First Aid Officer Responsibilities

A First Aid Officer should be appointed for every race. This person should normally have a first aid qualification, though this will not always be possible. The main responsibility of the First Aid Officer is to treat injured runners. Any search and rescue operation will be managed by the Race Director, not the First Aid Officer, so it is the Race Director, not the First Aid Officer who needs to know the IMRA Safety Guidelines. For small races, the Race Director may also act as First Aid Officer.

The First Aid Officer is permitted to run in the race if he wishes. He should normally do so however, only if he is one of the faster runners who will be finished running before the majority of other runners.

The First Aid Officer?s responsibilities are to:
Paul Nolan22 timesYesYes
Mick Hanney21 timesYesYes
Jimmy Synnott16 timesYesYes
Brian McGuckin14 times
Aidan Blighe13 timesYesYes
Dermot Murphy13 timesYesYesYes
Mike Jordan10 times
Mary Collins9 timesYes
Becky Quinn9 times
Gareth Little9 timesYesYesYes
Mary O'Colmain8 timesYes
Alice Clancy8 times
Seamus Greenan8 times
Colin Doyle8 timesYes
James H Cahill8 times
Martina Nolan7 times
Aisling Corkery7 timesYes
Zoran Skrba6 timesYesYesYes
Mike Gomm RIP6 timesYes
Eoin Syron6 times
Diarmuid O'Colmain6 timesYesYes
Gerard Keating6 times
John Condon6 timesYes
Joseph Boyle6 times
Richard Church5 times
Brendan Lawlor5 timesYesYes
Rosalind Hussey5 timesYes
Alan Lawlor5 timesYes
Brian Fennessy5 timesYes
Lillian Deegan5 times
Linda O'Connor5 times
Mags Greenan5 times
Tanya Sheridan5 times
James Tucker4 times
Tom O'Dwyer4 times
Maire O'Sullivan4 times
Greg Byrne4 times
Stuart Scott4 timesYesYesYes
Lynda J Hynes O' Donoghue4 times
Anna Borkowska4 times
Gill McLoughlin4 times
Maria O'Rourke4 timesYes
Warren Swords4 times
Brendan Murphy723 times
Maike Jurgens3 times
Allister Gerrard3 timesYes
Louise Rennie3 times
Wayne Jenkins3 timesYes
Marco Petrassi3 times
Ken Cowley3 timesYes
Catherine Devitt3 times
Tony Lyons3 times
Robert McEvoy3 times
Edward Casey3 times
Aidan Roe3 timesYesYes
John Moore23 times
Caroline Reid3 timesYesYesYes
Michael McSweeney3 times
John Langan3 timesYes
Brian Leonard2 times
Colleen Robinson2 timesYes
Paul O'Grady2 timesYes
Des Kennedy2 times
Gerard Cunningham2 times
Kevin O'Riordan2 timesYesYesYes
Robert Carney2 times
Tim Grummell2 times
Daniela Boehm2 times
Aaron Henry2 times
Donal Troddyn2 timesYesYes
Alan Ayling2 timesYes
Rene Borg2 timesYesYesYes
Tina Bergin2 times
Paul Smith2 times
Ronan Motyer2 times
Barry Moore2 times
Rachel Cinnsealach2 timesYesYesYes
Michael Blighe2 timesYesYesYes
Jane Griffin2 times
Ann Marie O'Brien2 times
Roisin McDonnell2 timesYes
Juju Jay2 times
Jeffery Healy2 timesYes
Mags Fitzgerald2 times
Lindsey Heppenstall2 times
Clare Keeley2 times
Regina Kelly2 times
Jay Edwards2 times
Charlie O'Connell2 times
Stephen McMullan2 times
Lornie O'Dwyer2 timesYes
Zoe Melling2 times
Mairead Hynes O'Donoghue2 times
Susan Jestin2 times
Deborah Meghan2 times
Declan Murphy2 times
Gavin O Donovan2 times
Neil Fitzgerald1 time
Justin O'Keeffe1 timeYes
Richard Nunan1 timeYes
Mark Horvath1 time
Peter O'Farrell1 timeYes
John O'Donovan1 time
Orla Crosse1 time
Kevin D O'Brien1 time
Patricia Blackburn1 time
Fergus Lynam1 time
Mark Horvath1 time
Carmen Jimenez Guardiola1 time
Maider Gaston1 time
Maeve OReilly1 time
Paula Rea1 time
David Kelly701 time
Donal Flood1 time
Brian Mullins1 time
Alan Maher1 time
Sharlene Bell1 time
James Sharkey1 time
Pat Reid1 time
Orla McEvoy1 time
Dimitri MEFFRE1 time
Michelle Clarke1 time
Ben Mooney1 time
Dave Docherty1 time
Matthew Branch1 time
Robert Moloney1 time
Caoimhin MacMaolain1 time
Brendan Arthurs1 time
Declan Cunningham1 time
Mary Louise Ryan1 time
Karl Maguire1 time
Geraldine O'Shea1 time
Kevin Cronin771 time
Isabelle Lemee1 time
Laura Flynn1 timeYes
Moire O'Sullivan1 time
John Ahern1 time
Daniel Morrogh1 time
Niall Enright1 timeYesYesYes
Ger Lawlor1 time
Ciara Ni Mhurchu1 time
Pol O'Murchu1 timeYesYesYes
Denis Hogan1 time
Gavan Doherty1 timeYes
Paraic Gallagher1 timeYesYes
Charlie Lyons1 time
Lorcan Farrell1 time
Michael Kilkelly1 time
Ian Harrison1 time
Martin Cooney1 time
Catherine Halpin1 time
Keith Mulvey1 time
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