Helper Responsibilities

The Race Director must decide how many Helpers he needs on the day. A useful rule-of-thumb is that the overall organising team should have one member for every 25 runners. The Helpers need no specific skill.

As a general rule, Helpers will not run in the race. For example, there is no point in a Helper accepting the task of manning a registration desk for a large race if he abandons his post to change clothes and warm up. Obviously Helpers manning the finish-line cannot run in the race.

Helpers need no prior training or experience. The roles and tasks they will perform are simple enough so that the Race Director can brief them sufficiently in a few minutes.

In large races, there are 5 roles that Helpers can perform that will require them to assume a post and accept responsibility to stay at that post for a period of time. These roles are: In addition to these roles performed by Helpers, there are several tasks which they may perform, such as: And occasionally:
Vivian O'Gorman92 times
Mick Hanney49 timesYesYes
Henny Brandsma47 times
Dermot Murphy38 timesYesYesYes
Jane Griffin35 times
Rachel Cinnsealach34 timesYesYesYes
Jim Fitzharris34 timesYesYesYes
James Higgins34 times
Brendan Doherty33 times
Ger Power31 times
Thomas Galvin31 times
Patsy McCreanor30 times
Caitlin Bent29 times
Caroline Reid28 timesYesYesYes
Lynda J Hynes O' Donoghue27 times
Mike Jordan27 times
Aoife Joyce26 timesYes
Mary Collins26 timesYes
Brian O Murchu26 timesYes
Daniela Boehm25 times
Bronagh Cheetham24 timesYes
Laura Flynn23 timesYes
Leo Mahon22 times
Jean O'Neill22 timesYes
Seán Harte22 timesYes
Tim Chapman21 times
Lindie Naughton20 times
Kieran Rocks20 times
James H Cahill20 times
Mikey Fry19 timesYes
Anthony O'Reilly19 timesYes
John Langenbach19 times
Stuart Scott19 timesYesYesYes
Berndt Heim19 timesYesYes
Angela Flynn19 times
Shay Foody18 timesYes
Mike Gomm RIP18 timesYes
Graham K. Bushe18 times
Gordon Douglas17 times
Gareth Little17 timesYesYesYes
Eoin Syron17 times
Laura Flannelly17 times
Zoran Skrba17 timesYesYesYes
Eva Fairmaner17 times
Ger Griffin5917 times
Angus Tyner16 times
Ronan Hickey16 timesYes
Matthew Sammon16 times
Jason Kehoe16 times
Adrian Tucker RIP16 times
Peter Bell16 times
Gerard Cunningham16 times
James Clancy16 times
Barry Moore15 times
John Greene15 times
Brian Flannelly15 times
Lindsey Heppenstall15 times
Rozanne Bell15 timesYesYes
Richard Nunan15 timesYes
Nora Lalor15 times
Maike Jurgens15 times
Roisin McDonnell15 timesYes
Seamus Kilcullen RIP15 times
Andrew Hanney14 times
John Fitzgerald14 timesYes
Aidan Blighe14 timesYesYes
Niamh Garvey14 times
Ger Griffin14 times
John McCann7214 times
David Rouse14 times
Niamh O'Gorman14 times
Paul Whyte14 times
Justin Rea14 timesYes
Donna Mahon14 times
Sharon Lucey14 timesYesYes
Torben Dahl14 timesYes
Thomas O'Sullivan14 times
Niamh O'Ceallaigh14 timesYes
Paul O'Grady14 timesYes
William O Donoghue13 times
John Bell13 times
Philip Boylan13 times
Sarah Ni Ruairc13 times
Jarlath Hynes13 times
Orla McEvoy13 times
Ruth Lynam13 times
Joe Lalor12 timesYes
Anne Hodge12 times
Declan O'Dwyer12 timesYes
Brendan Lawlor12 timesYesYes
Rene Borg12 timesYesYesYes
Cormac O'Ceallaigh12 timesYes
Kevin O'Riordan12 timesYesYesYes
Jacqueline O'Hagan12 times
Jeff Fitzsimons12 times
Mairead Hynes O'Donoghue12 times
Peter O'Farrell12 timesYes
Jeff Swords12 times
Brian Furey12 timesYes
Eamonn Hodge11 timesYes
Grace Egan11 times
Sam Scriven11 timesYes
Pol O'Murchu11 timesYesYesYes
Charlie O'Connell11 times
Juju Jay11 times
Sinead Roche11 timesYes
Charlie Lyons11 times
Greg Byrne11 times
Paul Keville11 times
Paula Keohan11 times
Des Kennedy11 times
Deirdre Ni Chearbhaill11 timesYes
Ger Lawlor11 times
Zoe Tyner11 times
Brendan Pollard10 timesYesYes
Helen Dixon10 times
Derek Charles10 times
Joan Ryan10 times
Tiarnan Johnston10 times
Patricia Ryan10 times
Joe Fitzpatrick10 times
Warren Swords10 times
Michelle Rowley10 times
John Ahern10 times
Amidou Dembele10 timesYesYes
Robert Costello10 times
Paul Mahon10 timesYesYes
Brian Farren10 times
Mick Kellett RIP10 times
Cathal Kearney10 timesYesYes
Paul Joyce10 times
Hazel Thompson10 timesYes
Aidan Roe10 timesYesYes
John Shiels10 timesYesYes
Damien McParland9 times
Justin O'Keeffe9 timesYes
Mags Greenan9 times
James Sharkey9 times
Robert McEvoy9 times
Gordon Wilson9 times
Inigo Alana9 times
Colin Doyle9 timesYes
Ken Cowley9 timesYes
Colum McKeown9 times
Patrick Ryan9 timesYes
Dee Bohan9 times
Kieran Crowley9 times
David Pender9 times
Renata Rogic9 times
Paula Rea9 times
Karen Devenney9 times
Tina Bergin9 times
Diarmuid O'Colmain9 timesYesYes
Julie Harkin9 times
Miriam Maher9 times
Joan Stapleton9 times
Mike Cunningham9 times
Gordon Place9 times
Alice Clancy8 times
Zoe Melling8 times
Ian O'Kane8 times
Rosemary Monahan8 timesYesYes
Santina Doherty Farinella8 times
Ronan King8 times
Jimmy Synnott8 timesYesYes
Robert Cunningham8 times
Donal McKiernan8 times
Patricia McLoughlin8 times
Becky Quinn8 times
Mary O'Colmain8 timesYes
Paul Smyth8 times
Sean Hassett8 timesYesYes
Andreas Kusch8 timesYes
James Tucker8 times
Sarah Steer8 times
David Bosonnet8 times
John Condon8 timesYes
Nicola Crean8 timesYes
Isabelle Lemee8 times
Emma Hand8 times
Niall Corrigan8 times
Keith Ryan8 times
Nigel Carroll8 times
Paddy Lord8 times
Paul Morrissey8 times
Bernard Fortune8 times
Elizabeth Wheeler7 times
Paul Coleman7 times
Eddie Daly7 times
Karl Maguire7 times
Liz Ryan7 timesYes
Ted Feehan7 times
Niamh Hartnett7 times
Derek Kellett7 times
Peter Gorman7 times
Barry Murray7 times
Fiona Sheerin7 times
Iosac Coleman7 times
Mike Long7 timesYesYes
Mark Sheridan7 times
Louis Mullee7 times
Conor Murphy7 times
Ben Mooney7 times
Michael Blighe7 timesYesYesYes
Donal Troddyn7 timesYesYes
Maire O'Sullivan7 times
Michael McSweeney7 times
Tamas Farkas7 timesYes
Michael Galligan7 times
Martina Nolan7 times
Melanie Earwaker7 timesYes
Eamonn O'Neill6 times
Geraldine O'Shea6 times
Dave Docherty6 times
Laurence Colleran6 times
Eddie Reid6 times
A.T. Kelly6 timesYes
Eoin O'Neill6 timesYesYes
Daniel Whittaker6 times
Paul Grant6 times
Damien Coyle6 times
John Kelly716 timesYesYesYes
Padraig O'Dwyer6 times
John Langan6 timesYes
Donal Flood6 times
Mathew Kavanagh6 times
Fergal Buckley6 timesYesYes
Christopher Willoughby6 times
Paul Nolan6 timesYesYes
Derek Livingstone6 timesYes
Richard Kieran6 timesYesYes
Sarah Eftonga6 times
Claire Walsh6 times
Brian Byrne6 times
Ray Lonergan6 times
Emma Boland6 times
Padraig Doyle6 times
Trevor Kerley6 times
Lorcan Farrell6 times
Brenda Malley6 times
Stephen Brennan6 times
Brian O'Meara6 timesYes
Oran Murphy6 times
Richard Leahy6 times
John Moore26 times
Barry Tennyson6 times
Brian Leonard6 times
Shane O' Malley6 times
Alan Collins6 times
Michael Devine6 times
Damien Kelly6 times
Luke Maher6 times
Aidan Hogan6 times
Gerry Brady6 times
Gavan Doherty6 timesYes
Deirdre Flynn-McGrath6 times
Brendan Neville6 times
S.M. Griffith6 times
Mirjam Allik6 times
Alan Ayling6 timesYes
Hilary Jenkinson6 times
Sonja Fuhrmann6 timesYes
Kevin Bushe6 times
Anne-Marie Flaherty6 times
Ruth Jackson6 times
Niall Lynch6 times
Brian Fennessy6 timesYes
John Keane776 times
Jane Porter6 timesYes
Brendan Roth5 times
Liam Vines5 times
Niamh Jennings5 times
Jean Bader5 times
Conor O'Farrell5 times
Peter Cannon5 timesYes
David Kelly705 times
Con O'Donovan5 timesYes
Jesko Zimmerman5 times
Connie Dottino5 times
Enda Walsh5 times
Matthew Branch5 times
Damian Cronin5 times
Aisling Corkery5 timesYes
Odhran Hendley5 times
Joseph Boyle5 times
Conor O'Meara5 timesYesYes
Deborah Meghan5 times
Billy Alexander5 times
Ruairi Short5 times
Padraig Reilly5 times
Brendan Murphy725 times
Syl Ivers5 times
James Curran5 times
Paul Gilligan5 times
Aisling Renshaw5 timesYes
Eamon Flannelly5 times
Rory Campbell5 times
Adrian Hennessy5 times
Igor Gonzalez-Guridi5 times
Kyle Heron5 times
Moire O'Sullivan5 times
Damien Holian5 times
Trish Nunan5 times
David Brady5 times
Catherine Devitt5 times
Padraig Muldoon5 times
Graham Porter5 timesYes
Marie O'Shea5 times
Lornie O'Dwyer5 timesYes
Dan Geelon5 times
Jason Dowling5 times
Patrick Cleary5 times
Lillian Deegan5 times
Clare Glanville5 times
Tadhg Ryan5 times
Val Jones5 timesYes
Justin O'Connor5 times
Bruce Phillips5 times
Gerard Madden5 times
Joy Johnson5 times
Eileen Rowland5 times
Paul Morrissey25 times
Eddie Cousins5 times
Clare Sullivan5 times
Alison Underwood5 times
Brian Caulfield5 times
Alan Lawlor5 timesYes
Conor Brangan5 timesYes
Fiona Roberts5 times
Niall Enright5 timesYesYesYes
Eavan Casey5 timesYes
Adrian Roche5 times
Aileen Field5 times
Ken McDonagh4 timesYesYes
Chris Mark4 times
Donal Cashman4 times
Mags Fitzgerald4 times
Sean Manning4 times
Sean Broderick4 timesYes
Tim Charnecki4 times
Karen O'Hanlon4 times
Noelle Cullimore4 times
Bram Jansen4 times
Pat Foley4 times
Rosalind Hussey4 timesYes
Gearoid Towey4 timesYesYesYes
David Power4 times
Petra Tolarova4 times
Nora Lalor4 times
Lisa Groarke4 times
Sile Loughrey4 times
Gerry Lalor4 times
Ian Conroy4 times
Michael Stoker4 times
Kate Cronin4 times
Jean O'Neill24 times
Theo Mooney4 timesYes
Dermot McNamara4 times
Barry Minnock4 timesYes
Eilis Connery4 times
Jill Walker4 times
Suzanne Kenny4 times
Jenny Ui­She4 times
Tom Blackburn4 times
Ann Horan4 times
Justin Higgins4 times
Shane Enright4 timesYes
Kevin Bell4 times
Ray Linn4 timesYes
Eamonn Kavanagh4 times
Grainne Connor4 timesYes
Eoin Keith4 timesYesYes
Karen Moore4 times
Keith Fitzsimmons4 times
Aidan Blake4 times
Liam Cannon4 times
Gerard Keating4 times
James Flanagan4 timesYes
Karen Duggan4 timesYes
Martin Bagnall4 timesYes
Niall McAlinden4 times
Michael Heatly4 times
Eoghan Carton4 times
Caoimhin MacMaolain4 times
Liam Mooney4 times
Amy Connery4 times
Paul Mitchell4 times
Philip Wharton4 times
Mick Worrell4 times
Ben Crane4 times
Jenny McCauley4 times
Grainne O'Brien4 times
Sarah Moores4 times
Jason Reid4 times
Arlene Mahony4 times
Aileen Bright4 times
Susan Seager4 timesYes
Sean O'Neill Clare4 times
John MacEnri4 timesYes
Davy Dunne4 times
Christopher Wallace4 times
Tim Fry4 times
Gavan Duffy4 times
Stephen McHale4 times
Edward Bateman4 times
Henrik Pettersson3 times
Finbar McGurren3 times
Patricia Murphy3 times
Chloe Galley3 times
Noreen Harvey3 times
Ide Kelleher3 times
Shane Jenkinson3 times
Jim Corbett3 times
Brian McGuckin3 times
Danny O'Keeffe3 times
Sharon Phibbs3 times
Stephen Waters3 times
Gill McLoughlin3 times
Marcus Murphy3 times
Dermot Nolan3 times
Gary Healy3 times
Tara McFadden3 times
Mary Pyke3 times
Garry Doyle3 times
Alistair Hodgett3 times
Deirdre O'Neill3 times
Peter McNeill3 times
Robert Healy3 times
Des O'Neill3 times
Kieran Lees3 times
Tanya Sheridan3 times
Melanie Heather3 times
Brendan Delaney3 times
Maola­osa Mc Hugh3 times
David Williams3 times
John Kirwan3 times
Mary Nolan3 times
John B Riordan3 times
Adam Bushe3 times
Edel Hennessy3 times
Colm Moran3 times
Tressan McCambridge3 timesYes
Liam McFadden3 times
Joseph Mooney3 times
Felim Guinan3 times
Shane O'Rourke3 times
Barbara Kilbride3 times
Alan Kilbride3 timesYes
Loretto O'Sullivan3 times
Keith Lacey3 times
Catherine Halpin3 times
Mark Morrissey3 times
Martin Blacker3 times
Colm Howlin3 times
Paul Kelly3 times
Maria O'Rourke3 timesYes
Kieran Craven3 times
John Mollohan3 times
Keith McBean3 times
Fidelma Ayres3 times
Ronan Lynch3 times
Una Coghlan3 times
Mick Stuart3 times
Stephen Perry3 times
Daniel Morrogh3 times
Therese Hanley3 times
Mick Byrne19723 times
Rosemarie FitzGerald3 times
Anthony Malone3 timesYesYes
Gareth Shaw3 times
Gerard Griffin3 times
Fergie Maughan3 times
Dave Bradley3 times
Ciaran Muldowney3 times
Keith Mulvey3 times
Donal Linehan3 times
John J Barry3 timesYes
Caoimhe Muldoon3 times
Deirdre O'Riordan3 times
Lorna Wilson3 times
Ciara Ni Mhurchu3 times
Christopher Dunne3 times
Dave Kane3 times
declan moyles3 times
Aidan O'Donoghue3 times
Patricia Blackburn3 times
Paraic Gallagher3 timesYesYes
Fergal Daly3 times
Jason Moore3 times
Ewan Cunningham3 times
cathy wyse3 times
Kieran Morrisroe3 times
Jim Breyfogle3 times
Turlough Conway3 times
Tom Hogan3 times
Paul Tierney3 times
Miles Newman3 times
Richard Healy3 times
Paul Cullen3 times
Pat Rodgers3 times
Deirdre Fitzsimons3 times
Ben Moore3 times
Paul V Mitchell3 times
John Coleman3 times
Eilis Murphy3 times
Kevin Wilkinson3 times
Lar Griffin3 times
Kastytis Bereznocenko3 times
Regina Kelly3 times
John Halpenny3 times
Tony Berkery3 timesYesYes
Deirdre Finn3 times
Cian Rea3 times
Keith Daly3 timesYesYes
Rafael Salazar3 times
Eoin O'Brien3 times
Shane Colgan3 times
Fergal Connolly3 times
Stephen Coller2 times
Laura Mullins2 times
Ben Dromey2 times
Charlotte Picard2 times
Ronan Brandon2 times
Pavel Bodi2 times
Paddy O'Shea2 times
Fionnuala Keogh2 times
Aedamar O'Neill2 times
Cian Friel2 times
Kirstie McTrusty2 times
Diarmuid Meldon2 times
Joan Flanagan2 times
Ercus Stewart2 times
Ciara Jones2 times
Mark Byrne2 times
Hugh Thomas Costello2 times
Cormac MacDonnell2 times
Jean Molloy2 times
Tim Flaherty2 times
Barry MacCarthy2 times
John McAuley2 times
Brian Kitson2 times
Sean Healy2 times
Eoin Browne2 timesYes
Julie Byrne2 times
Kevin D O'Brien2 times
Maura Matthews2 times
Russell Davidson2 times
Declan Flanagan2 times
Pat Quill2 times
Melanie Walsh2 times
catherine redmond2 times
Jerome Dupuy2 times
Stephen Cleary2 times
Pat Farrelly2 times
Brian Buckley2 times
Roger Moulding2 times
Mandy Parslow2 times
Barry McCarthy2 times
Roisin Kelleher2 times
Mark Walker2 times
Ken McCarthy2 times
Bernard Crampton2 times
Eoghan Harney2 times
Martina O'Kearney2 times
Ben Kinsella2 times
Gerard Butler2 times
Niamh O'Boyle2 times
Deirdre Horan2 times
Maura Ginty2 times
Oliver Rynne2 times
Karen Doyle2 times
Leslie Cannon2 times
Andrew Dooley2 times
Edward Casey2 times
Claire O' Callaghan2 times
Brian Sullivan2 times
Robert O Brien2 times
Rosi Figueroa2 times
Derek McHugh2 times
Eithne McShane2 timesYes
Cearbhall Guilfoyle2 times
Sarah Brady2 times
Donall Flanagan2 times
Aoife O'Sullivan2 times
Michael Fallon2 times
Killian Regan2 times
Aisling Ruane2 times
William McCarthy2 times
Rachel Wisdom2 times
Conor Short2 times
Tony Collins2 times
Colin Halloran2 times
Laurence Briody2 times
Michael J Kelly2 times
David Brereton2 times
JOE CASEY2 times
Jim McGourty2 times
Desie Shorten2 times
Laurence Quinn2 times
David Gray2 times
Rachel Walters2 times
Louise Rennie2 times
Aoibheann Leeney2 times
Gavin O Donovan2 times
Dena Hogan2 times
Stephen Coates2 times
Stuart Norman2 timesYes
Aine Murphy2 times
Stephen Holleran2 times
Sean Dunne872 times
Kenneth McCarthy2 times
Zuzana Pavlikova2 times
Dallas Baird2 times
Jacqueline Kearns2 times
John Hayes2 times
Brendan Craig2 times
Ruairi Sugrue2 times
Esther O'Toole2 times
Joe Keane2 times
Sonya McConnon2 times
Mark Murray2 times
Cliona Flynn Gray2 times
Brian O'Meara2 times
Michael Hallahan2 times
Louisa O'Sullivan2 timesYes
Niall Fox2 timesYes
Feilim Borland2 times
Brian Sugrue2 times
Johan Dehantschutter2 times
Brendan O'Connor2 timesYes
Sean Mulligan2 times
Owen Fletcher2 times
Sean McGourty2 times
Arkadiusz Mikolajczyk2 times
Elva Breen2 times
John O'Regan2 times
John Doyle2 times
Colm Mullen2 times
Richard Church2 times
Gary Moralee2 times
Aaron O'Donohue2 times
David Mc Donnell2 times
Henry Browne2 times
Fergal Noone2 timesYes
Peter Lyons2 times
Michael Conneally2 times
Donna Quinn2 times
martin hennessy2 times
Sandra Pegman2 times
Tomas White2 times
Raymond Caulfield2 times
Eileen Walsh2 times
John Ryan Preston2 times
Gerard Clerkin2 times
Eddie Hill2 times
Debbie McCarthy2 times
Ciaran O'Sullivan2 times
Pauline Cleary2 times
Robbie Williams2 times
Rachel Bell2 times
Larry O'Grady2 times
Paul Deane2 times
Ruairi Jennings2 times
Gerard Dillon2 times
Ann Margaret Lynch2 times
Justin Dutton2 times
Colm Kennedy2 times
Sandra Byrne2 times
John Walsh2 times
Fergal Downes2 times
Mary Healy2 times
Eoin Hardiman2 times
Cliona Langford2 times
Alan Madden2 times
Jack Lawlor2 times
William Powderly2 times
Colleen Robinson2 timesYes
Aisling Growney2 times
Fabio Baltieri2 times
Kim Ging2 times
David Toomey2 times
Mike Whitfield2 times
Hugh Kinsella2 times
Peter Barron2 times
Loretto Duggan2 times
Brendan Coghlan2 times
Liam Kearney2 times
Brian MacMahon2 times
James Heggie2 times
Stacy Masterson2 times
John Maher2 times
John Dempsey792 times
Tracie Ryan2 times
Noel Farrell2 times
Jason Halpin2 times
Fergus Scott2 times
Mary Doyle2 times
Martin Francis2 times
Anita Byrne2 times
Liam Costello2 times
Brian Murphy792 timesYes
Geraldine Murphy2 times
Stephen Doorly2 times
Brian Dunphy2 times
Fergus Byrne2 times
Ken Barry682 times
Mary Dawson2 timesYesYes
Kevin Duffy2 times
Gillesa O'Shea2 times
Ann Hunter2 times
Cillin Corbett2 times
David Duffy2 times
Elaine McGreal2 times
derek walsh2 times
Ryan Montgomery2 times
Aoife Quigley2 times
grainne smyth2 times
Fearghal Bracken2 times
Karen Johns2 times
Allister Gerrard2 timesYes
Paul O'Callaghan2 times
Martin Briody2 times
Gerard Down2 times
David Bawden2 times
Viv Lavan2 timesYesYes
John O'Donovan2 times
Sarah Harley2 times
David J Hynes2 times
Helen French2 times
Sean Downey2 times
Tim Mangan2 times
Kate Hebblethwaite2 timesYes
Brian Freeland1 time
Dave Weston1 time
Ruaidhri Fernandes1 time
Orla Crosse1 time
Nina Huet1 time
Anna Borkowska1 time
Karl Hearty1 time
Derek Bain1 time
Geraldine Maguire1 time
Peter Linney1 time
Oliver Castle1 time
Simon Monds1 time
Maeve O'Grady1 time
James Keane1 time
Andrew White1 time
William Coffey1 time
Danny Toye1 time
Paddy Ryan1 time
John Byrne1 time
Owen Fenton1 time
Steve Young1 time
Valerie Clinton1 time
Helen P White1 time
Colm Kenna1 time
Alan Nolan1 time
Mark Gomm1 time
Vicky Bow1 time
Ciaran Kelly1 time
Brendan Smith551 time
Ian McGrath1 time
Louise Butler1 time
theresa grimes1 time
Colclough John1 time
Mary McDermott1 time
Aaron Henry1 time
Eamon Quigley1 time
Damian Kelly1 time
Maire Greene1 time
Orla Fenelon1 time
Cormac MacDonnchadha1 time
David Coffey1 time
Michael O'Donoghue1 time
Paddy Parrott1 time
John Collins1 time
Dylan Hayes1 time
Rian MacMaolain1 time
Michelle Burke1 time
Seamus Greenan1 time
Mike O'Keeffe1 time
Maurice Timmins1 time
Shay Cleary1 time
Peter Woods1 time
Sean Linehan1 time
Sean Fox1 time
Brendan Deery1 time
Pat McCavana1 time
Brendan Arthurs1 time
Paddy Bourke1 time
Ruth Nic Giolla Iasachta1 time
Lorraine Horan1 time
Daragh Muldowney1 time
Jay Edwards1 time
Conor O'Mara1 time
Colm Hill1 time
Gary Condon1 time
Vincent O'Sullivan1 time
Anthony Frazer1 time
David Warner1 time
Donncha Walsh1 time
Cormac Conroy1 time
John Kinsella1 time
Padraig Fitzpatrick1 time
Eoin O'Malley1 time
Karl O'Neill1 timeYes
Padraig O Meara1 time
Jerry O Riordan1 time
Mark Raleigh1 time
David Caulfield1 time
David Higgins1 time
Tim Grummell1 time
Gary Madden751 time
John O'Neill1 time
Nicola Evans1 time
Maider Gaston1 time
Una May1 time
Lisa McMahon1 time
Barry Hartnett1 time
Paul Duffy1 time
Neilus Healy1 time
Declan Cunningham1 time
Eileen Hassett1 time
Ben Mangan1 time
Marlon Davies1 time
Luke Rafferty1 time
Maeve Kiely1 time
Karl Richards1 time
Brian Mullins1 time
Niamh Carton1 time
Steve Griffin1 time
Neil Dunne1 time
Paul Collins1 time
Eoin Fegan1 time
Dermot Higgins1 time
Colin Murphy1 time
Laura Shaughnessy1 time
khai lee1 time
James McFadden1 time
Declan Masterson1 time
John O'Dwyer1 time
Keith Heary1 time
John Oflynn1 time
Fergal O'Sullivan1 time
Paul Kelly1 time
Sean Filan1 time
Barry O'Brien1 time
Derek Hunter1 time
kevin hill1 time
Stuart McLindon1 time
Paul Steele1 time
Michael Cunney1 time
Sarah Heal1 time
Mike Casey1 time
Andy Morrow1 time
Susan Redmond1 time
Nora Mahon-Lalor1 time
Niamh Purcell1 timeYes
Adolfo Garcia1 time
Maik Erler1 time
Patrick Wolahan1 time
Tom Shanahan1 time
Andrew Hayes1 time
Damian Woods1 time
Ciaran Briody1 time
Andrew Trafford1 time
Margarete Clark1 time
Peter McDevitt1 time
Mary Mangan551 time
Snjezana Frketic1 time
Paul Moran 21 time
Annette Kehoe1 time
Robert Moloney1 time
Denis Cronin1 time
Roisin Long1 time
Niall O'Connor1 time
Michael McKillen1 time
JT Ryan1 time
Cathal Lally1 time
Loren Harnett1 time
Barry Breslin1 time
Nigel Kent1 time
Ed Niland1 time
Patrick McCartney1 time
Sara Walsh1 time
Brian Bell1 time
Noel Burke1 time
John Buckley1 time
Cormac Corrigan1 time
Caitriona Nic Caba1 timeYes
James Bourke1 time
Ian Clifford1 time
Anna Fahy Ryan1 time
Joseph King1 time
Daragh O'Farrell1 time
Toma Power1 time
Erik Salmon1 time
Mags Dempsey1 time
Rosie Lenehan1 time
Jack Fairmaner1 time
Paddy Baxter1 time
Brian Phelan1 time
Ruairi Finucane1 time
Padraic Ryan1 time
Frank Wedgeworth1 time
Emma Sokell1 time
Ronan Egan1 time
Mary O'Connell1 time
Roman Pupato1 time
Gareth Donnelly1 time
Moira Creedon1 time
Stephen Harvey1 time
Peter Cantwell1 time
John Denny1 time
Paula Odonnell-Rea1 time
Mark O'Sullivan1 time
Conor Little1 time
Ciaran Aylward1 time
Dave Matthews1 time
Conall Murphy1 time
Van Wanrooy Lisa1 time
Vincent McGuinness1 time
Tony Holmes1 time
Declan Byrne1 time
Yury Peichev1 time
Mark Horvath1 time
Niall Duncan1 time
Nigel Plowman1 time
Kieran Smith1 time
John McGregor1 time
Patrick Sneyd1 time
Noel Coldrick1 time
Gerald Caffrey1 time
Brendan Carrigan1 time
Paolo Girolami1 time
Megan Lepper1 time
Jo Drea1 time
Martin Leung1 time
Donnchadha Quilty1 time
Niamh Abeyta1 time
Niamh Kelly1 time
Mags McCarthy1 timeYes
Eoin McDonald1 time
Luke McMullan1 time
Ronan Kearney1 time
Bruce Shenker1 time
Ciaran Woods1 time
John Riordan1 time
Mary Gurrie1 timeYesYes
Catherine Ring1 time
Gerard Geraghty1 time
Noel Prendergast1 time
Alan Foley1 time
Sean Mason1 time
Martina Colville1 time
Paul Larkins1 time
Thomas Blackburn jnr1 time
Lonergan Brian1 time
Joe Tierney1 time
Baptiste Hanser1 time
Tony Keely1 time
Alan Dillon1 time
john paul o connell1 time
Garrett Murphy1 time
Niamh Blackburn1 time
Rose Logan-Surgeon1 time
Tony Kiernan1 time
Shinead Blackburn1 time
Kozue Umide1 time
Paul Stafford1 time
Cathal Dwane1 time
Niall Heffernan1 timeYes
Farrant Stuart1 time
Lynda Talbot1 time
Georgina Quain1 time
Anthony Cahill1 time
Peter Kernan1 time
Maria Dolan1 time
Mary Mangan1 time
Martin Cooney1 time
Brian Synnott1 time
Gail Phibbs1 time
Aideen Keenan1 time
David Nolan1 time
Kevin Cronin771 time
Susan Cryan1 time
Emer O'Hare1 time
Kate O'Mahony1 time
Richard Pontin1 time
Emer Moore1 time
Tony Doolin1 time
Alan Eddie1 time
Sarah Enright1 time
Donal Burke1 time
Karen Smith1 time
Brian Leddin1 time
Catherina Mullen1 time
Barry Heffernan1 time
Philip P Maher1 time
Nick Davies1 timeYes
Noel P Kelly1 time
Anne-Marie Healy1 time
Brian Carolan1 time
Catherine Byrne1 time
Denis Hogan1 time
Kevin Brady1 time
Andrew McCarthy1 time
Alan Kelly1 timeYes
Jason Michael1 timeYesYes
Gerard Hughes711 time
Will Martin Smith1 time
James Morrissey1 time
Rich Costelloe1 time
Declan Cunningham1 time
Margaret Casey1 time
Maureen O'Rourke1 time
Frank Cotter1 time
mary kinane1 time
Jonathan Darling1 time
Ken Murray1 time
Conor Murray1 time
Rachel Ormrod1 time
Colm O'Reilly1 time
Michael McCarthy811 time
Tom O'Dwyer1 time
Robbie Heffernan1 time
Michael McCann1 time
Sean Healy1 time
Sarah McCormack1 time
Dace Kelly1 time
Padhraig Ryan1 time
Kevin Doherty1 time
Douglas Barry1 time
Aidan Buckley1 time
William Rock1 time
Liam Faulkner1 time
Mike O Donoghue1 time
Ursula Redmond1 time
Edward Murphy1 time
Eddie Donegan1 time
Tommy Sheehan1 time
Tristan McLoughlin1 time
Brian Seery1 time
Barry O'Neill1 time
Rob Cleary1 time
Angela Prats1 time
Michael Gygax1 time
Cillian Stewart1 time
Jonathan Doyle1 time
Karol Laffan1 time
Andre Van Barneveld1 time
Tomas Kilbride1 time
Elio Macuka1 time
Barry Drennan1 time
Ian Harrison1 time
Vanessa Lawrenson1 time
Melissa Devitt1 time
Robin Hutchinson1 time
Kevin English1 time
Liam Lenehan1 time
Karl Walsh1 time
Brendan Ring1 time
Colin Casey1 time
Diarmaid Collins1 time
Alex Hunter1 time
Stephen Pike1 time
Colm Ryan1 time
Barry Moran1 time
Killian Stokes1 time
Barry O'Brien1 time
Pat Healy1 time
Darren Egan1 time
Padraig Somers1 time
Sean Dunne1 time
Vanessa Sallier1 time
Liam Bowe1 time
Eoin Brady881 time
Marco Petrassi1 time
Angela Hayles1 time
Brian Malone1 time
Simon Fairmaner1 time
Eoin McMahon1 time
Colin Walsh1 time
John-Paul Ryan1 time
Ronan Motyer1 time
William Griffin1 time
Killian Mooney1 time
Eugene Brady1 time
John O Connell1 time
Paul Minogue1 time
Tiernan Morrissey1 time
Hugh McLindon1 time
Mary o Colmain1 time
Yvonne Brennan1 time
Johnny McElhinney1 time
Mark McLoughlin1 time
Derek Cullen1 time
Liam O'Rian1 time
Gordon Jenkinson1 time
Shane Doyle1 time
James Benson1 time
Oisin Boland1 time
Eoin Mahon1 time
Joe O'Leary1 time
Brigitte Morrogh1 time
Donnough Shaffrey1 time
Katerina Kopecna1 time
Michael Kilkelly1 time
Sam Mealy1 time
Seamus Murphy1 time
John McDonnell1 time
Niall McGuinness1 time
Paul Miles1 time
Nick Russell1 time
Peter McKay1 time
Paddy Darigan1 time
Paul Daly1 time
Mike Thompson1 time
Sarah Mulligan1 time
Enda Carr1 time
Ian Browne791 time
Susan Jestin1 time
Julie Hilliard1 time
Alan McDonnell1 time
Niall Morris1 time
Joe Bosonnet1 time
Bronagh Ni Bhriain1 time
Michael Maughan1 time
John Kirwan1 time
Shane Mullaney1 time
Monica Timmins1 time
Philip Bourke1 time
Siobhain Duggan1 time
Niall Larkin1 time
Jim Dalton1 time
Kevin Keane1 time
Chris Caulfield1 time
Grainne Blackburn1 time
Matthew Kenny1 time
Michelle Fitzpatrick1 time
Ciaran Duggan1 time
Loretta Duggan1 time
Miriam Delahunt1 time
Michael Foley1 time
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