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Liam CostelloJan 5 2014, 9:43pmHi - will this race have any UTMB points? Thanks.
Pól Ó MurchúJan 8 2014, 11:37pmShould have Liam. Plan is to apply for them anyway. It should probably qualify for 3 points but that can't obviously be confirmed until its finalised. Great race. I'd highly recommend it if you thinking of doing.
Conor MurphyJan 9 2014, 12:55pmPlanning on doing this as first ultra, after a few IMRA runs last season. Still gonna have to get my head around the food, fuelling and hydration aspect. Did marathons on the roads and the odd 25km trail run or longer training, but a few jaffa cakes gets you through that level whereas clearly this is gonna require a bit more thought.

Is a recce of the course advisable? Is the route very obvious on the ground? Based here in Kerry so surrounded by mountains, just not sure if I should take a weekend off to head up there and try it. Wonder if there are any organised runs along it, maybe by the Mud Sweat and Runners group.
John CondonJan 9 2014, 1:17pmHi Conor

There is indeed a Wicklow Way Recce group. Don Hannon is organising it.
you can join up on facebook to keep up to date on any upcoming recces.
the next one (2nd half) is happening on the 18th.

Here are some details for the run on the 2nd half of the Wicklow Way
Could you please confirm if you will be attending this run on this post so we can get an idea of the numbers for the Bus.

Start: - Glenmalure
Time: - 7AM 18th Jan
Location: - Glenmalure Lodge

Getting to the Start and back from the finish:
Try and carpool as much as possible to Glenmalure.
We will have a bus travelling back from Clonegal to Glenmalure.

Run will start sharp at 7AM so be there about half an hour before.

Map of Route: If you are unfamiliar with the route carry a map or Download the Viewranger App and refer them frequently to ensure you are confident you are staying on route.
The Viewranger app is very very good and really easy to use
I will post a Route/Map for people to upload here early next week.
The App is free!! You can buy the Detailed Map of Wicklow for €18.
Well worth the investment. It's accurate to about 5mts so you will do well to get lost.

Route Distance
1 Glenmalure Car Park
2 Iron Bridge Glenmalure to Ironbridge 15km
3 Dying Cow Ironbridge to Dying Cow 21km
4 Raheenakit Dying Cow to Raheenakit 11km
5 Clonegal Raheenakit to Clonegal 16km

The 2nd half of the route is a fair bit easier than the first. There is a good bit of road running and Fireroads with less Single Track and a lot less elevation gain.

Route Finding and Navigation:
The course is marked with Navigation Posts with little yellow men on them but it is still possible to get lost on course!
There is very little phone coverage on the 2nd half of the route so please please please make sure and have a map and details of where you are going and research it well beforehand so we can all enjoy the day in safety.
Have a look at the live maps on this site.
Rory CampbellJan 9 2014, 1:22pmHi Conor,
I found the trail straightforward enough (I had only recce'ed about 50% - the first half) but found the eastwest map booklet of the route absolutely invaluable. Also I found the google streetview very useful in "virtually" doing a recce of the 2nd half (esp. road junctions, forest entrances/exits).

Sure give me a shout on campbell_rory at hotmail dot com - I can let you know what I brought on the route.

Conor MurphyJan 9 2014, 2:53pmThanks for the replies.

Sadly, won't be available on the 18th cos doing a long walk in the Mournes that day, but must keep an eye out for that Facebook group in case there are any other outings.

I don't do GPS stuff at all, or even anything uploaded onto a smart phone - my background is mainly walking and hiking here in Kerry more so than running and I'm a map and compass man. Will get the relevant maps and might do a run through it on the computer alright to give some idea.

At the moment my fuel plan is the usual mountain of pasta 3 hours beforehand, leave some pasta and sugary drink and the infamous jaffa cakes in drop bags at the half way stage and maybe on the other spot for the return, and then just bring water and the race requirements, hopefully can squeeze them into a bum bag as not a backpack fan when trotting along.
Conor MurphyJan 9 2014, 2:56pmIncidentally, just found the Recci Group on Facebook and have applied to join it, thanks.
Declan O'DwyerJan 9 2014, 4:46pmConor,

Maybe I'm mistaken here but are confusing the WW Ultra in March with the WW Race in May?
Conor MurphyJan 9 2014, 9:34pmOoooooops!

Yeah, it's the Ultra I'm doing. I see another thread has opened for that so will take my initial post over there. Thanks.
Richard NunanJan 9 2014, 9:42pmThis thread refers to the "Wicklow Way Solo" race that runs at the end of May.
Jeff FitzsimonsFeb 18 2014, 10:55amHi all, communications for the race this year will be directed through primarily through the race Facebook page at

Registration will open in late March or early April and will be via the IMRA web site.

Liam CostelloApr 21 2014, 8:05pmHi - the only IMRA item for purchase seems to be the vouchers. How do I book a place for this race? Don't want to miss the closing date. Thanks.
Richard NunanApr 21 2014, 8:10pmHi Liam,

Have you emailed your details at the email below ? If you have done this Jeff will confirm that you are registered for the event.

They will be sending you a link for Payment 2 weeks before the event


To all potential runners:
registration will open approx. mid April and remain open for 3-4 weeks.

It will be available through and I will announce the opening HERE when ready.

Please note registration MUST be preceded by an e-mail from each participant with the following details:
1. Name
2. D.O.B.
3. List of races/events more than 50Km (This is a minimum requirement to take on an this event given the length).

Email details to;

Thank You
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 6 2014, 8:58pmHi all, can anyone available to volunteer on the day please get in touch here, by email to wicklowwayrace@gmaildotcom or on the Facebook page?
Gareth LittleMay 13 2014, 11:17am
Hi all, I am looking for a lift back to Dublin from the finish if anyone has a spare seat? I will of course contribute towards the fuel. All going to plan I hope to be finishing at about 4pm ish...

Thanks a lot,

Jeff FitzsimonsMay 13 2014, 8:57pmHi all, just a note here that registration is open. If you've previously expressed an interest however you will have been informed by email.

Once again, bulk of comms will be through

Eoin KeithMay 15 2014, 9:31amHi all,

Registration for the WW race will close on Sunday evening to allow the organisers to plan for the race with numbers confirmed. So if you have contacted Jeff previously and still plan to race please register in the coming days to avoid disappointment.
John CroninMay 16 2014, 8:18amRegistered! Now all I need to do is shake this cold...
Colclough JohnMay 17 2014, 10:19pmregistered- going to be tough !
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 19 2014, 8:52pm27 runners are registered to race this Friday night. Best of luck to all.

Anyone registered who did not receive an email outlining instructions for the race please let me know.

Also, any volunteers out there please do get in touch as another one or two people would make our lives a lot easier.
Fergal ConnollyMay 19 2014, 9:48pmHi Jeff, I haven't received the email. See you all Friday.
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 19 2014, 10:39pmJust sent that on to you, Fergal.

Make that 28 runners!
Donagh McGrathMay 20 2014, 8:56amJeff hi,

Would it make more sense to have one (large) drop-bag per runner with everything in it - which stays in your car from station to station.
Seems like a logistical nightmare for you and your army of support staff to deal with 28x6 bags.
Happy either way - just let us know.
Mike JordanMay 20 2014, 9:28amMaking Jeff's life easier should be everyone's aim but its such a long race that the field will become too spread out for your plan to work (I could be wrong though!).
Later in the race I would guess that the front of the field will be arriving at checkpoints before the previous one has closed. It would suit me just fine to keep all my gear together but I can understand why its being split up according to checkpoint.
Grellan McGrathMay 20 2014, 9:28amDonagh makes a fair point but I imagine that as the field spreads out it would be more difficult to manage.

One question Jeff, I assume all drops bags and items left at drop locations (e.g. spare shoes, head torches, body parts etc.) will eventually make their way to Clonegal for collection?

Just to also note I did a recce of the last 40km last week and there are a few wind blown tress crossing the route coming down the hill through the last off-road section (about Km 124/125). So beware of cramping muscles if you stoop to crawl under one of them.
Tim ChapmanMay 20 2014, 9:36amAnyone heading from Blackrock area I can grab a lift with on the Friday?

John CroninMay 20 2014, 10:53amI'd estimate people will be arriving at Clonegal from about 13:00 to 21:00. I doubt it'll really be possible to have bags transferred to end for 1st half of field before the last few are through all check points? For myself I'll be carrying everything I need bar food which I will use my (disposable) drop bags for.

Just wondering whats the best way in getting from Clonegal back to Dublin? Last year I had support but I'm on my own this year? Public transport a possibility? Play it by ear and share a lift maybe?
Mike JordanMay 20 2014, 11:38amJohn - If you get back in time and score a lift to Bunclody (10 minute drive) you could get the 17:40 bus to Dublin

Don't have a crew myself and no chance of making that bus so my options are:
1) Get a lift from finish back to Dublin with someone
2) Get a lift to Shillelagh and get a lift with a relay runner back to Dublin
3) Stay in Clonegal in hostel for the night. Taxi to Bunclody on Sunday to get the 14:30 bus back to Dublin

Its a tricky one because I don't know what time I'll finish and runners with support need their crew to look after them first and foremost especially if things don't go to plan so I could undertand if people don't want to commit to giving lifts.

I don't want to inconvenience anyone by making them wait around for me but if there are any runners (solo or relay) that think they might be able to help me out with a lift back to Dublin let me know. Fuel money and the promise of excellent company will be your reward :) I'm hoping to finish in 18-20hrs. Thanks!
John CroninMay 20 2014, 12:15pmThanks Mike, didn't consider Hostel option but could be a good plan for the night and (very slowly) make my way to public transport the next day to get back to Dublin. I'll play it by ear, just got to get the small matter of 130km out of the way first, the rest will be relatively be easy!

Come on the weather gods, really looking forward to this.
Steven MoodyMay 20 2014, 2:06pmHi there

Will there be a safe location to lock a bike at Ironbridge?

Plus will the Ironbridge handover slot (and others) have marshalls at them all day?

Thanks in advance

Donagh McGrathMay 20 2014, 2:29pmI won't have a support crew except maybe for the last 5km when my lift back to Dublin arrives in Clonegal....if I get that far.
No idea when that'll be but happy to fill the wife's car with muddy, sweaty smelly runners and their muddier, sweatier, smellier gear.
I know its not a very definite arrangement but I presume it'll be the same attitude from everyone - there'll be no bodies left on the battlefield!

Of course - there's always the option of running back!
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 21 2014, 3:53pmHi all, apologies for delay in replying, I have had limited time and internet access the past few days!

Drop bags will be spread out among the various check point volunteers, so be sure to have them separated and labelled for each one.

The one for Clonegal should contain some warm, dry clothes. But try not to pack as if holidaying for a week so as to make it manageable for me in the car!

We will do our best to get all belongings back to you on the day, if we can't do so because of volunteers having to head off to other commitments without handing off the gear they have from runners we will get it back to you in the weeks after the race.

Donagh Mc|GrathMay 21 2014, 11:01pmJeff,

Sorry to bother....
Should we pack enough water in each drop-bags to refill bladders etc or will there be adequate (or any) group supply?
I'm afraid my lift back to Dublin just got roped into going to One Direction with a nine year old. Apologies - I'm withdrawing the offer of lifts back!
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 22 2014, 10:15amNO worries on the questions, Donagh!

Will have about a litre of water per runner per checkpoint. So if you want more water or a sports drink or juice or the like include it in your drop bag.

Gareth LittleMay 22 2014, 12:23pm
I have got a spot tracker from The Great Outdoors for this race. I will post the details for it tomorrow and then people can track progess online.

I will also bang out a few tweets with the hashtag #WicklowWaySolo (@garlittle)
Peter O'FarrellMay 22 2014, 12:32pmThere will be a massive shooting star spectacle all Friday night into Saturday morning with thanks to a lump called Comet 209P/LINEAR. So look up for inspiration when the night gets darkest!
Best of luck to all taking part.
Gareth BigMay 22 2014, 2:05pmThat's great news Gareth at least well be able to find you if you go missing. ;-) watch out for that left turn on the way up towards Djouce...wouldn't want to end up in Djouce woods ;-)
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 22 2014, 10:15pmHi all,

in advance of tomorrow see link below to a Google Maps view showing the location of race start and finish and the check points along the way to Clonegal.

Those of you with support crew please forward this to them so they have these locations saved to their GPS/phone/memory or printed!

Gareth LittleMay 23 2014, 5:18pm
@ ‘Gareth Big’, snore...... anonymous posts are lame. Either man up and use you real name or don’t bother wasting space on this forum.
John CondonMay 23 2014, 7:49pmGood luck to everyone tonight. May the Weather Gods be good to you.
Raghnall O'DonoghueMay 23 2014, 10:01pmGood luck to all starting tonight. Great field so should make for some race, but most importantly enjoy yourselves!
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 25 2014, 11:44amHi all, we had some exceptionally challenging conditions for this year! But runners and volunteers stepped up above and beyond normal expectations to deliver in spadefuls.

Don Hannon won the men's race, Donna McLoughlin the ladies and and 19 of the 29 runners finished the race. Given the conditions overnight that is a great completion ratio.

I don't have the results sheet in front of me at the moment but I believe Donna set a new ladies record time, you go girl! Will post confirmation later today when I have confirmed time.

More complete report later in the week.
Liam CostelloMay 25 2014, 2:30pmThanks to all the organisers yesterday. What an event. So tough but the sence of achievement after is worth all the pain and suffering. And the best and most treasured medal - cant put that one in the shoe box.
Richard NunanMay 25 2014, 3:28pmInteresting to see a route that was once thought to be a step into madness, to be conceptualized, pioneered, conquered, and now turn into a race of International standards.

Well done to everyone who made the start line of this fantastic event , and headed out in to what can only be described as biblical rain, 7 hours non stop converting Djouce into a stream.

An eventful race (which Jeff will cover in his report) but Congratulations goes out to Don Hannon and to Donnagh McLoughlin on their great wins.

This race was piloted last year by the IMRA Committee to see if it would work and also to see what potential that it may have. Huge unappreciated thanks go to Jeff Fitzsimons and Robbie Williams who took it on. Last year they organised it for 9 Competitors. This year they successfully did it again with 29 athletes entering and running in what must be the worst conditions we are ever going to have.

The feedback on the organisation by all competitors has been incredible and it is with thanks to the two lads that IMRA have a top class race that should now attract participants from across the globe. Well done to you both. I know you both are already thinking of enhancements for next year.
John CroninMay 25 2014, 7:10pmHuge thanks to Jeff, Robbie and Co for their outstanding organisation and the trojan work that goes into keeping a race going that has a cut of 21hours!

Great event, had a very bad patch myself from Iron Bridge where Torben pulled away from me only to catch me again (Torben took a wrong turn!) and we got to Dying cow together, then met up with Grellen and ended up finishing together after a few hours of talking all things running. Cheers for the company lads!

I'd like to say I'd be back next year but legs are still too sore to contemplate such madness. We'll see!

PS Also big thanks to Torben and his support crew (Michelle with only two hours sleep!) for the lift back to Dublin, IMRA and are friendly bunch!
Jim SchofieldMay 25 2014, 8:01pm
To Jeff and all volunteers,

Another huge thanks from me.

I was late into the second last checkpoint but carried on until Raheenakit Forest, when I just had to stop !

This was my first night run, a distance P.B. and I'm delighted.

This has all the aspects of a classic distance race. Keep it up.

Now it's time for me to volunteer.

Many thanks,

Jeff FitzsimonsMay 26 2014, 11:39amThanks for all the kind words, will be back later in the week with a full report and I also want to summarise some lessons learned and get feedback for next year.

Anyone with suggestions please post here or email them to and we will; kick on next year with an enhanced race. And maybe the rain will hold off if we're lucky.
Colclough JohnMay 26 2014, 11:53amHi everyone,Just read Torbens report and I think I will now write one- brilliant Torben - summed it up perfectly.Jeff and crew - I have already posted on FB and sent you a message but to confirm again - a great race and superbly marshaled in the conditions.You had some calls to make and you did and we all respect them.I made it to Dying Cow and that hill after but withdrew then after hearing we were outside cut-offs .No moans but what an experience.To all those who think we were mad - you are right but we loved it .Richard ,your comments above are spot on and this race has serious potential.Many many thanks again to all the helpers .Going off to write a report now to fully explain the feelings...............
Johan DehantschutterMay 27 2014, 12:12amJust submitted a race report. Another long one to keep up with the Joneses..
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 29 2014, 12:02pmResults, I forgot to put them up earlier in the week, apologies.

Don Hannon, 14:46:52
Thomas Klimas, 14:51:07
Zoran Skrba, 15:25:00
Torben Dahl, 16:31:03
John Cronin, 16:51:00
Grellan McGrath, 16:51:00
Donna McLoughlin, 17:01:10
Fergal Connolly, 18:23:42
Laurence Colleran, 18:23:42
Bertie Harte, 18:34:35
Pol O'Murchu, 18:46:48
Donagh McGrath, 18:49:47
Mark Melia, 18:53:59
Mike Jordan, 18:55:42
Liam Costello, 19:02:59
Niall Corrigan, 19:13:38
Gareth Little, 19:28:39
Johan Dehantschutter, 20:40:19
Paul Croke, 20:50:15

Tim Chapman, Paul Daly, Mark Horvath, Colclough John, Eoin Keith, Paul McGurrell, Ronan Mynes,
Jim Schofield, Zsolt Szomju, Karl McGuire

It's worth noting that although they missed the cut off time for CP4 and were out of the race and registered as DNF
Paul McGurrell and Ronan Mynes made it to Clonegal within the over all 21 hour time limit.
Fergal ConnollyMay 29 2014, 12:28pmWell done to all. Just to note I came in a few minutes behind Donna in around 17:05. Not a big deal, it wont change the standings!
Pól Ó MurchúMay 30 2014, 1:07amResults up now on results page and on your profile... Have to admit a certain bias in getting these ones up...

Thanks so much to Jeff & Robbie for again organising almost single handedly what is an absolutely epic race... A big thanks also to all the marshals, Aoibhin and the other teams support crews who were so helpful throughout the day offering other runners support and supplies when needed (especially Frank Melia - who was there at every checkpoint offering assistance and supplies) It helps to run just a little bit ahead of the lads with support teams... haha.

The weather on the night was absolutely desparate...Quite possibly the worst conditions I've run in (although Rogaine last year very close with hours and hours of rain). This race really has been opened up now and if it continues to grow at the pace it has in just two years we'll soon have to cap entries. Reminds me a lot of the Ultra which started with approx. 20 runners and within 5 or 6 years was facilitating approx. 130. Lets see where it goes. Will write a race report myself sometime soon.
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 30 2014, 8:57amFergal, apologies! I had a copy/paste issue obviously with your result.

Fergal finished in a time of 17:02:59.

Pol, can you modify the record in the system when you have a chance please?

Donagh McGrathMay 30 2014, 12:28pmDon't get me wrong here - I'm delighted to get them - but can anyone tell me what Base Points, Race Points and Enduro Points are and what I can use them for?
I note I've got quite a few of all of them (is a big number or a small number good?) What can I buy with them?
Brían O'MearaMay 30 2014, 12:31pmPrestige, and the envy of your peers, primarily...
Adrian Tucker RIPMay 30 2014, 8:18pmRe Photos for WW Race: Copied from the Ballyhoura topic:

I have found the tag, but there seems to be a problem with photo upload. Is this a general problem or is it just my pc?
Eoin KeithJun 2 2014, 9:45pmAdrian,

There was a general problem with photo uploads. It should be working again now. (This is an area of the website that is high on the priority list for improvements).
Adrian Tucker RIPJun 3 2014, 11:44amThanks Eoin,
That's worked - few photos up now.
John O'BrienOct 6 2014, 10:32amI'm putting serious thought into doing this next year. Can some please share their insights into a good Run/Walk strategy. Is it most beneficial from an energy conservation perspective to walk all the uphills and re-fuel when walking, and then run the flat/downhill sections ?
Niall CorriganOct 6 2014, 12:55pmNo straightforward answer to that John, we are all different. Run what you can, walk what you must, is my motto. Any sort of forward movement is a bonus at times. Certainly minimizing stop time by eating on the move is a good idea but not always easy in practice, sometimes a 10 minute stop will save you time further down the road because you've managed to eat something. Every day is different. Great event, go for it.
John J BarryOct 7 2014, 11:02pmCould somebody recommend a training programme for absolute novice (longest run 50km). I like to see one to see if it's a 'runner' for me ( excuse the pun ). Big birthday challenge next year.
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 8 2014, 12:24pmHi John, I think there's a FB group called something like "Wicklow Way Recci Heads" that would give you a good steer on the route to take.

There should be plenty of like minded people on there and some who have used the group and other resources to prepare for the race previously as well as others aiming for next year like you.

And starting with a 50km longest run is a good place.