Laptop Operator Responsibilities

The Laptop Operator should be trained to use the Registration & Results system prior to race-day. The system is too complex to be able to operate it with a few minutes training on race-day. The Laptop Operator cannot run in the race. His responsibilities on the day are to:
John J Barry18 timesYes
Dermot Murphy14 timesYesYesYes
Kevin O'Riordan14 timesYesYesYes
Turlough Conway12 times
Sinead Roche11 timesYes
Jim Fitzharris11 timesYesYesYes
Donal Troddyn9 timesYesYes
Mick Hanney8 timesYesYes
Melanie Earwaker8 timesYes
Daniela Boehm8 times
Brian Flannelly8 times
Val Jones8 timesYes
Richard Nunan7 timesYes
Stephen Broderick7 times
Grainne Connor5 timesYes
Fergal Buckley4 timesYesYes
Niall Enright4 timesYesYesYes
Sharon Lucey4 timesYesYes
Sean Harte3 timesYes
James Flanagan3 timesYes
Gavan Doherty3 timesYes
Pol O'Murchu3 timesYesYesYes
Kyle Heron3 times
Justin Keatinge3 timesYes
Niall Fox3 timesYes
Shane Enright3 timesYes
Peter Cannon3 timesYes
Brian Furey3 timesYes
Rene Borg2 timesYesYesYes
John Shiels2 timesYesYes
Sharlene Bell2 times
John Kelly712 timesYesYesYes
Mark Murray2 times
Torben Dahl2 timesYes
John MacEnri2 timesYes
Alan Kilbride2 timesYes
Sarah Heal1 time
Rachel Walters1 time
Robbie Williams1 time
Martin Bagnall1 timeYes
Paul Moran 21 time
Declan O'Dwyer1 timeYes
Alan O'Keeffe1 time
Aisling Coppinger1 time
Tony Doolin1 time
Niamh O'Ceallaigh1 timeYes
Paul Mitchell1 time
Rachel Cinnsealach1 timeYesYesYes
Angus Tyner1 time
Zoran Skrba1 timeYesYesYes
Sonja Fuhrmann1 timeYes
Gerry Lalor1 time
Clare Glanville1 time
Shane O'Rourke1 time
Eavan Casey1 timeYes
Brian O'Murchu1 timeYes
Derek Kellett1 time
Mary Healy1 time
Conor Little1 time
Peter O'Farrell1 timeYes
Eoin O'Neill1 timeYesYes
Tim Charnecki1 time
Susan Seager1 timeYes
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