Forum Netiquette

Complaints about breaches of the Netiquette should be emailed to oh87 two 41330three. In general, the moderator will not act without being contacted, except in serious or urgent cases.

The content of this document is structured in three parts:

  1. Summary

  1. Forum Etiquette

  1. Formulate your post in a manner respectful of others
  1. Base your comments on objective information and facts
  1. Avoid a self-righteous tone in your comments
  1. Avoid undue repetition of the same argument
  1. Be honest and truthful!
  1. Accept committee decisions with good grace
  1. Style of Forum Moderation as a Q&A (comments by current Moderator, Diarmuid O'Colmain on his appointment in August 2009 - one recent modification of minor substance relating to anonymous posts - opinions on this welcome to moderator at
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