Trail League 2011

A nice way to wind down the rest of the summer after the Summer League. Three races run mainly on forest tracks with not too much climb. Could be treated as training runs. Fee (very limited prizes)goes directly to Junior Fund which aids juniors to travel to World Trophy Race All races count for League scoring purposes
Douglas Barry


Best 2 races to score

3 AugGlen of the DownsGDT285m8km
10 AugDevil's GlenDEV283m9km
17 AugDjouce trailELD120m8km

Current League Standings

Runners with 2 Races to Score

1Ben Mooney2M40121
2Mick Hanney4M40232
3Marcos Sanchez8M40-53
3Padraig O'Dwyer8M4044-
5Thomas Galvin13M40876
6Kieran Wynne15M4069-
7Stephen Doorly18M409-9
8Jason Moore19M40118-
9Berndt Heim20M401010-
10Gerard Cunningham24M401311-
10Robert Moloney24M40191212
12Martin Leung26M40181313
13Brendan O'Connor30M40221515
14Ronan Fleetwood34M40201618
15John Kelly7135M402114-
16James Flanagan36M40231719
17James Higgins42M402418-

Runners with 1 Race to Score

18Bernard Fortune1M40-1-
19David Naylor3M403--
20Derek Bain4M40--4
21Andreas Kusch5M405--
21Cormac MacDonnell5M40--5
23Declan O'Dwyer6M40-6DNF
24William Griffin7M407--
24Conor White7M40--7
26Colin Power8M40--8
27Leslie Duckett10M40--10
28Colin Walsh11M40--11
29Sean Kelleher12M4012--
30Paul Whyte14M4014--
30Brian Farren14M40--14
32Brendan Lawlor15M4015--
33John J Barry16M4016--
33Stephen Walsh16M40--16
35Des Byrne17M40--17
35Dermot Higgins17M4017--
37John McKeon20M40--20
38Trevor Kerley21M40--21
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