the National at Fairyhouse tomorrow...
Eoin KeithApr 21 2019, 8:25pmThanks Shane for an awesome and riveting day's dot watching' Incredible going. Great achievement. Well done.
Mikey FryApr 21 2019, 8:30pmSo did shane break the record looked very close on the dot watching???
Robert McEvoyApr 21 2019, 8:30pmWell done Shane!!
Mikey FryApr 21 2019, 8:40pmWell done dude incredible stuff:)
Frank McIntyreApr 21 2019, 8:42pmFantastic result Shane nail biting stuff
Frank McIntyreApr 21 2019, 8:42pmFantastic result Shane nail biting stuff
Frank McIntyreApr 21 2019, 8:42pmFantastic result Shane nail biting stuff
Frank McIntyreApr 21 2019, 8:42pmFantastic result Shane nail biting stuff
Mick HanneyApr 21 2019, 8:49pmWe are very lucky to have witnessed 2 great Round successes in 8 days. Paddy's run looked like it would last a good while. Shane had other ideas. Quality run. Absolutely fantastic, well done Shane.
David MastersonApr 21 2019, 8:57pmGreat job Shane, was checking on your dot from the JK, great running! Huge congrats!
John BellApr 21 2019, 9:14pmFantastic achievement Shane. Congratulations.
James TuckerApr 21 2019, 9:43pmWow, that was fantastic! So enjoyable tracking the dot and flicking back and forth to Paddy's times to check the difference.

Well done Shane!
John MollohanApr 21 2019, 9:55pmDot watching is better than TV. So entertaining for anyone watching. Fantastic achievement. Happy Easter!!
Lillian DeeganApr 21 2019, 9:57pmOh my word... Phenomenal going Shane! Massive congratulations on such a successful attempt. Fair fecks to them legs and that mindset of yours :) #SavageStuff
Neil DobbsApr 21 2019, 10:00pmThe atmosphere was something special the last few hours -- great to have so many people out in support.

I have the tracker, will return it shortly.
Brian KitsonApr 21 2019, 11:23pmI remember the old days, oh maybe two or three weeks back, when all you had to worry about was whether someone would manage to complete the Wicklow Round.

Seems now we just need to worry about how much they might break the record by.

Stunning run, Shane.
Adrian HennessyApr 22 2019, 7:13amAmazing stuff Shane - what a time! Although you could have left Paddy enjoy his record for a bit longer ;-) Eoin had his for years.
Brendan LawlorApr 22 2019, 9:30amAn amazing week for the Wicklow Round. Congratulations to Shane on his new record !
Paul MahonApr 22 2019, 12:01pmWell done Shane.
Perfect day for it and with your recce work and nav skills all you had to do was move really really fast which you certainly did
Mike JordanApr 22 2019, 2:21pmA massive well done to Shane on his record-breaking Wicklow Round run yesterday! The nav challenge champ becomes the round record holder!
For us dot-watchers, spectators, and round fanatics (they exist!), I reckon it was the most exciting thing to view in our community for quite some time. In the end, all the years of nav-ing and running in the open mountains and days of recces paid off in a brilliant execution of long distance mountain running by Shane. Rest well and try your best to get fat on a barstool somewhere! Long after the round has been become a sport for elites who can afford antique paper maps (we'll have to stop printing paper maps to save the trees) you'll always have been a Wicklow Round record holder :D
Fair dues to Karalee and Neil for the phenomenal crewing. While Neil was throwing some good-natured digs at Paddy, Karalee was an exhausted nervous wreck when the possibility of the record started to become clear as the day went on but they carried out their roles brilliantly.
And lets not forget Paddy. First person to run under 17 hours for the Wicklow Round and in doing so raised the bar that had to be hurdled. He was at the barrier at Kippure to welcome Shane back and was as excited about what was happening as everyone else. 8 days is a long time in hillrunning but I suspect the Wicklow Round may not have heard the last of the Wexford man.
Neil DobbsApr 22 2019, 9:30pmCredit to Mike too who did way more crewing than I did (my main contribution was to keep Karalee sane so she could do it all perfectly). Good to have his experience, advice and support alongside.

And yeah, Paddy's proper generous and a good sport. At least his name will be written big in the annals of the round...
Neil DobbsApr 22 2019, 10:24pmA few pics here
Shane LynchApr 23 2019, 10:33amThanks to everyone for the well wishes and congratulations over to the past few days both online and out on the hills, they were very much appreciated.

My official time was 16h23min32s and the splits I recorded at each summit are...
Start 4am
Kippure 4.32
Carrigvore 5.20
Gravale 5.36
Duff Hill 5.51
Mullaghcleevaun East top 6.07
Mullaghcleevaun 6.18
Moanbane 6.42
Silsean 6.54
Oakwood 7.54
Table Mountain 8.30
Camenabologue 8.43
Lugnaquilla 9.34
Corrigasleggaun 9.48
Carrawaystick 9.58
Drumgoff 10.37
Mullacor 11.27
Derrybawn 11.52
Camaderry 12.56
Tonelagee 1.58
Scarr 2.52
Knocknacloghoge 3.50
Lugalla 4.26
Djouce 5.36
War Hill 5.50
Tonduff North 6.17
Prince William Seat 7.40
Knocknagun 7.53
Finish 8:23.32

Whoa, I really enjoyed this challenge, the planning and preparation, carrying it out and reflecting over the course after (which no doubt i’ll do for some time to come!)

On the day, fears of fog never materialised, I had perfect visibility from the off. I did have to contend with heat, but it was never an issue (thanks Mick for the loan of your sun hat at Drumgoff). Existing niggles didn’t hamper my run and the mind only wavered briefly a couple of times. I did change my nutrition after getting sick on table mountain and survived the rest of the day on pizza, bacon, coke, water and oranges. Oranges never tasted so good!

My biggest feelings of thanks are of course for Karalee and Neil (and Mike for a large part of the day). They were an unreal support crew - they were so streamlined and ensured everything was spot-on before I set off on the next section. They certainly saved me at least the slim 4 minutes (I took off the record) with their efficiency. On what is a solo challenge it felt like a team!

I’m looking forward to following future attempts of the round. Some of the best lines have yet to be established and some more of these will no doubt be found this summer. Paddy was a true sportsman on the day and hopefully he will get back to run the round again soon and we can see what he can do with a cleaner run and better conditions.

Having completed the round, I can see myself watching every round with interest - there are so many variables that need to go right on the day and I am very grateful that so many went my way Sunday!
Stuart ScottApr 23 2019, 1:14pmWow Shane, that's amazing running. Very many congrats. Great to see your orienteering skills finally paying off :-)

Very well done to you too Paddy and your magnanimity is a true example of what mountain running is all about.
Tony DiPasqualeApr 26 2019, 2:25amHey Shane, congrats again on the completion and the record! I snapped a few photos of you and your crew and wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!
Shane LynchApr 28 2019, 2:18pmThanks for the photos Tony, much appreciated!