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Reeks Skyline (pre-entry approval required)

Kate FlynnJan 11 2023, 3:21pmDelighted to be informed that Reeks Skyline has been nominated for the event of the year.
Vote on the link below :
Conor MurphyJan 11 2023, 5:42pmI did get a laugh out of a post on the IMRA Facebook group asking people to vote for a non IMRA race on that list!

I appreciate the Facebook group is unofficial but still...
Mícheál O'MullainJan 11 2023, 6:13pmI saw that Conor. Some brass neck
conor keaneJan 22 2023, 8:12pmCan I ask what the requirements to be considered for entry to this race? Any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Regards. Conor Keane
Michael McSweeneyJan 22 2023, 8:32pmHi Conor,
I've copied the details from the 2019 race, to give you an idea of what Robbie is looking for as regards entry requirements.
Hope this helps,

Race numbers will be limited for safety reasons. Runners should have suitable experience over such terrain. Interested runners should send an email with suitable race history in high level technical terrain events to: robbie.williams at imra dot ie Entrants will be invited from this list only, will not be advertised on general forum. Race Directors decision is final. Route involves exposure to high altitude with disappearing paths, narrow ledges and sudden drops. Runners will have to have history in same. The route consists of Grade 1 & 2 scrambles. Carrauntohill Irish Championship would act as an entry level qualifier, but it will still be more technical than this. Runners will be picked with the most technical races being priority. Trail runs regardless of distance would not. It is strongly advised to recce the route.!!!! Mandatory Kit: Full waterproofs jacket & pants waterproof & taped seams. Mobile phone charged Foil blanket Whistle Map & Compass (GPS ALLOWED) Food & Drink Gloves Race Trackers will be provided and will be live."
conor keaneJan 22 2023, 9:37pmMichael, that's excellent. Thank you for that. I'll email Robbie.
Pierre OLIVIERApr 27 2023, 8:55pmGood evening,
Would anyone know when we would get detailed info on this race and when we will get entry-approval ?
Thank you,
Eoin Mac MahonApr 28 2023, 5:51pm

That's the details from last year, I'd say it's the same probably.
Eamonn HodgeJun 2 2023, 11:18amGot a bounce back from robbie at IMRA email address. Is there a different email address I should be using?
Robbie WilliamsJun 2 2023, 11:24amrobbie dot williams at imra dot ie
Damien HarnettJun 2 2023, 11:43amMorning
would anyone here have a GPX for the eastern reeks, hoping to do recce to qualify for entry
Eamonn HodgeJun 2 2023, 1:16pmThanks Robbie