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Gareth LittleMar 19 2015, 10:19pm
Rene BorgMar 22 2015, 7:10pmVolunteers kindly requested for this event. We are currently short in the critical laptop operator role especially but any help is welcome.

Glendalough AC will supply as many volunteers as we can but one or two experienced IMRA hands will go a long way in getting the first run of the course done smoothly.

Hope to see lots of you there, it is a lovely course featuring about 1/3rds grassy trails/banks, 1/3rds fire road and 1/3rds dirt track.
Rachel WisdomMar 23 2015, 9:42amHi Rene,
you can put me down as a helper for this event.

Rene BorgMar 23 2015, 12:06pmWill do Rachel! Thanks!

Btw, start time adjusted to 12:00 am to be in line with the other Spring League events. Registration is open from 10:45 to 11:45 like at Hellfire.
Roisin McDonnellMar 24 2015, 6:22pmHi Rene I would like to volunteer as a non running volunteer for Brockagh
Rene BorgMar 25 2015, 4:20pmAll volunteers please meet at the Brockagh Centre at 10:15 for planning and briefing. Registration opens at 10:45.
Rene BorgMar 25 2015, 4:20pmThanks Roisin. I've added you in. :)
James H CahillMar 27 2015, 10:46amHi Rene, I see you are short a laptop operator and I have put myself down to do it. However, I have not done it before and if someone (perhaps someone running) could give me a quick briefing prior, hopefully we can manage
Rene BorgMar 27 2015, 11:16amhi James, that's great. Dermot Murphy can give you a quick briefing and if you send on your email to then I will send you an email from Pol O'Murchu with some details.
Rene BorgMar 27 2015, 11:19amJust a note to all volunteers to meet at 10:15 at the Brockagh Centre to organise ourselves before registration opens at 10:45.
Jim FitzharrisMar 27 2015, 11:25amRene & James,

I prepared a short briefing guide to operating the laptop (mainly for my own benefit) and can send it on to James if I get his email address.

I can also forward an email that I got recently from Pol which is very useful as it has lots of tips.

I think reading these in advance would help.

My email address is jim dot fitzharris at smurfitkappa dot com if you want to contact me for this info.


Rene BorgMar 27 2015, 11:29amhi Jim, I suspect the email you got from Pol is the one he send me last night as well so no need to resend but I'll send you James' email for the help sheet.
Val JonesMar 27 2015, 1:20pmHi James. If you can pick up the laptop beforehand you could copy the database, then try out the functions on the copy. And make sure it's fully charged.
Dermot MurphyMar 27 2015, 1:28pmI have the lap top, I will there at 10:15am and it is fully charged.
Rene BorgMar 28 2015, 3:08pmThanks to all the helpers at Brockagh Burst today for helping run a very smooth event.

Congratulations to winners Diarmuid Collins and Donna Quinn. Diarmuid's time of 27:56 sets the standard for the new course.

Pictures and results to come up later.
Rene BorgMar 28 2015, 3:39pmPHotos now up. Tag away!
Caoimhin MacMaolainMar 28 2015, 3:52pmThanks Rene and volunteers for a great race today. I thought that it was all really well organized, clearly marked and a very enjoyable route.
Padhraig RyanMar 29 2015, 4:30pmThanks to Rene and the Glendalough AC for organising a great race. A really enjoyable gallop.
Rene BorgMar 30 2015, 12:10pmThanks everyone for the positive feedback, as race director I could not have asked for a better team and we plan to bring this event back next year, so those who 'missed it' can get another go :)
Stuart ScottApr 8 2015, 4:13pmHi Rene,

I'm a bit late in posting this but many thanks to you and your volunteers for a really enjoyable race. Legs didn't work for days! Hope to see this as a regular fixture now.

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