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Inigo AlanaFeb 20 2017, 2:43pmIf any body is thinking of organising a team for this (not aiming to win anything!) and are missing an M40 male, I'd be happy to run legs 1 or 4.
Inigo AlanaFeb 20 2017, 2:45pmI should have specified it's for the Wicklow Glacier Lakes Relay.
Snjezana FrketicMar 12 2017, 10:23pmWhat is the registration process for this race?
Laura FlynnMar 18 2017, 5:17pmWicklow Glacier Lakes is fast approaching and we don't have a race director yet. This might be a handy one for someone to dip their toe into race directing so please have a look. I believe it's possible to compete in the really and Rd it but would welcome confirmation of this from someone more familiar with the event as I have never done it myself.
The event CANNOT go ahead without a race director.
Liam VinesMar 18 2017, 8:55pmLaura I am going to put myself forward to be RD for this one. Have never done the job before so will be looking for some good help and guidance..
Laura FlynnMar 18 2017, 9:09pmFair play Liam and many thanks. Why don't you come along to the race director training evening on the 5th of April. You should /could learn a lot at that. The first thing you need to do is collect the equipment from Dermot after the Maurice Mullins at the weekend. I'll ask Kevin to accept you as RD also if you can put your name up on the event page. You can then accept volunteers. We might talk after that and closer to the event and I'll guide you through what needs to be done or get a previous director of the race to do so. I will organise permits as necessary. I don't think we need keys to any barriers but would ask someone more familiar with event to confirm.
Also, given the numbers at this event there should be no parking issues.
Peter BellMar 19 2017, 3:20pmInigo, I'm looking for someone to run leg 1 if ur interested.
Inigo AlanaMar 19 2017, 3:27pmThanks Peter, but I've already got a team for this one.

Still available for the Wicklow Way Relay though.
Peter BellMar 19 2017, 8:06pmCool no bother, thanks Inigo. We r looking for someone to run leg 1 of this race if anyone is interested.
Mick HanneyMar 20 2017, 10:00am@Peter. I could do leg 1 for you if you like?
Peter BellMar 20 2017, 11:02amHi Mick, yea that would be great. Thanks.
Peter BellMar 20 2017, 11:36amThe links for the entry form for this race seem to be 2016. Am I to use it. The list of runners is last years too. I'm guessing I'm too early.
Laurence QuinnMar 27 2017, 9:36pmHi,
I'm looking to run Leg 1 on a team if anybody needs a spot filled!
Liam VinesMar 28 2017, 7:45pmWill be looking for help to man the checkpoints and start / finish. A leg 1 relay running can man CP3 and a leg 4 runner could do CP 1.
If relay teams could e-mail me there details as in male female over 50 and so on so I can work out the start times for everyone.. I promise I won't tell anybody your age...
This is my first RD so maybe somebody with the important jobs can let me know when will registration open?
Will be keeping you all posted..
Inigo AlanaMar 29 2017, 9:48amI've just put my name down as a helper. I'll be running leg 4.
James H CahillMar 30 2017, 8:47amThe entry form for this race is now live on the race details page. For both solo and relay, please download, complete and return by email to the email address on the form by Wednesday 5th April. Once you have submitted your entry form please pay for your entry using the online system (solo €15, individual leg runners €7)
James CurranMar 30 2017, 11:00amI would like to run a leg if anyone is short. M50 - 140% to 150% of winners pace on average. Would need to know by Sunday so could recce.
James H CahillApr 1 2017, 5:41pmSo far there are a small number of solo entries (11) and we have received no team entries (although we have 3 team members entered online?).

Please download the race entry form for the 2017 race ( )and submit it to the email address at the bottom to compete in this race. If you have already downloaded and submited the 2016 entry - it has gone to the wrong email address and it has not been received. Please resend your email with the completed 2016 form to the email address on the end of 2017 form.

You can see the current entry list (solo & team) on the Wicklow Glacier Lakes Relay Details Page. If you are not on it, we have not received your entry and dont know about you.

Race entries will close on Wednesday the 5th of April.

We do need some more volunteers. Specifically we are short a first aider. Without a first aider the race cannot go ahead.
If someone was available to act as first aider during the morning, we will have a first aider available for the afternoon.

This is one of the best races of the year and a great relay event for teams. There is still time to get your team together.
Inigo AlanaApr 2 2017, 9:52pmCan we use vouchers for individual leg runners or do we have to pay the €7 online?
James H CahillApr 2 2017, 10:05pmInigo : Entries for this race must be paid online using the online payment system (euro 7 each for team members or euro 15 for solo runners). No vouchers will be accepted on the day.
Inigo AlanaApr 2 2017, 10:15pmThank you, James.
Mike JordanApr 4 2017, 9:34amWith one day left to get your entry in for this years Wicklow Glacier Lakes the big question is can anyone beat the competitor who has a 2 hour headstart over most of the field? Come along Sunday to find out!
Liam VinesApr 4 2017, 12:14pmWell folks the solo is shaping up to be a competitive affair.. The raining champion is back but will have some stiff competition standing at the start line with him and maybe even some stiffer competition gone up the trail in front of him. The added excitement of a handicap race....
Bit shy on relay entrants... Are there a few more teams still on the fence???
Get off the fence and get your form in only a day left to enter..
More help needed also for the handover checkpoints. it's a very spread out race so the more help the better..
Gavan DuffyApr 4 2017, 10:34pmWill the check points at the end of each leg have water for the Solo runners. Ive signed up for the Solo run! with no knowledge of the routes or locations of the lakes, it shall be an interesting day out.
James H CahillApr 5 2017, 10:25amGavan, you can send drop bags to each of the changeover points. Put what you need at each changeover with a bag marked clearly with your name and they will be at each checkpoint for you.
James H CahillApr 5 2017, 10:59amLast call for entries for the Glacier Lakes Relay and Solo! Entries close tonight. 4 teams so far for the relay and almost 30 runners for the Solo. The Solo includes very experienced masters Male and Female UK based runners who will have 2 hours and 1 hour 40mins head start on the scratch runners respectively. It will be an intriguing battle.....will fast young legs beat race management and experience. Still looking for some volunteers. Even if you are able to help for a few hours morning or afternoon it will be a great help.
Peter BellApr 5 2017, 12:50pmHi James/Liam, looking forward to the race this weekend,it's a great team event if people are thinking of entering. Weather looks good for it. I'm running leg 2 so I can help out at start and finish for a bit.
James H CahillApr 5 2017, 3:54pmThank you Peter, all help greatly appreciated. See you on Sunday
Charlotte KearneyApr 5 2017, 7:56pmI will no longer be doing this relay, can I pass my entry fee on to someone else so they can enter in a team?
James H CahillApr 5 2017, 9:21pmHi Charlotte, I cannot see which team you are / were in. If you wish to drop out of a team and slot someone in your place, that will be fine. Switches within teams are ok. However switches of entry between teams are not. Please advise who is in your place to the email address on the race entry form and we can update the entry list accordingly.
Mike JordanApr 6 2017, 9:47am***2017 Wicklow Glacier Lakes Preview***

(This preview is based on results of 2017 Maurice Mullins Ultra and previous WGL races)

I start by thanking Liam Vines and James Cahill who have taken the race directing reins from Gerry Brady and Rachel Cinnsealach for the 2017 edition of the Wicklow Glacier Lakes Relay and Solo races. A lot of seen and unseen work goes into organising a race like this and I encourage all competitors to give a quick thank you to Liam and James and the other volunteers when you see them on Sunday for making this race possible. (I hear they’re partial to a pint of Guinness). I have no doubt James will have constructed a poem of epic proportions by Sunday night.

This year looks to have perhaps the most competitive field ever assembled for the WGL Solo. 4 of the Top 10 from the MMU will toe the line - Warren Swords, Adrian Hennessey, Billy Reed, & Tim Charnecki all finished within less than 9 minutes of each other in the 51k Ultra last month. They all have previous WGL experience to lean on except Reed who will look to use his 20 minutes head-start and Wicklow Round knowledge to stay ahead and stop Hennessey from winning for an impressive 3 years in a row. With lots of tactical options available, Swords or Charnecki could take it out fast with a view to catching Reed or bide their time by following the lead of the current champ who has tended in the past to have a decent lead built up on the other 9:40am starters by the time he reaches Lough Ouler.

Not quite as fast in the MMU but could reach the podium are Zoran Skrba (WGL winner in 2014), Graham Bushe (building on last year’s WGL experience) and Nicolas Merjri. Worth noting here also are Paul Mahon and Alan Alying who are not currently registered but being the only 2 people to have raced the WGL every year since its inception could still find their way to the Glendalough Hotel by 9:40am on Sunday morning.

Other runners on the start list who have the potential to back up previous good performances in the WGL include Don Hannon, Brian Keogh(starting at 9:20am), & Chris Dunne.

In the ladies race, this will be the fourth year in a row with a different ladies winner as none of the previous winners are registered. It’s also a record setting year with 3 ladies on the start list for the first time. Karina Jonina had an excellent 2nd place finish in the MMU and may have Moira O’Sullivan’s record of 6:11 in mind when she starts with Sarah Galligan at 9am. The is a high possibility of a lady winning the race outright having given a cursuary glance to the MMU results! Though perhaps their first concern will be attempting to make up the 1 hour lead of Bridget Funnell.

The first ever M70 competitor in the WGL (and metaphorical hare), Roger Nosworthy, will set off at 7:40am (2 hours ahead of the last starters). A good betting pool could be invented to predict if he can be caught, and when & where he will be passed if he does!

There are plenty of names I don’t recognise on the start list so there is always the element of the unknown that I can’t account for in this form guide which adds to the thrill of the chase.

Concurrently running with the WGL this year will be the inaugural UPMC - The Ultimate Paul Morrissey Championship - in which 2 Paul Morrisseys battle over 40k of Wicklow mountain wilderness to earn the title of Ultimate Paul Morrissey :D

In the relay race, there are 4 teams entered, which is down on previous years. It’s a pity given how popular the other relay event on the IMRA calendar tends to be. On paper, the Wicklow Wildlings look to have the potentially fastest team but have 20 and 40 minute headstarts to overcome in order to prevail. J&J’s 2-legs-each approach may cost them against fresher runners and while We Go FARR’s all female team would be historic winners, I just think Navigating Nemophiles might just have the edge on the day. The OC won't be carrying a relay baton but will instead be swapping a newborn at the end of each leg - congratulations Niamh and Cormac! (I also don’t understand why it's 'We Go FARR' and not 'We Go FAAR'). I think this could be a very close race. One nav error on one of the legs could swing it in favour of any of the teams and it will be interesting to see how the race shakes out.

(I just realised those last 2 sentences also apply to the solo race!)

If this preview has whetted your appetite and you have a few hours to spare, why not come down to Wicklow on Sunday and get one of your non-running volunteering roles done for the year by staffing a checkpoint and then getting in a run after?
Oh and did I mention to thank the race directors and checkpoint staff?
Inigo AlanaApr 7 2017, 10:25amRDs, I'm a running volunteer (leg 4). Can you tell me where/when you want me to help so that we can organise our car logistics please?
James H CahillApr 7 2017, 10:41am@Inigo. Thank you for volunteering to assist. I have sent you an e mail just now.

@All volunteers: thank you all for volunteering to help at what promises to be a great race on Sunday. An e mail will go out to everyone later today.
James H CahillApr 7 2017, 12:35pmThe start list for the Wicklow Glacier Lakes is available here:

If there are any mistakes / anything needs updating please let us know.

If you start earlier than your start time you will be running uncompetitively i.e. you cannot win a prize, irrespective of your gazelle like speed over the mountains.

If you start later than your start time, you'll be competitive but you'll be running harder to catch up!

General Registration will open at 7:45am.

Please ensure that you register in good time for your start time and that you are at the start line 5 minutes in advance of your starting time.

The forecast is breezy, warm with occasional showers.

Irrespective of the forecast, please note the compulsory kit requirements for all runners:

"A mobile phone, hat, rain jacket, map, and compass are compulsory kit. Bring food and water according to your needs for a run of around 10 km in tough mountain terrain. Solo runners must bring sufficient food and clothing protection for the whole race."

The compulsory kit is for your own safety and runners may be be kit checked at any point of the race. Running without the cumpulsory kit puts you at risk and is unfair on volunteers, fellow runners and rescue services and will result in disqualification.

Each lake (Ouler, Firrib, Three Lakes (either of them), Art's, Kelly's, Upper Glendalough and Lower Glendalough) must be touched - use your hand, your foot, your head or even your whole body if you wish. But the waters must be contacted (not glanced at from afar as you focus on the runner in front).

The Start and Finish and each changeover point must be visited (Wicklow Gap, Glenmalure Hostel, Ballinafunshogue car park). Please call out your team number (as per the start list) to the marshal as you arrive (and also thank them for giving up their day so that you can enjoy yourself in the hills!)

Looking forward to a great days racing on Sunday!
Nicolas MejriApr 9 2017, 7:27pmHi guys,

Thanks for the race, it was nice and muddy :)
I took a few picture along the way, here they are:!An_QnSVTdFJaiT7UwmDs2T_5RlPC

S.M. GriffithApr 9 2017, 7:58pmThank you so much Race Directors Extraordinaires Liam and James! What a fantastic fun day out in the hills, which couldn't have gone ahead without ye. Your relentless good humour despite having to wait outside for the safe return of all runners has to be congratulated. I would also like to thank the other volunteers- particularly the non-running volunteers who gave up their entire Sundays to enable the rest of us to have fun.

Can I suggest to the committee that ye consider crediting volunteers who volunteer in a non-running capacity on a race like this differently? (There's a big difference between giving up a few hours of a Wednesday evening and giving up a whole weekend day... it might also entice other non-running volunteers to do likewise?)

And to anyone else who didn't race today because of the navigation- this really is an amazing route. It brings you to places you would probably not see otherwise and I would encourage anyone to have a go next year. There are always people out recce'ing in the run-up to it, so you'd find plenty of company, I am sure.

Thanks also to the Mountains for existing, it must be said. Clearly I am still on a runners high! Ha ha

p.s. @James Cu- hope you're OK!
James H CahillApr 10 2017, 1:23amThe results of the handicap race and individual legs times are on the details page and also in the race report section. The results of the solo race have been sent for publication and will be on the website over the next few days.
James H CahillApr 10 2017, 3:01pmA well used EastWest Map of Lugnaquilla / Glendalough was left at the finish line of the race yesterday. If it is yours just let me know and I'll get it to you.
James H CahillApr 10 2017, 3:12pmA well used, slightly battered, missing some detail due to overfolding, EastWest Map of Lugnaquilla / Glendalough was left at the finish line of the race yesterday. If it is yours (and you want it back!) just let me know and I'll get it to you.
Anne HodgeApr 10 2017, 8:50pmBrilliant day - really enjoyed the relay. Thanks Liam and James fit great organising! PS I think that map might be Stuart's.
Joe LalorApr 11 2017, 10:46amJust to let you know James is on the mend. Torn ligaments rather than a break but nonetheless in a sling for six weeks.
Many thanks to all who helped us on Sunday. I have a blanket loaned to us but don't know who to owns it to return it.