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Joe LalorAug 17 2013, 11:21amRace three of the long Distance Challenge takes place on Sun.1st Sept.
The route is as before. I have left the distance on the events page as 36km. As mentioned in the route description there is free route choice between the required summits and runners over the years have brought the distance down to 30km and below. There is one small change, summits will have orienteering punches (rather than manned checkpoints) which must be used out and back. The checkpoint at the Old Bog road will still be a manned checkpoint. Runner may arrange to leave supplies there or retire if necessary and get a lift back. There will be a short version of the race which turns back at this checkpoint. There are a number of conditions of entry to this race, see events page.
Paul O'GradyAug 19 2013, 12:58pmThis is one of the great races on the calendar. The amount of navigation required to run from Three Rock to Cruagh and back is minimal and should not put anyone off.

If you missed the Lug Relay dont miss this race!!!!!

Laura SchwirzAug 19 2013, 2:40pmJust a quick question on the short course. It basically cuts off the section to Kippure and people turn around before the actual climb (about 10km less in overall distance, judging by the summer league race).

Joe LalorAug 19 2013, 4:40pmYes Laura, That is it exactly, just cuts out all that bog on Kippure.
Oran MurphyAug 20 2013, 9:11amLooking forward to this, as long as the weather is semi decent.
Alan AylingAug 20 2013, 12:43pmTradition dictates that the weather for this race is thick mist, damp, cold, bit of a breeze... "semi decent" sounds like an accurate description to me! Then again, they had sunshine for Galtymore this year, so anything is possible.
Oran MurphyAug 20 2013, 4:20pmAs long as there are a few hail stones, I'm in!
Alan MatthewsAug 24 2013, 2:27pmHi . I was wondering what the entry fee is for the Dublin peaks ?
Thanks .Alan
Rachel CinnsealachAug 24 2013, 11:10pmAlan, It's the normal 7 euro and yes it is payable on the day. Fab value for money :)
Alan MatthewsAug 25 2013, 11:13amThanks again Rachel
Rob McCabeAug 28 2013, 2:15pmHi folks,
Having done the Plod a few weeks ago I'm considering this now. Fitness is fine (ish) but navigation experience wouldn't be the best. My question is would this be do-able for someone, if given a map and some advice, could make his/her way around in one piece?
John J BarryAug 28 2013, 5:23pmRob,

Description states:

"This race can be completed entirely on tracks of some sort however the distance at 36km is considerable and route finding could be tricky. The recommended map is the new Dublin & North Wicklow Mountains by East West mapping. Note some runners have managed to complete the course in 31km but to do this you will need to go over very rough ground and have good navigational skills "

So is you were to stay to the paths so should be okay especially if the weather is fine.

If you see the mountains foggy on Sunday finding you way on/off Cruagh could prove a small challenge.

Jeff SwordsAug 29 2013, 10:47amHow did you get on Paul going up to Cruagh from the road last night ?
Jeff SwordsAug 29 2013, 10:48amNever mind the message above, wrong thread !
henny brandsmaAug 30 2013, 8:47amHi Joe.
If you need more helpers for sunday's race,i could give you a hand
please call me at 087-7604825.
Regards Henny.
Rachel CinnsealachAug 30 2013, 10:31amHi Henny, Joe is on holidays until Saturday. Do you have his number? You could text him.
Brian O MurchuAug 30 2013, 11:48am
Where is registration for the race on Sunday?

James H CahillAug 30 2013, 12:01pmIs there an early start option? If so I will take it so the organizers get home before Monday!
Rachel CinnsealachAug 30 2013, 6:22pmRegistration is at Ticknock car park. James you can start early just let Joe know.
James H CahillAug 30 2013, 6:40pmThank you Rachel will do.
Joe LalorAug 31 2013, 4:56pmEarly starts from 11am
James H CahillSep 1 2013, 5:21pmGreat race today in perfect conditions, thank you to Joe, Nora and all the volunteers for putting this together.

Hope all the runners with an array of cuts and bruises make a speedy recovery
Brian O MurchuSep 1 2013, 7:39pm
Race report up!
James H CahillSep 1 2013, 7:45pmGreat report Brian, enjoyable read.
Joe LalorSep 1 2013, 7:46pmBelow provisional results for Dublin Peaks race. With ideal running conditions both male and female records were broken, the former by a whopping 13 minutes.
Every last inch I believe has been shaved off the course with some runners clocking just under 28km. Results have been sent to results sec. and should be on site database shortly, properly formatted and with categories and clubs.

1. 644 Alan O’Keefee 159.52
2. 2525 Brian Flannelly 164.23
3. 612 Stephen Perry 166.59
3. 643 Don Hannon 166.59
5. 49 Martin Francis 169.59
6. 431 Barry Moore 171.14
7. 817 Ger Lawlor 174.01
8. 351 Mike Jordan 180.05
9. 41 Alan Ayling 183.21
10. 327 Gerard Cunningham 195.35
11. 1303 Rhys MacAllister 195.37
12. 145 Brian McGuckin 196.06
13. 432. John Moore 198.59
14. Frank McIntyre 206.29
15. 569 Donal McKiernan 207.30
16. Brian O’Murchu 212.27
17. 967 Alan Matthews 214.09
18. Eamonn Fitzsimmons 214.37
19. 629 Frantisek Neupauer 216.02
20. 679 John Barry 219.14
21. 353 Eoin Syron 219.41
22. 83 Declan O’Dwyer 232.57
23. 373 James Cahill 245.35
24. 488 Daniela Boehm 249.08
25. 22 Thomas Galvin 251.12
26. 275 John Condon 253.39
27. 204 Paul O’Grady 258.30
28 12 James Higgins 270.06
29. 31 Laurence Briody 285.41
30. 331 Ken Cowley 303.18
31. Tadhg Crowley 350.52

Short Course

822 Laura Schwilz 154.50
443 John Kelly 198.30
310 John Maher
448 John Finn
James HigginsSep 1 2013, 8:00pmA big thanks to Joe and Nora for giving up their Sunday so some of us could indulge our passion. Great day in the hills and the weather did all we wanted.
Brian O MurchuSep 1 2013, 8:01pmWow, the number of people who finished ahead of me who I never seen pass me! Really need to do more recce's!
John J BarrySep 1 2013, 8:04pmAt least three people passed me twice :-(. Enough recces but need to run faster to take better advantage of recces. I clocked 27.76km. Record?
John J BarrySep 1 2013, 8:07pmAt least three people passed me twice :-(. Enough recces but need to run faster to take better advantage of recces. I clocked 27.76km. Record?
Donal McKiernanSep 1 2013, 8:39pmThanks for the Race. Thank you to all the organisers and volunteers it is much appreciated...
Gerard CunninghamSep 1 2013, 9:01pmAlso to echo the thanks to Joe, Nora and helpers especially whoever had the task of putting out and collecting the punches. Fantastic day all round
Mike JordanSep 1 2013, 9:36pmLong rambling report it now before I edit it down to 3 lines later!
John - I clocked 27.39k but I think the real record today is the winning time. It will be hard to beat!
Thanks to Joe, Nora and Vivian. Great race - I'll be back.
Alan MatthewsSep 1 2013, 9:48pmToday race was a great event , the weather was kind to us too .A big Thank You to all those involved to make today's run possible .
Alan AylingSep 1 2013, 10:36pmLegendary stuff - what a day!
Of all Joe Lalor's many contributions to IMRA down the years, this race must rank among the finest. Long may it continue!
John CondonSep 1 2013, 10:50pmI'll add my thanks to the list. Joe and Norah and the rest of the volunteers, thanks for all your work today.
Paul O'GradySep 2 2013, 10:34amAll I can say today is thank god that stairs have banisters!!

Thank you Joe, Nora, Brendan and the markers and de-markers.

Great race - long may it last as the summer closer.
Daniela BoehmSep 2 2013, 11:51amWhat a great race (I never expected it to be SO enjoyable!) - huge thanks to Joe, Nora, all the helpers and the weather gods for making it happen!:) And thank you to all the fellow runners that showed me various short-cuts and to James C for cleaning up my bloody hands - much appreciated! what a pity that it's the end of the IMRA season... sniff
Laura SchwirzSep 2 2013, 2:20pmI'd like to echo previous comments. Thanks to all the volunteers that made this race possible. Long course (and more shortcuts) planned for 2014.

John J BarrySep 9 2013, 10:33pmHi webmaster, any chance of getting official results posted for this event and long distance championship in general?
Brian O MurchuSep 17 2013, 11:22am
I seem to be missing from the results:( I am in the forum post results (16th) but not the actual results