Irish Mountain
Running Association

Race Director Responsibilities

The Committee will appoint one League Director for each league or championship. The League Director may also, if they wish, take on the role of Race Director for some or all of the races in their league.

The primary function of the Race Director is to MANAGE. They should manage both the organisation and the safety of the race, avoiding becoming engrossed in any particular task such that other tasks are not executed correctly. The Race Director is ultimately responsible for ALL aspects of their race.

The tasks & responsibilities of the Race Director can be broken into 3 groups: in advance of race-day, on race-day and after race-day.

In advance of race-day

On race-day

On the day of the race, the Race Director must ensure that everything runs smoothly. Only in small races should they take on tasks such as manning the registration desk. In medium-sized or large races, they should oversee and manage rather than do. As a general rule, except for very small races, the Race Director must not run in the race.

After race-day

Race Directors To-Date

Robbie Williams79 times
Vivian O'Gorman67 times
Gerry Brady44 times
Joe Lalor38 timesYes
Dermot Murphy38 timesYesYesYes
Mick Hanney32 timesYesYes
Tom Blackburn30 times
Lillian Deegan28 times
Brendan Lawlor27 timesYesYes
Niamh O'Ceallaigh25 timesYes
Leo Mahon24 times
Rachel Cinnsealach21 timesYesYesYes
Robert Cunningham21 times
Laura Flynn19 timesYes
Richard Nunan18 timesYes
Patricia Blackburn18 times
Patricia Ryan17 times
Peter O'Farrell16 timesYes
Angela Flynn15 times
Jane Porter14 timesYes
Lynda J Hynes O' Donoghue14 times
Graham K. Bushe14 times
Greg Byrne13 times
Douglas Barry12 times
Brian Flannelly12 times
Paul Mahon11 timesYesYes
Mike Long11 timesYesYes
Turlough Conway11 times
Colm Phelan11 times
Andreas Kusch11 timesYes
Michael McSweeney11 times
Niamh Abeyta11 times
Rene Borg10 timesYesYesYes
John Bell10 times
Mikey Fry10 timesYes
Aidan Hogan10 times
Matthew Branch10 times
Jarlath Hynes10 times
Gavan Doherty9 timesYes
Eoin Syron9 times
Damien Holian9 times
Brian Buckley9 times
Bronagh Cheetham8 timesYes
Gareth Little8 timesYesYesYes
Martin Bagnall8 timesYes
Joseph Boyle8 times
Paul Carroll8 times
Stuart Scott7 timesYesYesYes
Paul Joyce7 times
Jason Kehoe7 times
Seán Harte7 timesYes
Brian O Murchu7 timesYes
Jeff Fitzsimons7 times
Liam Vines7 times
Brian McGuckin7 times
Paul Nolan6 timesYesYes
Philip Brennan6 times
Maike Jürgens6 times
John Fitzgerald6 timesYes
Mark Horvath6 times
Laurence Briody6 times
Cormac MacDonnell6 times
Bill Barry6 times
Niamh Kelly6 times
Anne-Marie Flaherty6 times
Peter Bell6 times
Miriam Maher6 times
Elizabeth Wheeler6 times
Brendan O'Connor5 timesYes
Alan Ayling5 timesYes
Mags Greenan5 times
Kevin O'Riordan5 timesYesYesYes
Jim Fitzharris5 timesYesYesYes
Pól Ó Murchú5 timesYesYesYes
John Condon5 timesYes
Deirdre Finn5 times
John O'Donovan5 times
Tanya Sheridan5 times
Gary Healy5 times
Marie O'Shea5 times
David Toomey5 times
Robert Costello5 times
Andrew Hanney5 times
James Tucker5 times
Paul Kelly5 times
derek walsh5 times
Cormac O'Ceallaigh4 timesYes
Paddy Lord4 times
Diarmuid O'Colmain4 timesYesYes
Lindie Naughton4 times
Justin Rea4 timesYes
Sinéad Roche4 timesYes
Aidan Roe4 timesYesYes
Donie Shine4 times
Sharon Lucey4 timesYesYes
Kieran Crowley4 times
Mark Murray4 times
Karen Devenney4 times
Paul Deane4 times
James H Cahill4 times
Edward Casey4 times
Joan Ryan4 times
Danny O'Keeffe4 times
Jason Dowling4 times
Linda O'Connor4 times
Adrian Tucker RIP4 times
William O Donoghue4 times
Barry Hartnett4 times
Damien McDonnell4 times
Michael Hallahan4 times
Liam Bowe4 times
Michael O'Donoghue4 times
Mariusz Luczak4 times
Pat Murphy4 times
Alice Clancy4 times
Brian Kitson4 times
Karl Richards4 times
Brian Smyth4 times
Theresa Kilgannon4 times
Doug Corrie3 times
Ray Linn3 timesYes
Jimmy Synnott3 timesYesYes
Billy Alexander3 times
Caroline Reid3 timesYesYesYes
Gerard Heery3 times
Patrick Lonergan3 times
Sarah Ní Ruairc3 times
Danny O'Hare3 times
John Lenihan3 times
Paul Keville3 times
Mike Cunningham RIP3 times
Mike Jordan3 times
Damien Coyle3 times
Caoimhin MacMaolain3 times
Kevin Wilkinson3 times
David Bosonnet3 times
Maire O'Sullivan3 times
Torben Dahl3 timesYes
Daniela Boehm3 times
David Rouse3 times
Michael Kilkelly3 times
Paul O'Grady3 timesYes
Austin Browne3 times
Edel Hennessy3 times
Alan Shealy3 times
Jay Edwards3 times
Conor O'Farrell3 times
John McCann3 times
Dave Docherty3 times
Clare Keeley3 times
Loretto O'Sullivan3 times
Darragh Wiley3 times
Seán Higgins3 times
Gaelan Elliffe3 times
Conor McElroy3 times
Joe O'Leary3 times
Dan Geelon3 times
Sean Forsyth3 times
Brian Furey3 timesYes
liam kenny3 times
Eoin Keith2 timesYesYes
Justin Keatinge2 timesYes
Aisling Coppinger2 times
Archie O'Donnell2 timesYes
Róisín McDonnell2 timesYes
Conor O'Meara2 timesYesYes
Zoran Skrba2 timesYesYesYes
John Kelly712 timesYesYesYes
Sam Scriven2 timesYes
Mark Morrissey2 times
Barry Moore2 times
Ken Cowley2 timesYes
Aidan Blighe2 timesYesYes
Kieran Lees2 times
Lorcan Farrell2 times
Paul Smyth2 times
Henny Brandsma2 times
Jane Griffin2 times
Robert McEvoy2 times
Niamh Hartnett2 times
S.M. Griffith2 times
Brian Fennessy2 timesYes
Eoghan Moloney2 times
John Kinsella2 times
John Kirwan2 times
Barry Murray2 times
Vanessa McShane2 times
Ger T Griffin2 times
Jerry Twohig2 times
Kastytis Bereznocenko2 times
Brian Byrne2 times
Martin Cooney2 times
Robert Carney2 times
patrick Rowe2 times
John Oflynn2 times
Sarah Brady2 times
Phil behan2 times
Linda Rowden2 times
Gavin Roche2 times
Tricia Twohig2 times
Jeremy Kelleher2 times
Deirdre O Gorman2 times
Máiréad O' Keeffe2 times
Kristen O'Sullivan2 times
Eugene O Keeffe2 times
Gerard Harrington2 times
Mark Gallagher2 times
Ruth Candon2 times
Rónán Davison-Kernan2 times
Ciaran McAleenan2 times
Brendan Doherty RIP1 time
Bruce Shenker1 time
Louisa O'Sullivan1 timeYes
Barry Minnock1 timeYes
Paul Kelly1 time
Mick Kellett RIP1 time
Gerry Lalor1 time
Tony Kiernan1 time
Seán Twomey1 time
Brendan Arthurs1 time
Gearoid Towey1 timeYesYesYes
Ger Power1 time
Nora Lalor1 time
Colm Hill1 time
Ken McDonagh1 timeYesYes
Jack Layden1 time
Joe Aherne1 time
Caitriona Nic Caba1 timeYes
Nora Mahon-Lalor1 time
David Keneally1 time
Eoghan Carton1 time
Stephen Brennan1 time
Aoife Joyce1 timeYes
Bertie Harte1 time
Seán Manning1 time
John Hallahan1 time
Don Short1 time
Máiréad Mulcahy1 time
Maurice Mullins RIP1 time
Eva Fairmaner1 time
Jeff Swords1 time
John Higgins1 time
A.T. Kelly1 timeYes
Warren Swords1 time
Paul Morrissey1 time
Kieran Collins1 time
Peter Keogh1 time
Fionnuala Keogh1 time
Louise Rennie1 time
Richard Church1 time
Kirstie McTrusty1 time
Stefan Hamilton1 time
Susie Mitchell1 time
David Nolan1 time
Kristyna Skupienova1 time
John Ahern1 time
Paul Morrissey1 time
Conor Murphy1 time
denis Ryan1 time
Michael O'Donoghue151 time
Henry Browne1 time
Keith Fitzsimmons1 time
Roger Tegart1 time
John J Barry1 timeYes
Brían O'Meara1 timeYes
Ger Griffin1 time
Paul Twomey1 time
Andrew Fleet1 time
Karena McCarthy1 time
Liam O'Donnell1 time
Rowan Walsh1 time
John Hayes1 time
Barry O'Neill1 time
Anthony Cornforth1 time
Derek Hunter1 time
Orla McEvoy1 time
Henry Browne1 time
Shane O'Reilly1 time
Carol Hurley1 time
Karina Jonina1 time
Walsh Rowan1 time
Aoife Fitzgerald1 time
Alistair Hodgett1 time
Greg Robins1 time
david yelverton1 time
Colette O' Donoghue1 time
Lianne van Dijk1 time
Rory Leadbetter1 time
Pearse Brogan1 time
Bill Halliden1 time
Barry Gallagher1 time
Tom Farley1 time
Liam Mooney1 time
John Brennan791 time
David Sands1 time
Aidan McMoreland1 time
Rosy Temple1 time
Owen Harney1 time
Gillian Kelly1 time
Peter Kehoe1 time
Donal McMorland1 time
Alexa James1 time
Lorcan Vallely1 time
stephen erswell1 time
Lena Freyne1 time
Paul Sweeney1 time
Zita Hoey1 time