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Bill HallidenFeb 2 2018, 12:25pmHi from the map it looks like this course is on forest tracks - but are trail shows recommended
John CondonFeb 2 2018, 12:36pmHi Bill, Trail shoes are indeed recommended. The descent off Trooperstown has a -26% descent grade, i.e mucho steep.

John CondonFeb 11 2018, 6:25pmHi. Looking for volunteers for next Saturday.

First Aid
Route Marshalls etc.

Aidan O'DonoghueFeb 13 2018, 10:36amIf there any fellow volunteers who are departing from Dublin and can offer a lift please let me know as public transport options look bad - first train into Rathdrum is not until 10:52. My email is aodonoghue @
James H CahillFeb 13 2018, 11:33amThank you to everyone who has volunteered so far for Trooperstown. We still need a couple more non-running and running volunteers. If you are not running at the moment, why not get your non-running volunteering done early in the season in order to qualify for the Leinster League Prizes.
James H CahillFeb 13 2018, 2:11pmAnd if you are close to getting into Club 100, and are not quite up to date with your volunteering contributions ( ) why not volunteer at Trooperstown,contribute your total and get closer to one of those glorious Club 100 T-Shirts
John CondonFeb 14 2018, 11:24amThanks to everyone who's volunteered, this Saturday. I really appreciate it and your freely given volunteering time is what makes IMRA such a great organisation. In particular, many thanks to James Cahill for his assistance in the lead-up.

If you could all aim to be on site at 9.20 we will open registration at 9.30am

Registration will be at the Mountain Rescue Center, and registration will open at 9.30 and close at 10.45 sharp to allow the laptop to be moved to the start line.

If I have left anything out / something can be improved, please let me know.


Race Markers
Mike Long & Greg Byrne
Handling Race Marking and also marshalling at the forest / road junction 800m from the start / finish

First Aid Officer
Gill McLoughlin
If you could be on site from 10.45 am (or earlier if you are available to assist at registration)

Laptop Operator
James Curran

On Course Marshals (Map and instructions have been emailed to all volunteers)

All Marshals
Please ensure that you bring plenty of warm clothes as all the marshal positions are on very exposed mountains. Photos are always greatly appreciated and add to the post race enjoyment for runners. If you are a budding Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz please let those creative juices flow and take lots of photos!

Marshal Position 1
Aidan O’ Donoghue
The leaders of the race should be with you after 8 minutes. Please direct the main race left following the long loop to marshal position 2. Please direct the juniors right up the steep climb to Trooperstown Hill. Once all competitors have passed please demark the course to Marshal Position 2. The Marshal at position 2 can drive to this marshalling point and may be kind enough to give you a lift back

Marshal Position 2
Mark Raleigh
Marshal Position 2 is the furthest marshalling point. However you can drive to this point via Glencoria (please see the map). Please direct the runners to turn sharp right back towards Trooperstown. Once the race has passed, please demark the course to Marshal Position 3, at the base of the climb to Trooperstown. If you have driven up, you can return to your car (and perhaps give Aidan a lift back) or continue on back to the start / finish if not.

Marshal Position 3
Damien McParland
The race leaders should reach you in about 30 minutes. Please ensure that they continue along the race route staying right and climbing to the Summit of Trooperstown. Once the race has passed, please demark to the Junior Turnaround Point at the Summit of Trooperstown Hill. From there if you could join Rachel demarking back down the route towards home. If you could follow the route down the Trooperstown Summer route (the race return route) to the finish and demark that route.

Marshal Position Junior Turnaround Trooperstown Hill.
Rachel Cinnsealach
The Juniors will approach you from the North and the Main Race from the South. If you could ensure that Junior Runners / Short Course Runners turn around at the Summit Cairn on Trooperstown and Return. If you could direct the main field over the top of Trooperstown Hill and onwards. Once the runners have passed and Juniors / Short Coursers have turned around, if you could join Damien demarking towards the finish. At the Forest Entrance where the route out and route back meet if you could take the forest road back towards the start and demark that route (the outward route).


Directing runners to correct desks / areas
Vivian O’Gorman

Pre-registered Runners
Renata Rogic

Voucher Collection & New Numbers & Timing Chips
Anne-Marie Flaherty

Voucher Registrations on the day
Mike Jordan and Maike Juergens

Car Parking
Conor O’ Farrell & Shay Foody
There is no parking at the Mountain Rescue Center and all cars are to be parked by the river in the public car park. If one of you could handle the road exit / entrance and direct all cars to the river and the other can handle parking at the river.

Finish Line
Manually Recording Incoming Runners
Vivian O’Gorman
Shay Foody

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday
John CondonFeb 15 2018, 11:37amThanks again to all who've volunteered. We have filled all roles now.
John CondonFeb 15 2018, 12:11pmJUNIORS

There will be a juniors course. All junior athletes will be directed by a route marshal right, up the steep climb to Trooperstown Hill.

The turnaround point is the summit cairn on Trooperstown. This will be clearly marked, and a summit marshal will the positioned there to guide all runners. Route marshals will be en-route to direct all juniors back to the finish.
John CondonFeb 15 2018, 12:30pmREGISTRATION

Registration will take place at the MOUNTAIN RESCUE centre at Trooperstown. it will open at 9.30am. Please take note of the instructions below.

1. When runners come into the registration area they will be directed by Vivian to either the pre-registration table, if they have registered on line or the pay-with -voucher table if they have not.

2. At those tables they will sign in for the race. This is an important cross-checking tool for us as it tells us who actually started the race as opposed to registering but not taking part. Please make sure to give us your correct details.

3. At the voucher table you will have the voucher punched once per entry, so if you're paying for another runner you will have it punched twice. You can also collect new vouchers here which you have bought online but please bring your confirmation email.

4. You will then go to the numbers' table and collect your 2017 number which you will keep for the year. Please bring and check your acknowledgement email to ensure you collect the correct number. It's very easy to get , say, 147 mixed up with 174 and this can cause huge headaches for us in sorting out the results.

5 You then go to the chip table and collect your new timing chip which, again, you will keep for the year. If you still have last year's chip, present it here, and it will be duly updated.

6. Please fill out your contact details on the reverse of your number.
Just in case, please note that there is an emergency IMRA phone number at the back of your running bib.
Aoibheann GaughranFeb 16 2018, 6:13pmHi, is the option to early start if you are over 160% (I am) still available tomorrow? Cheers, Aoibh
James H CahillFeb 16 2018, 6:36pmAoibheann, yes there is an early start at 10:30am ("Early Start: There will be an early start for runners averaging over 160% of the winning time at 10:30am") The start line is about 5 minutes from registration on the other side of the river
Micheal O'MullainFeb 16 2018, 6:50pmHi lads I have my 2018 IMRA number but normally Munster races so not sure if I can just rock up in morning and pay an entry fee or in Leinster is on line the only option?


Micheal O'MullainFeb 16 2018, 8:00pmJust decided to buy vouchers in any event so presume having the voucher number in morning will suffice?
John CondonFeb 16 2018, 9:37pmHi Michael. Just present your purchase confirmation email to one of the volunteers at registration and you’re good to go.
Micheal O'MullainFeb 16 2018, 10:58pmMany thanks for that John.

Kind regards

Caoimhin MacMaolainFeb 17 2018, 1:58pmThanks very much to John and all volunteers for a great race this morning. Brilliantly organised.
Miriam MaherFeb 17 2018, 2:13pmThanks John, James, James (laptop) and all the volunteers for putting on a super well organized race for our enjoyment : all the details - down to the perfect running weather - sorted!
David BradishFeb 17 2018, 2:47pmThanks everyone for the race today. Really well organised, even down to weather, and a great course too.
Micheal O'MullainFeb 17 2018, 4:51pmVery enjoyable outing. Glad I made the trip to Laragh when in Dublin for weekend. Many thanks to all the organisers.
Andrew HanneyFeb 17 2018, 5:03pmGreat race this morning, thanks to John and all the volunteers who made it happen!
Graham ColmerFeb 17 2018, 7:32pmGreat event and thanks to everyone who took the great photos
Graham ColmerFeb 17 2018, 7:34pmGreat event and thanks to everyone who took the great photos
Padraig DoyleFeb 17 2018, 8:48pmAye, thanks for a great race!
Mary CollinsFeb 18 2018, 3:42pmThanks John and all your volunteer helpers at registration, race marking, marshalling, first aid and lap top duties. All much appreciated. Mary Collins
Jason DowlingFeb 18 2018, 7:58pmThanks John and all your volunteers for a great day out on the hills yesterday. Special thanks to Gill for fixing me up after the race and for not insisting that I put a big plaster on my knee in front of everyone. The slagging from that would've probably hurt more than the physical pain!!
James BensonFeb 21 2018, 11:04amthanks to all the organizers and volunteers for another super race. Really great event. Would there be any idea when results would be up, no urgency just wondering?
John CondonFeb 21 2018, 3:21pmHi James, Results should be up by the end of the week. Karen, our Records Secretary was away earlier this week.

James BensonFeb 21 2018, 4:10pmThanks John, and again congrats on a great race.
Karen DevenneyFeb 25 2018, 2:09pmApologies for the delay in results, combination of people on holidays and crossed wires. Results are now up, I think 1 runner may have been missed but if there are any issues, please email me at Karen.devenney @ imra dot ie
James CurranFeb 25 2018, 2:13pmMy fault lad. Forgot to send Karen the file before I went away for the week.
John CondonApr 10 2018, 10:23pmHi. Please note that there are prizes left over from Trooperstown. These can be collected at Djouce and subsequent races. Thanks.
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