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Liam CostelloJan 7 2013, 3:19pmHi - I did this last year and it was great. Do I just turn up again on the day or do I have to pre-register? I have not run an IMRA race since so will have to renew my membership again on the morning of the run but do not want to be dissapointed and find out there are no places left. Really looking forward to running this again - it is one of my highlights for the year on my running calander.
Richard NunanJan 7 2013, 7:27pmHi Liam,

Keep an eye on the forum for details. A decision will be made on how to Entries will be handled at the end of January.
Jens WaechterJan 23 2013, 3:34pmHi guys,
Is there a number limit on the race and and were can I register for it?
Cheers Jens
Denzil JacobsJan 25 2013, 10:04amHi Guys I have never ran a IMRA race before and hope to participate in your ultra event on the 23 March...How do I register?

Thanks Denzil here, I have ran Ultra's before and mountain races like Cooley legends really excited to take on this tough challenge
Eamonn ChapmanJan 26 2013, 12:14pmAny update on how to register for this race and if it is limited? Thanks
Declan FaulknerFeb 1 2013, 7:47pmWould also like to register for ultra.
rob warmanFeb 1 2013, 10:59pmMe too. Looking forward it.
Jackie ToalFeb 3 2013, 8:22pmWould anyone have an elevation profile of this race please?


Mark QiinnFeb 3 2013, 8:51pmHi Jackie,

Mark QiinnFeb 3 2013, 8:52pmHi Jackie,

Mark QiinnFeb 3 2013, 8:52pmHi Jackie,

Donald FitzmauriceFeb 3 2013, 9:28pmHi - does anyone have a kit list for this race - also is it possible to get water on the route - thanks Donald.
Jackie ToalFeb 3 2013, 9:34pmMany thanks for that Mark
Gareth LittleFeb 5 2013, 12:10pm
Kit Requirements: A raincoat, hat and gloves will be required to be carried by all runners.

chris callaghanFeb 7 2013, 9:19amHey anyone know about entries for the ultra have booked accommadation dont want to miss the start.


John ColcloughFeb 11 2013, 8:56pmHi

havent run an Imra race before but can I turn up on day and register/pay and run??

Denzil JacobsFeb 12 2013, 11:01amHi still waiting on feedback re registration for the wicklow way 51km ultra and cost of the event please...can anyone get back to me on how to make sure i'm entered for this race

Thanks Denzil
Jens WaechterFeb 12 2013, 11:05amSounds like a show-up-on-the-day event
Shane JenkinsonFeb 12 2013, 1:37pmTBC but it's usually sign up &/or in on the morning. If you haev run an IMRA race this year its €7, if not it's €10 to register with IMRA for the year and €7 for the race (total €17). That's my understanding!
Fergal ConnollyFeb 12 2013, 1:39pmEntry is €15 lads, €25 if its your first race of the year.
pat barryFeb 12 2013, 1:40pmLast year I done a one off race (Galty More) as I do not live in Ireland. I paid the 10 euro to join imra but the race fee was waved. So just the 10 was paid.
Richard NunanFeb 12 2013, 2:11pmHi Folks,

Just to address the number of Queries -

Registration will be available on the day - we do hope to have an Option for online registration before then, this is work in progress.

Entry is €15, €25 if its your first race of the year. A bus will be provided like last year for those who are doing the trail. Bus bookings will be available online. This will move people from Johnny Foxes to the Race Start at Ballinastoe and all Runners on the day will receive a lovely Race Mug.

This is all the information we have for now. Further Updates will be provided on March 1st.

Phil HodgeFeb 13 2013, 2:24pmHi, would anyone have recommendations for affordable accomodation relatively near the finish?

Shane JenkinsonFeb 14 2013, 1:51pmBewleys hotel, Leopardstown maybe. Still have to grab a taxi to the start but it would only be 5 mins from there!
Liam CostelloFeb 18 2013, 3:06pmWill it be a lovely "pink" mug again Richard. :-) My 9 year old boy was not impressed last year.
Phil HodgeFeb 19 2013, 7:28amThanks Shane.
Dee JayFeb 21 2013, 4:32pmIs there any etiquite or guidance for WW Ultra and the WW Trail with regard to who has right of way on the narrow sections around the shoulder of Djouce and on the boardwalks up and over white hill ?
Alan AylingFeb 21 2013, 10:25pmNot really Dee. There's generally not much conflict between people heading opposite directions from what I've seen. There can be a bit of vying for position between runners all heading north on the Trail version of the race on the boardwalk section - as with any hillrace, the best way to avoid such traffic is get a good quick start and leave the traffic behind. On the narrow bit around Djouce there is plenty of room to overtake or let someone overtake you - imaginative racing lines are all part of the fun. That said, pushing, elbowing, aggressive shouting etc are not the done thing.
Bernard SheridanFeb 22 2013, 7:08amHi,

I'm sure this has been asked many times, but are there aid/water stations along the way or do we have to leave a drop bag somewhere?

If we have to leave a drop bag, is that transported for us or do we have to take care of that ourselves?


Richard NunanFeb 22 2013, 9:03am
Just a comment on Food - Drinks for the Ultra. There could be water at Crone but I wouldn't rely on it.

Its better that you turn up with your food in two separate drop bags clearly identifiable by your self. These should be labeled
1.) Crone
2.) Ballinastoe

Crone is 12km going out or 38km on way back.
Ballinastoe is the halfway mark.
Richard NunanFeb 22 2013, 9:09amAs we are planning a Social on the evening of the Trail Ultra in Dohney and Nesbitts (

People who are travelling for the Trail or Ultra may want to stay in the city Centre

Public transport - According to the Dublin bus timetable the 44b leaves Dundrum at 7:25am for Glencullen - this would get you to the start in plenty of time. If you are staying around the city center, you can get the Luas line out to Dundrum.
Kieran RiceFeb 22 2013, 11:07amWe did the ultra last year and are heading down this year again. Great route and tough one too but enjoyable. But lets hope it's a little cooler this year. Great that you can register on the morning.
Just a thought...I'm surprised that Johnnie Fox's never got in on sponsorship for t-shirts or medals etc.
Tim ChapmanFeb 22 2013, 11:10amNo a mug is all you need. I dont ware half the t-shirts I do use the mug...
John CondonFeb 22 2013, 11:25amLikewise, get me best brew from that mug
Elle O'NeillFeb 22 2013, 5:09pmHi, really looking forward to it, and if I survive and am lucky enough to get a mug, I will drink my tea in it every day till it falls apart!!!!
Dermot MurphyFeb 24 2013, 4:44pmI have put my name down for Race Director - I will need helpers to start coming forward.
Raymond BuchanFeb 26 2013, 9:13amTo the earlier point from Dee I do think there is a problem with a conflict between the Trail and Ultra runners going opposite directions on the Boardwalk. Last year running the Ultra it was a case of 'get out of the way' and allow the trail runners down first. The spirit of running Ultra's is not 'get out running fast so to avoid congestion later on the course'.
Alan AylingFeb 27 2013, 11:40amRaymond, my previous comment about starting quickly to beat the traffic was only thinking of the large numbers on the Trail route all vying for position on the narrow sections while heading in the same direction. I hadn't considered that runners on the Ultra route might meet a stampede coming the other way on the boardwalk, which of course is a possibility.

The usual way of things in mountain running is that descending runners always have priority. If strictly applied, this would imply that a runner in the Ultra race, descending the boardwalk sections off White's Hill and Barr Hill would have priority and ALL climbing runners (i.e. those in the Trail race) should give way, i.e. get off the boardwalk. Although the weight of numbers involved might make it easier and quicker for the descending Ultra runner to stay off the boardwalk and take a direct route down the hill alongside.

Perhaps the race director would like to comment?
Dermot MurphyFeb 27 2013, 1:23pmThe descending runner should get priority, so on the boardwalk this would mean the Trail runners giving way to the Ultra runners - but given the number of Trail runners v Ultra runners on this section, this may not be practical. The boardwalk is a bottleneck, especially so when you have runners going both ways at the same time. If the ground is dry, it should not be a problem for one person to go to one side, but it can be much harder to manage if the ground is very wet - the boardwalk is over boggy ground anyway.
The best approach would be for all runners to go to their left if they need to go off the boardwalk. So one Trail runner going up, should give way to one Ultra runners going down by hopping off to their left, one Ultra runner meeting a group of Trail runner, hop off to their left. A sensible approach on the day would be needed.

declan mcelroyFeb 28 2013, 7:52pmCould someone please give directions to the race start,I am driving from The North and approx time it would take from Dublin city,thanks?
Shane JenkinsonMar 3 2013, 10:43amHi Declan,

Google maps route -

Does that work for you?

Ken WhiteMar 5 2013, 9:54pmWill there be an earlie start like last year for some of us slower foke
Dermot MurphyMar 5 2013, 10:04pmEarly start time is 8:30. Please make sure you arrive early enough to register if you want to take the early start.
Mick HanneyMar 6 2013, 6:27pmRegistration for the ultra opens at what time Dermot? I've gotten a query from an ultra runner who didn't see the info on the forum or event info? Thanks.
Dermot MurphyMar 6 2013, 8:36pm8am
Denise MathersMar 7 2013, 1:15pmHi Dermot - Once again my favourite race of the year is fast approaching. Just to confirm will our 2013 NIMRA membership be valid for the race without having to join IMRA.
Also Dermot we are travelling down in camper van and was wondering about parking up in the registration car park the night before. I think from previous years when we have arrived some folks look as if they have stayed in the car park over night. Would it be possible to do that? Just asking no problem if not an option.

Look forward to seeing you all again
Dermot MurphyMar 7 2013, 1:42pmHi Denise, yes NIMRA membership is fine to cover the IMRA membership.

With regards the camper van, that is a matter for Johnnie Foxes. I will be contacting them over the next week or so and will bring it up with them. It shouldn't be a problem as long as you park in the overflow car park.

Just a general note on parking - and I will be repeating this closer to the event - it will be important for people to park in the overflow car park, or wherever directed by the car park marshals - please do not park in section immediately beside the pub.
declan mcelroyMar 11 2013, 6:23pmExcellent Shane,thanks!
Kieran RiceMar 12 2013, 7:41pmJust to make you aware that the race is being advertised here as Sunday 24th March
Dermot MurphyMar 13 2013, 8:31amDenise - Johnnie Foxes said there is no problem with the camper van. Again, just make sure to use the overflow car park, everyone will need to use the parking here anyway.
Daniela BoehmMar 13 2013, 12:52pmHi,
if anyone would like a lift to the early start of the Ultra (aiming to be at Johnnie Foxes for 8am): we'll be leaving Ranelagh at 7.30 and have 2 more seats available. I put it up on the car pool but messed up the departure time (not leaving quite that early;)). You can give us a shout on zero 86 two 0167 eight 4.
Denise MathersMar 13 2013, 1:00pmHi Dermot
Great thanks for that - looking forward to getting down to Wicklow again.

Maike JurgensMar 13 2013, 11:12pmjust a quick question - what happens if you do not make the cut-off times at any of the points - do you organise your own way back home and where do your report drop-outs. thanks
Dermot MurphyMar 14 2013, 9:35amHi Maike, the cut off points are at Ballinastoe woods (half way point for Ultra), Crone woods and Curtlestown. All these locations will have manned water stations. If you do not meet the cut off point, or want to drop out for any other reason, please report to these stations. We will then organise getting people back from there - if you know someone who can collect you, all the better but if you dont, you wont be left stranded!
Maike JurgensMar 14 2013, 6:23pmthanks Dermot, i am still contemplating an early start but will decide next week. looking forward to it!
Dermot MurphyMar 18 2013, 7:37pmI am a bit short on non running volunteers if anyone is available - I need someone to marshal the halfway at Ballinastoe and someone else to marshal the section at Lough Tay were the course leaves the Wicklow way.
Barry Casserly Mar 19 2013, 11:37amHi All,

Do you get a medal for the Ultra this weekend

Thanks Barry
Tim ChapmanMar 19 2013, 11:49amYou get a great mug.
Richard NunanMar 19 2013, 12:24pmAs Tim says no Medal, but a really Nice mug as a Takeaway.

Don't forget we have the Social on Saturday night in

We may well need a few Hot whiskeys looking at the Forecast
Fergal ConnollyMar 19 2013, 1:20pmFirst timer question: are the bags left at the bag-drop points brought back to the start after the race? Just wondering as I was thinking of leaving a change of footwear at the turn around point just in case.
Gerry DuffMar 19 2013, 9:34pmHi there. Hopefully running Ultra on Sat. Any word on how to book a place on the bus? Or will it safe enough turning up. Planning on the 830 start. Cheers
Jeff FitzsimonsMar 19 2013, 9:49pmJust turn up on the day, Gerry. No need for a bus for runners doing the ultra as we run out and back.
Dermot MurphyMar 19 2013, 9:51pmGerry, the Ultra runners dont use the bus - start and finish at Johnnie Foxes.

Fergal, bag drops are intended for food and drink, not really clothes/shoes. You can leave a pair of shoes with your bag drop, but you do so at your own risk. We will try do bring any discarded clothes back to Johnnie Foxes, but if its something you really want to get back, you might be as well going out for it yourself after the race. It will be late afternoon before the people at the water stops will be finished, and I am not sure if they would be going back to Johnnie Foxes afterwards anyway.
Gerry DuffMar 19 2013, 9:57pmThanks lads. Can't wait. See yous on Sat.
Maike JurgensMar 20 2013, 8:56amlooking for a lift to Johnnie Foxes on Saturday morning for the early start, living in Sandyford and want to avoid an uphill cycle before the long run ... :). zero86 two hundred 4441 or Maike.Juergens at if you have a space in your car. thanks
Rory CampbellMar 20 2013, 9:58amAnyone needing a lift...just put my car onto the carpool. (From D7 driving via Ranelagh, Sandyford)
Rory (campbell_rory at hotmail dot com)
Raymond BuchanMar 20 2013, 9:59amA couple of quick questions.
1) As this is my first race of the year do I print of the membership form from the web and complete using my race number from 2012?

2) Last year we had a mini heatwave on the day! Any idea if there is expected to be any snow on the trail this year?
Richard CroninMar 20 2013, 10:37amSaturday is showing snow for Dublin at

Are we on a yak-trax and gloves strategy or a postpone/cancel because of the weather strategy?

caitlín BentMar 20 2013, 11:38amI recommend snow shoes/cross country skies!
Caitlín BentMar 20 2013, 11:40amOr even skis:)
Paul TierneyMar 20 2013, 12:37pm"POSTPONE"!!!!???? Richard, what kind of mad talk is that? I presume you're taking the piss? Don't be giving them ideas!!

See you Saturday ;)
Dermot MurphyMar 20 2013, 12:43pmRichard, print out a form, but you will not be using last years number - a new number for 2013 will be allocated.
Weather and snow - there is snow on the trails at the moment with rain forecast for Firday and showers on Saturday. Whether or not this rain will fall as snow on the higher ground is unknown at the moment. So yes, there may be snow on the trails.
Raymond BuchanMar 20 2013, 1:31pmThanks for the updates
Richard CroninMar 20 2013, 3:39pmPaul, I'm only thinking of the price of the petrol from Cork to Dublin! ;-) I'm sure I have a pair of Aldi ice grips, do they fit my runner?........

See you on Saturday
Richard CroninMar 20 2013, 4:11pmnow, do they...etc!
Aoibhe GinandTonicMar 20 2013, 6:35pmSnow or no snow... please don't postpone, I'm flying in Friday to do this!

Can one confirm that there will be water at Ballinastoe, Crone and Curtlestown? I'm trying to decide do I need to pack a hydration pack or will I survive with a water bottle in hand. Though looking at the forecast, I could just try running with my mouth open.

Richard NunanMar 20 2013, 7:38pmFor those planning drops -

We will be doing bag Drops from Registration to Crone and Ballinastoe.

You are advised to be self Sufficient. Please provide 2 Drop bags clearly labelled "Crone" and "Ballinastoe"

While there may be water at Crone(12k,38k) and Ballinastoe (25k) please plan that water may not be available.

There is however a plentiful supply of water in the rivers along the way.

Dermot MurphyMar 20 2013, 9:42pmPoints to note for the Trail/Ultra on Saturday:

1) Parking - please park in the overflow car park or where directed by car park marshals. Strictly no parking in section immediately beside the pub - this is requested by Johnnie Foxes.
After the race, please keep cars to a minimum outside the GAA club - they have an underage match scheduled for 3:30pm there and I have promised them to keep any disruption to a minimum.
2) Ultra Early starts - the Ultra early start is at 8:30am. This will be a group start. Please make sure to register in time if you want to avail of this.
3) Please note the mandatory kit requirement - given the weather conditions forecast, this will be STRICTLY enforced. Mobile phones are not mandatory but are recommended.
4) Please note the cut off times at Ballinastoe, Crone wood and Curtlestown - please cooperate with the marshals if you do not reach the cut off in time.
5) The route is strictly on the Wicklow Way. Please did not use any short-cuts ie cutting out zig-zags etc - this will be considered cheating and will result in disqualification.
6) Dont forget to have your number visible/at hand at the finish so your time can be recorded. Also dont forget to pick up your mug!
7) Strictly no headphones on this race - if you see anyone with them on, dont be shy about telling them to take them off.
Brendan PollardMar 20 2013, 10:28pmDermot,

I am running trail this year but should be able to help with registration or car parking saturday morning but dependant on what time would you like me there for. Let me know.

Dermot MurphyMar 20 2013, 10:56pmThanks Brendan. Can you make it for 9:30am? Will set up the Trail registration after the Ultra runners head off.
Tony MaloneMar 21 2013, 12:34pmI have the IMRA entry forms downloaded. Are there entry forms for the Ultra event available to download?
Jeff FitzsimonsMar 21 2013, 12:57pmNo need for an entry form, Tony. Just rock up on the day with your IMRA form filled out and you'll be looked after.

You might want to laminate that form, if you're queuing long it's liable to turn to pulp in the rain that's forecast!
richard nunanMar 21 2013, 1:40pmIn terms of the Social - Kick off is at 8.00 pm.

Your Ticket intitles you to a Pint OR a Glass of Wine OR A Hot Whickey OR a Mineral plus we will be providing food Platters.

Thanks to Rachel for Orgaising this.
Paul MahonMar 21 2013, 4:39pmThere were several inches of snow on the upper firetrails in Ballinastoe this morning and likely to have more snow falling up there and on the higher mountain sections today and tomorrow but all should be runnable for sure.
Track fairies be warned - racing flats may not the best footwear choice ;-)!
Raymond BuchanMar 21 2013, 5:29pmThanks for the snow reports. Think I will go for the early 8.30 start now to give a wee bit extra time to enjoy the snow!!!
Paul NesbittMar 21 2013, 6:25pmYeeeeoooo!! Gonna be some craic lads!
Grellan McGrathMar 21 2013, 8:37pmIs IMRA registration available on-line or will registration forms be available on the morning of the race?
Paul DalyMar 21 2013, 9:01pmHere's the weather forecast for the next few days around the Djouce area of the Wicklow mountains. This web site is normally very accurate in their predictions....
It looks like it will be fairly windy and very cold, but the good news is it looks like it could be dry!!

Noel MulhallMar 21 2013, 9:33pmHi,
I was just wondering if you have to be over eighteen to enter in the race
SEBASTIEN SQUAREMar 21 2013, 9:42pmHI,

Do you have any Garmin or Google map road to share with me please ?

Thank you

Brendan PollardMar 21 2013, 9:55pmDermot - will be there for 9.30 at latest.

Dermot MurphyMar 21 2013, 10:00pmGrellan - registration on the morning only - no online option.

Noel - Unfortunately no - please refer to the competition rules in the Constitution section (see tabs on the bottom). 18/19 year old's are defined as juniors and must run the short course option if the race distance exceeds 8km. So this also rules out the Trail race for juniors.
Dermot MurphyMar 22 2013, 8:26amQuick note on registrations - if you have not run an IMRA race in 2013, you will need a new number, if you already the form printed out and filled in (see forms section), it will help things along in the morning.
Paul NesbittMar 22 2013, 10:10amDo you still want a form filled in by NIMRA members Dermot?
Dermot MurphyMar 22 2013, 10:15amPaul - yes, as you will need to be allocated an 2013 IMRA number.
Dermot MurphyMar 22 2013, 10:57amJust repeating the earlier points to note for the Trail/Ultra on Saturday. To add - strictly no littering on the course. Either dispose of litter at the water stations or bring it with you.

1) Parking - please park in the overflow car park or where directed by car park marshals. Strictly no parking in section immediately beside the pub - this is requested by Johnnie Foxes.
After the race, please keep cars to a minimum outside the GAA club - they have an underage match scheduled for 3:30pm there and I have promised them to keep any disruption to a minimum.
2) Ultra Early starts - the Ultra early start is at 8:30am. This will be a group start. Please make sure to register in time if you want to avail of this.
3) Please note the mandatory kit requirement - given the weather conditions forecast, this will be STRICTLY enforced. Mobile phones are not mandatory but are recommended.
4) Please note the cut off times at Ballinastoe, Crone wood and Curtlestown - please cooperate with the marshals if you do not reach the cut off in time.
5) The route is strictly on the Wicklow Way. Please did not use any short-cuts ie cutting out zig-zags etc - this will be considered cheating and will result in disqualification.
6) Dont forget to have your number visible/at hand at the finish so your time can be recorded. Also dont forget to pick up your mug!
7) Strictly no headphones on this race - if you see anyone with them on, dont be shy about telling them to take them off.
Paul NesbittMar 22 2013, 11:19amCheers Dermot.
Mark KingMar 22 2013, 12:17pmDermot,

Is there any local update on the condition of the course?


Mark King
Dermot MurphyMar 22 2013, 1:03pmHeavy rain in the area last night and today, so it will be very wet tomorrow. Anyone know if the rain is falling as snow at upper levels? Or can provide a general update?
Jeff FitzsimonsMar 22 2013, 1:26pmExtract below is from a post by Eddie Daly in the trail thread on this forum.

I'd summarise as wet where it's not high enough to be snowy!

"I did a run this morning from Crone, over the waterafall and up to the start of the long slope up to Djouce (i.e. over the second style).
Conditions were not bad overall. I wore 4 layers, running tights, hat and gloves. I was quite warm in the forested area but slightly cold on the more exposed parts.Underfoot conditions were obviously very good on the forest roads but very mucky on the descent towards the waterfall bridge and on the grassy areas from there up.
There was light snow underfoot in places but it looked a little heavier further up towards the shoulder of Djouce. I would definitely advise you to wear the most 'grippy' shoes that you have. I run these trails a lot and normally wear Brooks Cascadia which are intermediate between a road shoe and a trail shoe but after today I will definitely wear my Inov8's on Saturday."
Jeff FitzsimonsMar 22 2013, 1:28pmThe plus side of all this rain is your shoes and legs should get a good wash. So there's no need to go in search of a river to wash in before the social.
Liam CostelloMar 22 2013, 1:52pmHi Sabastian - here is my garmin from last year:
Angus TynerMar 22 2013, 2:02pmAs of an hour ago above Lough Tay.
Snow line is currently 450m.
5cm depth at 500m is 4-5cm but thawing and very slushy. It was sleeting at the time. I expect it is deeper at the upper levels which are at about 600m, White Hill and north of the boardwalk on the shoulder of Djouce. There is dense fog at moment.

There may be some slushy snow on Prince William's Seat making though slabs interesting!

40-60mm (locally perhaps much higher) precipitation has fallen during past 24 hours. The Dargle could be an impressive sight. Hopefully the bridges over the Dargle and Glencree rivers have come through unscathed.
Angus TynerMar 22 2013, 3:08pmThere are a number of road closures in Wicklow due to flooding. In particular around Bray and Enniskerry including the M11 at moment.
Floods should reduce but worth keeping an eye on AAroadwatch in case your chosen route to Johnnie Foxes has issues
Shane Mc CarvilleMar 22 2013, 3:13pmwhat do i put in to sat nav to get to the car park
Jeff FitzsimonsMar 22 2013, 3:58pmI'm sure it differs between satnav systems but I'd imagine a search for "Glencullen" should work. Just be careful of the route you're sent on. Plenty of people have ended up stuck in Wicklow lately by blindly following satnav directions.

As Angus has said there is a lot of flooding on the roads so I would check any intended route against the site below to ensure you're not taking a route with a section closed.
derek kellettMar 22 2013, 4:25pmI don't know about the flooding abating substantially over the next 24 hours, this is a description put up by a couple of kayakers a few hours ago in anticipation of a fun weekend.

"WICKLOW LEVELS : Heavy rain and snow melt =
Glen mac toooo big ,
avonmore tanking,
glendasan running ,
avonbeag too big ,
upper avonbeag good to go,
upper liffey very high,
inchavore perfect levels ,
Dargle at 3.5 blocks !!!
kings running nice a high"

Ladies & Gentlemen, enjoy, should be fun.
danny wallMar 23 2013, 5:06pmWho ever gave that weather report about the wicklow way ultra trail must of been born on a mountain.i ran it today.when i say i ran it what i mean is l steped through the two foot of snow.that was cold and tough.i droped out with cold and cramps at half way point.up till then i was doing so well but in the end mother nature got me.a great bit of fun with the other drop outs.
Thanks to the lady race official who brought us back.
Well done to everyone that finished.
Ill be back.
Elle O'NeillMar 23 2013, 5:27pmA massive thanks to the lovely imra lady who gave me a lift back to base camp!!!
Thanks too, to marshall standing out in the cold for 2 hrs near ballinastoe .
Danny and other lads, pleasure to meet you. As long as there is no snow, see you nxt year :-)
John CondonMar 23 2013, 6:03pmThat one went to 11. So happy to finish it. Thanks Dermott and the rest of crew, very much appreciated. Well done to everyone who took part, the conditions were unreal.
Liam CostelloMar 23 2013, 6:13pmThanks to the organisers of todays race. Have to say it was challanging but very enjoyable for the most part. Hard to believe it was the same race as last year when I got sun burnt. But that is the bueaty of the mountains.
Paddy MurphyMar 23 2013, 6:41pmEpic day, thanks to all who made it happen! & to the lady in crone car park handing out the mars bars I'm eternally gratefull!
Sean BrosnanMar 23 2013, 7:27pmThanks to everybody who put on such a great event today, tough but enjoyable! My last long training run before heading off to do the MdS in two weeks, couldn't have got a better contrast to running in the sand if I tried:)
Mark KingMar 23 2013, 7:31pmThanks to all the IMRA officials for a great race.
Maike JurgensMar 23 2013, 7:56pmthanks for all the organisation and the lovely cup at the end. tough but running downhill in soft snow was surprisingly enjoyable :). so for all people who liked the homemade cereal bars i brought here is the recipe (no baking experience required):
melt 200 g butter with 125 ml golden sirup (or treacle), mix seperately 300 g rolled oats, 100 g flour (self-raising), 50 g coconut flakes, 50g sesame seeds, 100 g pumpkin or sunflower seeds, 100 g (200 g works too) soft brown sugar (normal sugar works as well), 125 g cranberries/raisins/whatever you d like in it. mix wet with dry ingredients, press into form greased/lined with baking paper. bake for 25 to 30 min at about 175 deg C. enjoy.
Paul BurchmoreMar 23 2013, 9:48pmThanks to IMRA, the marshals and fellow runners for sharing a great day in the hills. The conditions made finishing even more rewarding. Well worth the journey. Thanks
Paul DalyMar 23 2013, 10:21pmWhat a first ever Marathon/Ultra Marathon and what a way to start!! A great mixture of weather and underfoot conditions.
A special thanks to everyone involved in organizing a great day, especially all the marshals who had to stand around in the cold all day, the guys at the finish line for the great mug and for Paul Mahon who took a few photos for me at the finish line with my mug!!

I have posted a few photos if anyone is interested as they show the conditions on the hills....

Greg ByrneMar 23 2013, 10:45pmIndescribable race today, well done to all who made it happen; runners, supporters, drivers, but most especially the volunteers. The positive atmosphere at the aid stations was a major boost throughout. To all those who stood out in the cold for 2 hours up to 10 hours, thanks a million.
Luke RaffertyMar 24 2013, 8:22amWhat a day. That was the most physical race I have done to date. I would like to that Mr John Shiell from Dublin Mountain Rescue for giving the warmest pair of gloves ever , only for that John, I would have not gone back from Ballinastoe. Thanks to the dude at Curtlestown who had the banana's. Thanks to the dude who gave me a Gel and some fluids on the road up out of Curtles town (if anyone lost a n Inov8 water bottle let me know). Finally to the weirdness of the guy I met in a shirt, tie and waist coat handing out almonds and bars of chocolate, not sure if he was real or not or whether I has Hallucinating...................
Dermot MurphyMar 24 2013, 9:07amJust a repost of the Trail post...

First of all - thanks to all the volunteers who helped yesterday - at the aid stations were Lindie Naughton and John Shiels (Ballinastoe), at Crone Wood was Fiona Sheerin, and at Curtlestown was Peter McNeill. Brian O'Murchu was the marshal at Lough Tay, a tough job given the conditions. Also thanks to Mick and Warren for organising the buses. Thanks also to all who helped out at registration - Barry, Brendan and Martin (car parking - which turned out to be an even harder job than usual - need to fix this for next year), and Adrian, Helen, Stuart, Richard and anyone else who helped with registration. Also thanks to all the supporters who helped out at the finish. Last and not last, many thanks to Hilary for organising the super mugs!

Well done to all the runners who completed the course. A number of the Ultra runners opted out at half way - a correct decision given the conditions as they were really suffering in the cold. Thanks to Paul Tierney for breaking a rather bloody path through the snow!!

I am just about there with the results - should be up later today. The Trail results should be there or there abouts, but there are sure to be a few issues with the Ultra results - some people recorded as early start but were normal start and vice versa, a large number of DNF's (could we possible give them a time and change their results to short course??) identifying the Ultra runners at the finish, the freezing cold, wet result sheets and general mayhem! So have a look through them, and if you think there any issues, please let us know.

I expect the results are 1 - 2 minutes out for everyone - this is because the start time was not quite 9:30 and 12:00. So don't post about this please.
John CroninMar 24 2013, 10:02amTo the person who lost a small Samsung mobile, I picked it up along the way at the top of Crone woods. I've texted the person in your contacts list "Mum" that I have left it in with Johnny Fox's pub!

What an amazing event, my first time. The event is a credit to the organizers, such a friendly and efficient buch of people. It's a must for next year again, this race will be talked about for years to come!
Richard NunanMar 24 2013, 10:06amHi Dermot,

Well done again on your hard work yesterday - Its a very long day and while the rest of us had the chance top warm up running - You weren't so lucky.

Another year and again you have managed to Organise a hugely successful event!!

I think for anyone that did the half Ultra should be short course - the climb up and around Djouce was one of the most difficult parts of a race i have done so far, after their hard work it would be a shame to see them DNF's .

Pity you missed the Social - a great night !!
Ken CowleyMar 24 2013, 10:29amGreat event, can't say enough about the logistical effort that Dermot and all his helpers put in (not just on the day, but in preparation too), in very tough conditions.
It was a staggeringly difficult ultra - the snow must have made it at least 20% harder, and I don't think I was alone in being at least an hour slower than my target-time!
Great to hear that everyone seemed to come through relatively unscathed (?) but there must be some very sore bodies out there today - I can vouch for one pair of legs here in Inchicore this morning that are far from right!
Thanks also to Rachel for organising a very enjoyable night last night in Doheny & Nesbitts.
Finally, hopefully plenty of people will write race reports of both the trail and the ultra (given that it's very much one of the IMRA flagship days of the year), I'll try and put pen to paper myself later when my brain starts working again..
John CondonMar 24 2013, 12:16pmHi Dermott. I was a 9.30 start and finished about 2 mins behind Brian Ankers 423.00

John No 275
Paul BurchmoreMar 24 2013, 12:34pmMy result looks spot on. You very kindly have me in MO category but I must confess to being M40.
Thanks again for a memorable day.
Jarlath HynesMar 24 2013, 12:43pmHi Dermot, thanks again to you and all the others who organised and helped out on the day. It was a great event and the weather was kind to us, although Djouce was a bit messy!

My number is 231, I started at 9.30 and finished behind David Noone & Hannah Shields. Position 48?

Also recorded position 45 finisher (nr 622),finished in Ballinastoe; possible number/name mix-up.

Thanks again for all the hard work.
Graham WhittakerMar 24 2013, 12:59pmHi guys great race in tough conditions yesterday. Have a problem with the results though as im listed as DNF, and realise why. I gave my finishing number as 622 as my number was on my back and I was convinced it was that. My actual number was 662. Anthony Lee was given my finishing time and position. I was talking to Declan regards the mix up on the phone this morning and hope this can be rectified. Thanks Graham Whittaker.
Kieran WynneMar 24 2013, 12:59pmHi Guys,
I started at 8:30 so an hour can be added to my time my number is 137.
Nicki McPeakMar 24 2013, 1:08pmHi Dermot,
I should be in the Male open category. Don't want to be taking credit as first female!
Denis ConnollyMar 24 2013, 1:32pmHi Dermot,

I took the 8.30 start. An hour can be added on to my time. Number 101

Ronan KelleherMar 24 2013, 4:02pmHi Dermot, I am down as DNF, could you change that please, I finished in 466mins from 8.30am start. I had to trade for my mug at the finish line! :)

Well done to everyone who finished, it certainly made every other race I have done seem easy!
Don HannonMar 24 2013, 4:07pmA massive thanks to all involved in organizing a great race.
Hard enough to run around in that weather never mind having to stand around in the cold all day. I was talking to that nice lady at the finish line when the last few runners came in.. I asked her if she was cold to which she replied.. "I have gone beyond cold, at this stage it has creeped right down into my bones". This lady deserves a silver mug for looking after all of us..
On that note what a Great Mug!! Have had a good few brews from it already.

I have posted a video on Facebook if anyone wants to show people just how cold the conditions were yesterday. Kinda like the North Pole!!
Dermot MurphyMar 24 2013, 7:05pmAll errors so far have been noted and corrected. We will update the results on the site later in the week - much easier to just do the one update. This will give everyone a chance to look over the results, so keep them coming!
hannah shieldsMar 24 2013, 7:41pmjust a wee not to say,a HUGH THANK YOU to all involved in organising yesterdays race, especially to all the MARSHALLS- you are all saints........ a few of you know that I have summited Mount Everest and skieed to the North Pole, but yesterday was harsh...... my feet were like ice blocks for most of the middle 1/3rd of the ultra, and it was only the smiling faces of the other runners that i was meeting that kept me going, so thanks to you all. Am sitting in Derry now with a well deserved glass of wine in my hands, and am warm....!my first time in Wicklow and it was memorable, thnaks to every one taht made it happen
Paul CrokeMar 24 2013, 7:41pm

Another Video here lads, just before the uphill to the start of the whiteout on the path. Great race, first Ultra completed and what an Ultra it was. That guy in the tux at the end had me thinking i was gone crazy.
hannah shieldsMar 24 2013, 7:52pmwho was the guy in the tux????? he was "on the phone" with his fingers to president obhama, when i passed, shouting "you can do it" to me!!!!!! most impressively, as it was a fair old hike up the hill to get to that point. Credit to please excuse the previous typing errors, will put it down to cold fingers rather than the glass of wine.........!
Mick HanneyMar 24 2013, 8:01pmGreat race report here:
Daniela BoehmMar 25 2013, 11:29amMy favourite quote of the day from a fellow runner trudging up PWS 'Sure, some people pay €1000 to run a marathon at the North Pole'! Looks like IMRA gave us some great value for money once again ;) Even though it's been said by many already: just want to add my thanks to all the organizers and marshals - I hope you got a lovely mug as well cause you deserve it more than we do. Would choose scrambling up Djouce in the snow any day over standing around in the cold for hours!!! Thanks!:)
Paul NesbittMar 25 2013, 11:56amFantastic day out. Thanks to Dermot & all the volunteers for all the organisation, ye's deserve all the praise in the world for being out in that cold looking after us lot. At least we could just keep moving!
Ken CowleyMar 25 2013, 12:28pmJust put up a race report
Mike JordanMar 25 2013, 1:18pmI'll join the chorus of thanks you's. I think everyone who ran either race appreciates the effort by all the volunteers to make the event happen. Without them I wouldn't have had a great challenging day in the hills, some super memories, a lovely mug and 1 UTMB qualifying point - all for 15bucks :)
Johan DehantschutterMar 25 2013, 6:20pmJust added a report.
I think those who took the early start might want to check their times. There might be a few who didn’t get their number recorded at the start and will find themselves listed as having run one hour faster than they have..
Paul TierneyMar 25 2013, 7:14pmJohan,

Nice report but just to correct you, it was Jonny Steede's footprints I was following! He made me look rather pedestrian with a brilliant run!!

Well done everyone. That was a tough day in the hills. Thank you Dermot and co for once again doing a great job. Please revert back to the heatwave for next year though. It makes drinking a pint outside JF's much more pleasurable!!
Rory CampbellMar 26 2013, 9:50amHi Dermot, I went off at the later start for the ultra (I must have mistakenly signed the sheet for the early start). So would be great if you could adjust my result accordingly (#118). Thanks a lot.
(and many thanks for all for the work involved in putting such a great event together).
Graham ColmerMar 26 2013, 11:15amHi Dermot,
I started at 8.30 (#220) but my time says i started at 9.30. My finishing time was around 7.26.

Paula PrendergastMar 26 2013, 9:37pmAs one of the DNF's of the ultra well done to all those who completed the event. I am both in awe and envious of your determination. As with all previous comments the race volunteers and organisers were terrific. Thanks to Dermot for the lift back to Johnny Foxes - it was much appreciated.
Dermot MurphyMar 26 2013, 10:21pmWe have updated all the changes we have so far - any more, please let us know and we will get them changed soon.

I have changed some people from DNF to short course were I could get their half way time (sorry Paula, didn't have yours). If any of the DNF's know their half way time and want to change to the short course, please let us know. Also, some of the people who pulled out may want to keep their result as DNF - no problem changing this as well.
Dermot MurphyMar 26 2013, 10:24pmPaula - thanks again for driving back to Ballinstoe to pick up some of your fellow freezing unfortunates!
Denise MathersMar 28 2013, 4:31pmA bit late in posting here but many thanks to everyone involved in helping on Saturday - great job.
Really enjoyed the day despite the weather and as I have said before this is the best Ultra. No fuse, no hype just real runners enjoying what they love best. Keep up the great job Dermot.

Denise and Dale
Gareth LittleApr 23 2013, 11:12pm
Just added an overdue race report