Race Director Responsibilities

The Committee will appoint one League Director for each league or championship. The League Director may also, if he wishes, take on the role of Race Director for some or all of the races in his league.

The primary function of the Race Director is to MANAGE. He should manage both the organisation and the safety of the race, avoiding becoming engrossed in any particular task such that other tasks are not executed correctly. The Race Director is ultimately responsible for ALL aspects of his race.

The tasks & responsibilities of the Race Director can be broken into 3 groups: in advance of race-day, on race-day and after race-day.

In advance of race-day

On race-day

On the day of the race, the Race Director must ensure that everything runs smoothly. Only in small races should he take on tasks such as manning the registration desk. In medium-sized or large races, he should oversee and manage rather than do. As a general rule, except for very small races, the Race Director should not run in the race.

After race-day

Race Directors To-Date

Vivian O'Gorman41 times
Gerry Brady37 times
Dermot Murphy29 timesYesYesYes
Joe Lalor22 timesYes
Niamh O'Ceallaigh16 timesYes
Brendan Lawlor15 timesYesYes
Tom Blackburn13 times
Jane Porter13 timesYes
Douglas Barry12 times
Rachel Cinnsealach11 timesYesYesYes
Colm Phelan11 times
Mick Hanney10 timesYesYes
Laura Flynn8 timesYes
Peter O'Farrell7 timesYes
Richard Nunan7 timesYes
Paul Mahon7 timesYesYes
Gavan Doherty6 timesYes
Philip Brennan6 times
Paul Nolan6 timesYesYes
Robbie Williams6 times
Stuart Scott5 timesYesYesYes
Brendan O'Connor5 timesYes
Mags Greenan5 times
Diarmuid O'Colmain4 timesYesYes
Bronagh Cheetham4 timesYes
Mike Long4 timesYesYes
Lindie Naughton4 times
Alan Ayling4 timesYes
Sinead Roche4 timesYes
Aidan Roe4 timesYesYes
Cormac O'Ceallaigh4 timesYes
Gareth Little4 timesYesYesYes
Rene Borg4 timesYesYesYes
Brian O'Murchu4 timesYes
John Condon4 timesYes
Greg Byrne4 times
Kevin O'Riordan3 timesYesYesYes
Billy Alexander3 times
Gerard Heery3 times
Turlough Conway3 times
Paddy Lord3 times
Justin Rea3 timesYes
Jeff Fitzsimons3 times
Paul Joyce3 times
Jim Fitzharris3 timesYesYesYes
Jimmy Synnott3 timesYesYes
Ray Linn3 timesYes
Doug Corrie3 times
Brian Flannelly2 times
Conor O'Meara2 timesYesYes
Justin Keatinge2 timesYes
Sean Harte2 timesYes
Caroline Reid2 timesYesYesYes
Patrick Lonergan2 times
Aisling Coppinger2 times
Archie O'Donnell2 timesYes
Pol O'Murchu2 timesYesYesYes
Sam Scriven2 timesYes
Zoran Skrba2 timesYesYesYes
Eoin Keith2 timesYesYes
Sarah Ni Ruairc1 time
Brendan Doherty1 time
Bruce Shenker1 time
John Kelly711 timeYesYesYes
Nora Lalor1 time
Kieran Crowley1 time
Eoghan Carton1 time
Gerry Lalor1 time
jack layden1 time
Donie Shine1 time
Brendan Arthurs1 time
Jason Kehoe1 time
Danny O'Hare1 time
David Keneally1 time
Barry Minnock1 timeYes
Gearoid Towey1 timeYesYesYes
Sharon Lucey1 timeYesYes
Ken Cowley1 timeYes
Mick Kellett1 time
Angela Flynn1 time
Colm Hill1 time
Sean Twomey1 time
Caitriona Nic Caba1 timeYes
Nora Mahon-Lalor1 time
Roisin McDonnell1 timeYes
Andreas Kusch1 timeYes
Louisa O'Sullivan1 timeYes
Paul Kelly1 time
Ger Power1 time
Mark Murray1 time
Stephen Brennan1 time
Tony Kiernan1 time
Ken McDonagh1 timeYesYes
Joe Aherne1 time
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