Navigational Challenge 2018

Series of 3 races totalling 50k, on open mountain, navigational ability is required. Races are weather dependant and there is a kit requirement, comprising map ,compass,waterproof jacket, food and water


Best 3 races to score

Sun Aug 2610:30 AMNav Challenge 1NC1600m19.00km8
Sun Sep 210:30 AMNav Challenge 2NC2600m17.50km8
Sun Sep 910:30 AMNav Challenge 3 CroghanNC3975m17.00km8

Current League Standings

Runners with 3 Races to Score

1Shane Lynch3M111
2Brendan McCarthy23M401724
3John Murray28M4041311
3Gerry Brady28M601477
5Roisin McDonnell35F5015614
6Paul Smyth44M5022913
7Brendan Delaney45M50111717
8Maike Jurgens54F181620
9Ger Power68F60241826

Runners with 2 Races to Score

10Alan Ayling9M40-45
11Thomas Roche11M405-6
12Neil Dobbs13M-58
13Philip Brennan16M507-9
14Dermot Maguire19M40910-
15Kevin Marnane33M-1419
16James H Cahill34M50-1222
17Niall McGuinness41M20-21

Runners with 1 Race to Score

18Mike Jordan2M2--
18Hugh Cashell2M--2
20Brian O'Meara3M403DNF-
20Paul Mahon3M50-3-
20John Bell3M--3
23Frank McIntyre6M506--
24Richard Cyganiak8M8--
24Robert McEvoy8M-8-
26Gordon Place10M40--10
26Conor O'Meara10M4010--
28Avril Challoner11F-11-
29Eoin Syron12M12--
29Mike Long12M50--12
31Conrad Daly13M13--
32Gavan Doherty15M40-15-
32Eric Wahlrab15M--15
34Stephen McGuinness16M--16
34Jason Dowling16M4016--
36Joe Lalor18M60--18
37Mick Hanney19M5019--
38Val Jones21M6021--
39henry barry23M40--23
39Paul Joyce23M4023--
41Joseph Boyle24M50--24
42Ronan Lynch25M40--25

Runners with 0 Race to Score

43Marcus Geoghegan0M50-DNF-
43Julian Bloomer0M-DNF-
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