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Ballyhoura Winter Moonlight Challenge

Kevin MccarthyJan 1 2023, 12:23pmHappy new year,
Just wondering if it's possible to get into the night run Ballyhoura next Friday night. Entries are closed and I left it too late to enter.

If any possibility of getting in please let me know.


Conor O'NeillJan 1 2023, 12:38pmI'm in the same boat as Kevin. Got distracted last night :-)
Denis FinnJan 1 2023, 4:15pmI would also love to run, but only tried to sign up now. If there is any way to still enter I would be very keen.
Imogen McGuinnessJan 1 2023, 5:06pmI'm the same, left it too late to enter. There are two of us that would love to run on Friday.
Thanks Imogen
Robbie WilliamsJan 1 2023, 7:11pmI’ll have to check the volunteering lists from last year to see who gets in
Patrick BrunnockJan 1 2023, 10:25pmAlso missed it. Never spotted the closing date. Would love to get in if possible. This was my favourite race from last year. But I understand if not possible.
Robbie WilliamsJan 2 2023, 1:35pmEARLY START

For anyone who NEEDS an early start, meet in hall at 6:30pm. (Note time will go to the bottom of results for early start)

Thank You
Diarmuid KellyJan 2 2023, 2:50pmSorry I also missed the entry date. If it's possible to get in that would be great. Thanks Diarmuid
Robbie WilliamsJan 2 2023, 3:51pmLads most of you looking for late entries have zero volunteering done on your imra profiles.

Please can you change this by putting your names forward and helping out in 2023.

V limited number of slots now open.

Derek FinninJan 2 2023, 5:33pmHappy running in the new year,
Im registered for the ballyhoura moonlight next friday but am struck down with flu, is there any way of been credited the race fee or refunded?
Robbie WilliamsJan 2 2023, 6:59pmI’m afraid imra have a no refund no transfer policy Derek

Hope you get better soon (or even before Friday)
Robbie WilliamsJan 2 2023, 8:27pmThank you to all the volunteers who signed up we now have enough people to help..

I will send you all an email during the week with positions etc.

Oliver O'BrienJan 4 2023, 7:50amWould it be possible to still get an entry for the ballyhoura moonlight race please?
Colm DeasyJan 4 2023, 5:45pmAlso looking for a late entry if possible!!
Kevin DunleavyJan 4 2023, 7:35pmI can't run, will I be able to swap places with somebody?
Edel HennessyJan 4 2023, 8:04pmSorry to hear people have missed entry or cant make it on Friday. Unfortunately, entry has closed for this event and imra operates a no refund/transfer policy.
Keep an eye out on the website and social media for online entries opening for the ballyhoura races in April!
Ronan McCarthyJan 5 2023, 10:49amHi, just a query on the course :-) The instructions say the checkpoint/cut-off is at approx 15k mark (before the mountain section), but on the map the mountain looks to start at approx 11.5k. Just wondering am i looking at the map wrong or maybe do my recce in the wrong direction. Thanks!!
Marie FullerJan 5 2023, 3:01pmAlso looking for late entry, it was initally advertised for 300
James HeggieJan 6 2023, 10:39amHi Robbie did an email go out about race or is it just as
Detailed ? I will probably go for early start will be there around 6.30pm. Thanks James
Darren GaysonJan 6 2023, 11:07amHi. Will there be water at the checkpoint?
Edel HennessyJan 6 2023, 5:45pmThere'll be water at the checkpoint but make sure you have your own vessel! There'll also be sweets, chocolate etc!
Robbie WilliamsJan 7 2023, 9:39amBig thank you to all the volunteers that helped make this event happen. They turned up from 4:30pm yesterday to set up hall, and to man the hills and aid station and didn’t leave until all runners were home safely and the hall wall swept and mopped. They all did it so you could enjoy the run.

Please now sign up today for a local race so you can help so they can run.

Such a great evening of running, fun, chats, challenges and kindness.

Great running and good times are live and well on the Munster trails in January!

Thank you to all , and we hope ye all enjoyed this event.
Richard NunanJan 7 2023, 12:27pmWell done Robbie and all the volunteers. Great to see all the posative comments on social media. especially to those volunteers standing out in the rain. and still cheering everyone on ! Good start to the year !
Patricia RyanJan 7 2023, 1:51pmHuge thanks to the volunteers and Robbie for a great event last night. The body is giving out today but sure how bad. Thanks again.
Noel GuilfoyleJan 8 2023, 1:21pmHuge thanks to the volunteers out in that weather Friday night to allow us to run, was a great event to start the year.
Elaine DunleavyJan 9 2023, 7:27amThanks very much to all the organisers and volunteers. It was a very enjoyable event
liam lynchJan 9 2023, 6:59pmMany thanks to organisers and volunteers who made Friday nights event possible. As one runner at the start said " sure what else would we be doing on a Friday night". The chicken roll and wedges were very welcome. The banter amongst runners as we tackled the mud was second to none!
Brian FlannellyJan 9 2023, 9:18pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Adrian HennessyJan 10 2023, 12:26pmThanks to Robbie and all the Munster stalwarts for another fantastic event. The weather just added to the adventure.
Ian MadiganJan 14 2023, 7:45pmHi guys, would anyone have an email address for Robbie Williams? I came accross but am getting my mail returned and cannot find any other contact details.

Regards, Ian.
Robbie WilliamsJan 14 2023, 7:50pmrobbie DOT williams AT imra DOT ie
Ian MadiganJan 14 2023, 7:58pmThanks Robbie, msg sent. Ian.