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Aoife JoyceJul 27 2014, 9:43amFor volunteers:
I see that there are a good few names down as volunteers already but that the route was previously down as Djouce Woods / Earls Drive. If this changes things, please let me know as soon as you can.

For runners:
The route description states that there are trees down and river crossings - just in case anyone is disappointed, there are neither on this route but there are ankle brushing furze bushes and ferns that you could get lost in so its not entirely dull
Tom O'SullivanJul 29 2014, 9:10amWhat time do you want volunteers there at?
Aoife JoyceJul 29 2014, 12:06pmHi Tom, I'll send out a mail later to all volunteers with times etc. If you want to specify a time, let me know and I'll assign duties accordingly. Thanks Aoife
Aoife JoyceJul 29 2014, 2:09pmQuick call out for a first aid volunteer for tomorrow night please. Thanks
John Moore2Jul 29 2014, 2:45pmi am available to do first aid tomorrow night. just let me know what time. i can be there early
Aoife JoyceJul 29 2014, 8:38pmThat's great John, thanks a million. No need for you to be there early as first aid - 7pm would be fine. Apologies for being so late assigning times / duties - I'm on a different computer here now so won't be able to access the list til tomorrow but will send out first thing in the morning.

Runners - registration shuts at 7.15. There is about 1 mile walk to the start of the race from registration at the Visitors Centre so please leave enough time to get yourself to the start and also for the laptop operator to make her way there also. Thanks.
Tom O'SullivanJul 29 2014, 10:09pmHi Aoife, I'm afraid I've to withdraw as a volunteer for tomorrow. My apologies for this and the late notice.
Caoimhin MacMaolainJul 31 2014, 9:21amThanks to Aoife and helpers for a great race last night.
Pól Ó MurchúJul 31 2014, 11:53pmResults up... A massive thanks to laptop operator Karen Devenney who has done a fantastic job over the last few weeks with the results... Theres a results secretary in there somewhere waiting to escape...

And now you know who to address the abusive comments and complaints about missing seconds and the like to ;-)
Caoimhin MacMaolainAug 1 2014, 8:40amThe results for Derrybawn have not taken into account the runners who mistakenly missed out on a section of the descent. Places 1-6 are as they should be. Then the results should be 7th - Alan Lawlor; 8th Caoimhin MacMaolain; 9th Alan Ayling. As far as I am aware, everyone else currently listed as having finished ahead of Alan Ayling unfortunately did not complete the course. There may have been a few after Alan who made the same mistake as well.
Declan O'DwyerAug 1 2014, 9:11amI was one of those who took the shortcut out of the ferns. Definitely behind Alan Ayling at the top and finished just ahead of Alan Lawlor. Unfortunately my result is invalid.
Jim FitzharrisAug 1 2014, 9:38amFirstly, as big thank you to Aoife Joyce and her trusty team of volunteers for a great race on Wednesday: it ran like a well-oiled clock!

Secondly, I see a few people took an inadvertent shortcut. Rather than nuking their results totally, can they not just be classified as short course finishers? This at least gives them the credit for competing in an IMRA race, albeit not in the way they intended!


John LangenbachAug 1 2014, 9:39amCaoimhin is correct. I also continued straight down at the steep section following the runners ahead instead of turning to the right (I certainly didn't see any marking but expect if I were to return to the point, it'll look obvious!). I realized there was something up as I hit the fire road just as John Bell was passing across but didn't know which group had been correct or what route others took until the discussion at the finish. So I accept that I did not run the correct route and that the results should be amended.
Caoimhin MacMaolainAug 1 2014, 10:37amThe mistake made on Wednesday night was an easy one to make. If I hadn't been trying desperately to keep following Alan Lawlor I probably would have gone the wrong way also. It would actually be easy enough to work out what the results would have been were it not for the 'short cut'. If Alan Lawlor moves to 7th, Caoimhin MacMaolain to 8th and Alan Ayling to 9th, then the rest would slot in as they would (almost definitely) have finished (i.e. Laura 10th, Emma 11th, John 12th, Declan 13th, Thomas 14th, Karl 15th, Anthony 16th, Oran M 17th, etc.).
Oran MurphyAug 4 2014, 6:20pmChanging the placings doesn't really matter for the men's race, as top few remain unchanged, but it might alter the winner of the women's race. For the record, I went the right way, for once!
Emma HandAug 5 2014, 1:41pmHaha, yeah just looked at my results there and either Snowdon has done wonders for my fitness or I went the wrong way;)