Deputy Race Director Responsibilities

The Deputy Race Director has no responsibilities in a race and has no formal tasks other than to shadow an experienced Race Director to learn from him.

There may be more than one Deputy Race Director for a race. He may take on some tasks and should certainly help out, but should not become so engrossed in one task that he fails to learn all that is required of a Race Director.
Vivian O'Gorman28 times
Brendan Lawlor19 timesYesYes
Brian Flannelly12 times
Patricia Ryan11 times
Brian O Murchu11 timesYes
Leo Mahon10 times
Mick Hanney9 timesYesYes
Tom Blackburn8 times
Robbie Williams8 times
Karen Devenney7 times
Gareth Little7 timesYesYesYes
Dermot Murphy7 timesYesYesYes
Brendan Doherty6 times
Patricia Blackburn6 times
Paddy Lord6 times
Paul Joyce6 times
John Fitzgerald5 timesYes
Orla McEvoy5 times
Gerry Brady5 times
Graham Porter4 timesYes
Jason Kehoe4 times
James H Cahill4 times
Kevin O Riordain4 timesYesYesYes
Mairead Hynes O'Donoghue4 times
Niamh O'Ceallaigh4 timesYes
Laura Flynn4 timesYes
Paul O'Grady4 timesYes
Aoife Joyce4 timesYes
John Hallahan4 times
Justin O'Keeffe3 timesYes
Isabelle Lemee3 times
Patrick Ryan3 timesYes
Angela Flynn3 times
Alan Ayling3 timesYes
Nora Lalor3 times
Eilis Connery3 times
Eoin Keith3 timesYesYes
Robert Cunningham3 times
Peter O'Farrell3 timesYes
Niamh Hartnett3 times
Mikey Fry3 timesYes
Jim Fitzharris3 timesYesYesYes
Ronan Hickey2 timesYes
Cormac MacDonnell2 times
Stephen Brennan2 times
John Condon2 timesYes
Daniela Boehm2 times
Ray Linn2 timesYes
Colin Doyle2 timesYes
Ben Shorten2 times
Caroline Reid2 timesYesYesYes
Paul Morrissey2 times
Lillian Deegan2 times
A.T. Kelly2 timesYes
Brian Fennessy2 timesYes
Mike Jordan2 times
Kevin Wilkinson2 times
Jason Dowling2 times
Tony Kiernan2 times
Brian Mullins2 times
Laura Flannelly2 times
Brian Byrne2 times
Gerard Heery2 times
Aidan Blighe2 timesYesYes
David Rouse2 times
Matthew Branch2 times
Torben Dahl2 timesYes
Greg Byrne2 times
Andreas Kusch2 timesYes
Juju Jay2 times
Richard Nunan2 timesYes
Mags Greenan2 times
Damien Coyle2 times
Paul Morrissey2 times
Diarmuid O'Colmain1 timeYesYes
Sarah Ni Ruairc1 time
John Ahern1 time
Caitriona Nic Caba1 timeYes
Stuart Scott1 timeYesYesYes
Alistair Hodgett1 time
Niamh Kelly1 time
Paul Tierney1 time
Yvonne Brennan1 time
Brian O'Shaughnessy1 time
Claire Walsh1 time
Zoran Skrba1 timeYesYesYes
Joe Lalor1 timeYes
John J Barry1 timeYes
Michael McSweeney1 time
Ann Nolan1 time
Justin Keatinge1 timeYes
Ger Power1 time
David Carr1 time
Shane Enright1 timeYes
Barry Moore1 time
Eoin Syron1 time
Kevin Cronin771 time
Pat Murphy1 time
Fergal Noone1 timeYes
Marco Petrassi1 time
Brian Kitson1 time
Beth McCluskey1 time
Tanya Sheridan1 time
Derek Cullen1 time
Gary Healy1 time
Paul Nolan1 timeYesYes
John 1 Kelly1 time
Doug Corrie1 time
Eoghan Carton1 time
James Burke1 time
James Tucker1 time
Grainne Blackburn1 time
Seán Harte1 timeYes
Barry Minnock1 timeYes
James Higgins1 time
Loretto Duggan1 time
Jeremy Kelleher1 time
Sharon Lucey1 timeYesYes
Robert Costello1 time
Jane Griffin1 time
Cormac O'Ceallaigh1 timeYes
Aidan Hogan1 time
Sean O Lionaird1 time
John O Connell1 time
Ger Griffin591 time
Renata Rogic1 time
Billy Alexander1 time
David Keneally1 time
Ruairi Long1 time
Caoimhin MacMaolain1 time
Bogdan Wierczynski1 time
John Kelly711 timeYesYesYes
Laurence Quinn1 time
Rene Borg1 timeYesYesYes
Jacqueline O'Hagan1 time
Matthew Sammon1 time
John Cronin1 time
Geraldine O'Shea1 time
Mark Murray1 time
Hazel Thompson1 timeYes
Ken Cowley1 timeYes
Robert Carney1 time
Lynda J Hynes O' Donoghue1 time
Colm Ryan1 time
Paul Mahon1 timeYesYes
Brian Phelan1 time
Justin Rea1 timeYes
Gavan Doherty1 timeYes
Brian Furey1 timeYes
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