Irish Mountain
Running Association

IMRA Expenses 2023

Stuart ScottFeb 3 2023, 4:20pmHi all,

I've finally gotten my feet under the table now and all outstanding expenses should now have been reimbursed (some may take a few days to process). If you're still awaiting payment, please let me know directly at treasurer A-T imra DO-T ie.

Many thanks to Lillian for all her help as well.

Stuart ScottMar 3 2023, 11:16amTo anyone submitting expenses and invoices for reimbursement\payment:

Please ensure the recipient's IBAN and EIRCODE are both included on the claim form or invoice, even if you think we have them already. This will greatly help the payment process and avoid delays (to you, and to others!).

We're in the process of implementing a new expense system but for now, I'd appreciate if you could comply with this as I'm finding it hard enough to find time to process everything as it is!

Many thanks,

2023 Treasurer