Irish Mountain
Running Association

First Aid training

Alan AylingJan 25 2023, 9:52pmIMRA is offering a First Aid training course on SATURDAY 11th MARCH.

Venue = Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team base, Kilafin, Laragh, Co. Wicklow.
Time =13:30 start, to finish around 20:00 hrs. Some food will be provided around teatime.
Trainer = Paul Nolan, long time IMRA & GoIMRT member.

Successful participants will gain a Remote Emergency Care Level 1 (REC1) certificate, valid for 2 years.
IMRA will cover the cost; the expectation is participants will take on the volunteer role of First Aid Officer at races AT LEAST TWICE during their certified 2 years.

The timing is designed to allow participants to run the Trooperstown race beforehand if they wish.

Some physical activity will be required during the CPR part of the course, later in the day. Some First Aid scenarios will be involved too.

The number of places is limited. If interested please email me at alan dot ayling at imra dot ie (please email rather than replying on here). If the number of places becomes full anyone after that will go on a list, which will be managed by email.
Alan AylingFeb 6 2023, 10:41pmThe course is now fully subscribed, with a reserve list of 4, so no more applications please.
Alan AylingMar 8 2023, 1:28pmFollowing some cancellations, ONE PLACE has become available on the course this Saturday. Details in first post in the thread. If available please contact me directly as per first post. Thanks.
Alan AylingMar 8 2023, 2:54pmPlace is now booked. If any more become free I'll advise here.
Mick HanneyMar 11 2023, 9:01pmThanks Alan and IMRA for putting on the course today.
Great training from Paul Nolan - 1StepMore. And the facilities in the Mountain Rescue Base were excellent.
The course was very informative and hands-on, with a focus towards our outdoor sport.
Thoroughly recommended.
Richard NunanMar 11 2023, 9:14pmThanks Paul Nolan,agree with Mick, that was a really great course RCE 1.

The day flew by, and thanks again to all our Volunteers for giving up their Saturday, to become First Aiders !

See ye soon on the hills in less artic Temps .
Anne HodgeMar 14 2023, 10:51amYes excellent course given by Paul Nolan.
Thanks for organising Alan.
Linda RowdenMar 15 2023, 2:13pmJust to echo the other comments, thanks to Paul Nolan for a very enjoyable REC 1 training. The content was excellent, as were the facilities. Thanks to Alan for organising.