Irish Mountain
Running Association

The IMRA Wicklow Round

A long distance run covering many of the peaks in Wicklow.

The Challenge

A looped course covering 26 peaks totalling over 100K and over 6,000M climb inside 24 hours. To view the full route: Route Details

The Rules

Any attempt to be recognised must first be publicised in advance on the forum section of the IMRA website and afterwards by supplying a list of splits (arrival time at each of the nominated points). Grid References

All 29 nominated points must be visited in order. The 29 points are the 26 peaks as well as the start point, Drumgoff, and the end point. The start point and the end point are the same physical location.

UTMB/ITRA points

Unfortunately the Wicklow Round is no longer a UTMB qualifying event


This is a personal challenge; IMRAs only involvement is to agree to record attempts. Neither IMRA its servants or agents can accept any responsibility of any nature or kind for loss, damage or injury suffered by a participant who takes part or attempts the the Wicklow Round. Each participant takes part at their own risk and is fully responsibility for their own safety, support and equipment.

History of the Wicklow Round

The Wicklow Round started out as a longer route than the current and with a slightly different ruleset, based on feedback from runners, a special sub-committee consisting of Tony Kiernan, Brendan Lawlor, Brian Bell, and Joe Lalor, made various amendments to the original route, in the process shortening it by about 18-20km.

The original route can be viewed here:

Route and Low Resolution or High Resolution

Results & Records

The list of sub 24 hour completions of the Wicklow Round is as follows (listed in date order):
  1. Moire O Sullivan F May 29th 2009 22:58:30 Splits
  2. Eoin Keith M40 May 30th 2009 17:53:45 Splits
  3. Paul Mahon M, Paul Nolan M & Jason Reid M Friday 5th June 2009 19:39:25 Splits
  4. Adrian Tucker M50 June 25th 2009 22:18:45 Splits
  5. Greg Byrne M, Billy Reed M40, Finbar McGurren M June 2nd 2012 20:56 Splits
  6. Richard Nunan M40, Jeff Fitzsimons M, Zoran Skrba M June 8th 2013 21:57:02
  7. Gareth Little M June 9th 2013 23:39:36
  8. Laurence Colleran M40, Liam Vines , M40 May 30th 2015 20:45
  9. Paul Morrissey M40, Andreas Kusch , M40 June 14th 2015 23:47:32
  10. Pol O'Murchu M June 21st 2015 23:25:03
  11. Mike Jordan M, Sam Scriven , M, Brian O'Meara, M July 4th 2015 23:21
  12. Kevin Shannon M, Mark Shannon , M, M August 4th 2015 21:59:36
  13. Paul O'Callaghan 28th May 2016 21:25 Splits
  14. Adrian Hennessy 6th Jun 2016 19:36 Splits
  15. John Ryan Preston 19th June 2016 21:06 Splits
  16. Liam Vines 11th December 2016 22:56 Splits
  17. Karina Jonina 6th May 2017 22:37:43 Splits
  18. Joseph McConaughy Splits  GPX
  19. Paul Keville 23rd June 2018. 22:59
  20. Warren Swords and Brian Kitson 21st July - 22nd July 2018 23:14 Splits Tracker Link
  21. Paul O'Callaghan 21st December 2018 . 23:38. Splits
  22. Paddy O'Leary - 13th April 2019 - 16:27:20
  23. Shane Lynch - 21st April 2019 16:32:32
  24. Gavin Byrne - 18th May 2019 15:04:30
  25. John Murray - 2nd June 2019 - 22:05:33
  26. Tony Kiernan and Gary Moralee completed the older, longer, course on 7/8 July 2007 in a time of 33:56:18 Splits

    Attempts to Date - Accounts

    A detailed account of the attempts to date on the revised course can be downloaded here