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Brian O MurchuJul 6 2015, 12:40pmCould myself and Mikey be accepted for this race,we want to check the race notes #AdvancePlanning
Pól Ó MurchúJul 6 2015, 1:01pmDone
Brian O MurchuJul 6 2015, 5:00pmThanks Pol:)
Mikey FryJul 12 2015, 12:10pmI know it's a few weeks away but still looking for "first aid" and helpers please for this race..a good chance to get your non running role in if you haven't all ready:)
Gareth LittleJul 15 2015, 2:57pmI will have the Club 100 t-shirts, the Wicklow Round t-shirts and the Wicklow Round trophies at this race for collection for those that are due them. Thanks

PS: anyone who really wants them before hand, mail me and we can try and work something out!!

gareth . little at imra . ie
henny brandsmaJul 26 2015, 2:08pmGood anyone please add Gordon Douglas and Henny Brandsma onto volunteerslist for this race,i mcould help with race marking if help is required,if help needed give me a call at087-7604825 or e-mail me henny
Mikey FryJul 26 2015, 8:26pmThat's done henny your both added to help need some Marshalls out on course so will put u down for that if that's ok with you:)
Mikey FryJul 26 2015, 8:28pmStill looking for first aid for this run people would b great if someone could jump in and volunteer thanks:)
Denis HoganJul 26 2015, 10:27pmHi Mikey I can do First Aid, I have a cert as an occupational first aider but will need some guidance (where to be during race etc) as it will be my first time volunteering as a first aider
Mikey FryJul 26 2015, 10:41pmThanks a mill Denis will add you to the list:)
Will let you know what to do you don't have to be there till 7.30 but if you want you can come earlier thanks a mill Mikey :)
Mikey FryJul 27 2015, 8:09pmOk I need a laptop person for this race now someone pulled out so please if someone could step in the would b super:) have Tim shadowing so maybe someone show him the ropes thanks!!!
Karen DevenneyJul 27 2015, 8:37pmMikey, I'm running tomorrow but happy to help out with laptop before & after the race, give Tim a crash course if that suits? Brian should also be able to give him a hand during the race
Mikey FryJul 27 2015, 9:48pmThanks Karen that would be great if someone dosnt stand in the mean time:)
Mikey FryJul 27 2015, 10:25pmLooking for a couple more volunteers please thanks :)
Andrew HanneyJul 27 2015, 10:45pmWill somebody have the Leinster League tops? Need to pick up mine. Thanks!
Pól Ó MurchúJul 27 2015, 11:10pmRAchel will have tops.
Karen DevenneyJul 27 2015, 11:39pmJust wondering who has the laptop?
Mikey FryJul 28 2015, 5:48amI have laptop now Karen ..
Karen DevenneyJul 29 2015, 9:47amGreat. What time will you be there this evening? I've the new database to load up onto it
Mikey FryJul 29 2015, 10:11amMeeting at 6 up there in car park thanks Karen :)
Deirdre Flynn-McGrathJul 29 2015, 4:40pmHello is there an early start for trail runs?
Brian O MurchuJul 29 2015, 4:54pmThere is no early start for this race, I hope this does not dissuade you from coming tonight
Karen DevenneyJul 29 2015, 10:14pmBusy busy busy night for a Trail race! Well done to Mikey on a great race and well done to all the runners
Results have been sent to Pol - but probably won't be online until Monday as he's galavanting round the wilds of Ballyhoura for the weekend. Lots of new people which is good to see and hopefully there won't be too many mistakes. If there are any issues with results, email Pol
That's it for me, definitely hanging up my Volunteering shoes in favour of my runners!
Andrew HanneyJul 29 2015, 11:19pmphoto upload doesn't want to work tonight!
James H CahillJul 29 2015, 11:25pmWell done Mikey and all your helpers on a well organised, fun, enjoyable race. I have never seen so much chocolate as did the rounds in Plucks afterwards! Particular thank you to Karen who didnt run in order to lend her expertise on laptop with the large number of new runners.
Brian O MurchuJul 29 2015, 11:39pmGreat race organisation by Mikey Fry, RD for the first time tonight!
Brendan LawlorJul 30 2015, 8:55amWell done Mikey and all your volunteers - very well organised race , lots of new people. Karen should get a special Volunteer of the Year T shirt - she lived on that laptop all season!
Jim FitzharrisJul 30 2015, 10:00amMany thanks to Mikey Fry and his trusty team of volunteers (especially Karen) for a great night out on the forest trails.

I really enjoyed my run.

Even the weather picked up very nicely!

I hope John Fitzgerald has recovered from his bad tumble and got the injuries sorted out.


Graham K. BusheJul 30 2015, 10:08amWell done Mikey and team. Great run and very enjoyable. Seemed to be a big turn out. I had been told the Trail League would be nice, without the steep ascents and open mountain rough terrain, and it was, but nobody told me how fast it was going to be!
Kevin O'RiordanJul 30 2015, 11:50pmHi guys, have published results for this event. There were some issues with an unexpected rush of new registrations on the night. In particular, I think we lost registration details for numbers 1530 and 1531. Any questions/issues, email me at kevin dot oriordan at imra dot ie

Andrew HanneyJul 31 2015, 10:50amWell done to Mikey on a well organized race. There were indeed a lot of new regs, and coupled with the fact we'd no safety pins, it took a bit longer to get numbers on people. Looked like a lot of happy faces at the end and that's what its all about.
Vivian O'GormanJul 31 2015, 10:40pmHi Folks,

Unfortunately John Fitzgeralds myimra is not working so he has asked me to put up this thank you note from him.

'I want to say a big and sincere thanks to everyone who helped me in Djouce last Wednesday. To the two runners, whose names I'm afraid I don't know,who helped me to the finish line.Denis Hogan,the First Aid Officier, who was complemented by the Plastic Surgeon in St.Vincents Hospital. To Derek,Santina,Gavan and Seamus and for all the texts and phone calls - a sincere thank you.

I got 6 stitches over my eye and a few bruises but I am well on the way back!!

It was a very well organised race and thanks to the Race Director Mikey Fry and all the volunteers' - John Fitzgerald
Denis HoganAug 2 2015, 1:15amHi Vivian , glad to hear John is well on the road to recovery. If you could pass on my regards to him I'd appreciate it. Thanks
Caitlín BentAug 2 2015, 2:09pmGlad to hear that John Fitz. is still standing. Hard to put a bad thing down:))
He just keeps bouncing back.
Andrew HanneyAug 2 2015, 11:05pmPhotos are now up.
Gavan DohertyAug 5 2015, 7:37amLOST PROPERTY
Found at Djouce Trail last week - a blue headband type thing ("yRumble", "yFumble"?):

drop me a line on 086 262 1445 if yours, I should be at Glen of the Downs. If not claimed it may end up the RD gear where it'll slowly make its way from the top to the bottom.