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Fin O'HaraJul 26 2016, 9:15amHi
I'm a new member, I'm interested in the Galtymore race on the 14th Aug. How do I register & pay for this event. How much does it cost.
I'm also interested in other races, but can't figure out the procedure for registering, paying & cost.
Any help & tips would be appreciated.
Michael McSweeneyJul 26 2016, 10:43amFin,
For the majority of Munster races you can just turn up on the day of the race and use cash to pay for your Annual IMRA Membership (10 Euro) and the race entry (normally in the 5 to 10 Euro range).
For some of the longer Munster races (e.g. Galtee Crossing, Ballyhoura Marathon and the Glen of Aherlow Marathon)and all of the non-Munster races you will need to purchase you annual membership online. This is normally available to purchase, once you Log-in, under the Purchase IMRA Products tab (though it is removed in the 24 hours preceding some races).
For the longer Munster races listed above it is also necessary to purchase the race entry online. This is normally available for a few weeks preceding the event.
For the majority of the non-Munster races it is also possible to purchase the race entry online or you can purchase Race Vouchers online and use these to enter certain races (some of the non-Munster races are online entry only- no vouchers). You will need to keep an eye on the Purchase IMRA Products, as the time window for online entry for some of the races is narrow enough.
The option to purchase Membership and Race Entry is disabled in the 24 hours before the race. This is to facilitate the race organizers in preparing for the event.
Some of the longer races will have an entry cut-off a number of days or weeks before the race or may have a cap on numbers, so keep an eye on individual race details for updates. It is also worth keeping an eye on the IMRA and MMRA (Munster) Facebook pages for updates.

Hope this is some help to you. As you've probably guessed I'm having a quite morning at work. :-)

Michael McSweeneyJul 26 2016, 10:47amForgot to say, if you are using Race Vouchers you will still need to purchase your Annual IMRA Membership online before you can race.
Michael McSweeneyJul 26 2016, 10:55amI'm not sure whether the Galtymore race will be "online" or "cash on the day" entry. It was cash last year, but I guess it depends on who is organizing it, Munster or Leinster.
Gareth LittleJul 26 2016, 4:10pmHi Fin, without knowing your ability, it is worth noting this race is rated 10 from 10 on the difficulty scale. It sounds like you are new to IMRA (and maybe hill running?), so it would be wise to weigh this one up as your first taste of IMRA racing. Thanks, Gareth
Fin O'HaraJul 26 2016, 6:25pmThanks for the advice guys. Looking forward to getting involved.
Matthew BranchAug 8 2016, 11:44amWould like to volunteer as I'm out of action due to injury. I cant marshall up high on the course, but happy to help anywhere else...
Brian LinehanAug 11 2016, 5:32pmCan I enter on the day at the race?
Brian LinehanAug 11 2016, 5:33pmCan I enter on the day at the race?
Brian LinehanAug 11 2016, 5:34pmCan I enter on the day at the race?