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Greg ByrneJan 8 2018, 1:42pmEntries are now open for the Glendalough Clover 80 km race.

This race will be acting as the selection race for the World Trail Championships in 2018. Please see the news item regarding the qualifying criteria.

The race details page should be up to date and the race pack / road-book has been revised for 2018.

Any general questions please post them here so we can share the answers with other runners. Anything specific can be directed to the RD via the contact details in the road-book.
Raimondas PasternackisJan 10 2018, 10:14pmHi,to all.How many runners have to be in a team for relay run?
Greg ByrneJan 10 2018, 11:13pmHi Raimondas, I've answered your question in the thread for the relay race. This section here is for those entering the full 80km solo race. Best regards, Greg
Tim ChapmanJan 14 2018, 1:26pmGreg I'll need to leave about 8:30 again if that's cool but happy to do the same as last year and do reg etc.
Greg ByrneJan 14 2018, 2:02pmNo bother Tim, just ask that if you're helping out with registration that you not be your usual happy, helpful & chatty self. Registration should really be handled by dour, grumpy and self-congratulatory sorts... ;-)

Will be in touch soon. Greg
Peter GrennanJan 21 2018, 12:50pmHi, do I need a timing chip in addition to IMRA registration in order to enter this event, thanks in advance.
Ann marie LarkinJan 21 2018, 8:19pmWhqt is the cut off time for the solo, please.
Greg ByrneJan 21 2018, 9:22pm@ Peter Grennan
We do not plan to us the timing chips, so only the a valid 2018 IMRA registration is required.

@Ann Marie Larkin
Details of the cut-off times are listed in the race booklet which can be downloaded from the ORGANISERS INSTRUCTIONS section on the RACE DETAILS page. There will be cut-off times for the end of the first two legs (11:00 & 15:00 respectively) and a final cut-off (17:00) will be in place at the turn-around point on Leg 3 in Glenmalure. The race booklet includes a profile of the course with cut-off times on Page 9. We'll try to upload this to the maps section this week.

The cut-off times have been selected with reference to last years results, in the context of sunset on race day and with due consideration to the volunteers who will be on-course for over 15 hours by the end of the day.
Greg ByrneJan 27 2018, 10:03pmDetour affecting Leg 3... details can be found at:

We plan to follow all officially marked detours in place on race day.
Peter GrennanFeb 2 2018, 9:12pmThanks for your reply Greg.
Greg ByrneFeb 11 2018, 8:06pmRD UPDATE: Final week to enter the Glendalough Clover Solo 80 km race.

Entries close on Saturday 17th February

A few notes for those entered:
1) An entry list will be posted here in the week before the event
2) Check this forum regularly for any updates re: course, etc...
3) make sure you've got the mandatory kit
4) plan your kit and food for the weather
5) pack your smile
Greg ByrneFeb 16 2018, 9:01pmFINAL CHANCE

Paul O'CallaghanFeb 17 2018, 12:17pmHi Greg, if you need any additional help at either of the registrations I can help out. I'm not running, and free up till about 9am.
Greg ByrneFeb 18 2018, 11:29amEntries are Closed.

65 Runners registered.

Barkoczi Laszlo, 478, M
Duncan Barrett, 403, M40
John J Barry, 317, M50
Owen Boyhan, 515, M40
Sarah Brady, 352, F
Stephen Brennan, 175, M60
Barry Breslin, 1468, M
Lorraine Broderick, 179, F
Graham K. Bushe, 108, M50
Gavin Scott Byrne, 426, M
Rory Campbell, 314, M40
Colin Casey, 208, M40
Janusz Chelstowski, 1195, M
Alicia Christofi-Walshe, 565, F40
George Coffey, 1264, M40
Paul Croke, 1382, M
Erwin De Wilde, 1005, M50
Johan Dehantschutter, 1416, M50
Mark Doyle, 304, M
Barry Drennan, 516, M40
Simon Franklin, 489, M50
Adolfo Garcia, 524, M40
Jeffrey Gardner, 1281, M
Lar Griffin, 690, M50
Don Hannon, 160, M40
Siobhan Hayes, 562, F50
James Heggie, 127, M40
Adrian Hennessy, 1067, M
martin hennessy, 372, M
Denis Hogan, 1401, M
Karina Jonina, 1536, F
Clare Keeley, 1059, F40
Eoin Keith, 50, M50
Mark Keogh, 284, M60
Sinead Keogh, 520, F
Johnston Kirkpatrick, 759, M50
Ann marie Larkin, 758, F40
Llovera, 1272, M40
Shane Lynch, 605, M
Kevin Marshall, 1396, M50
Dale Mathers, 1039, M50
John McCann72, 132, M40
Stephen McCurry, 1201, M40
Frank McIntyre, 332, M50
Peter McKay, 98, M40
Donal McMorland, 770, M
John Mollohan, 848, M40
Carol Morgan, 491, F40
Paul Morrissey, 1517, M40
Paul Nesbitt, 607, M
Brendan Neville, 512, M50
Mark O Kelly, 1022, M
Philip O'Connell, 415, M
Ron Peacock, 1545, M40
Gail Phibbs, 569, F40
Julien Prigent, 1455, M
Billy Reed, 591, M50
John Sherry, 1155, M40
Krzysztof Sikorski, 1362, M
Zoran Skrba, 1324, M40
Owen Smith, 201, M40
Paul Tierney, 1404, M
Paul Tierney (Nenagh), 672, M
Jackie Toal, 599, F40
Gary Warnock, 1016, M
John MurrayFeb 19 2018, 2:50pmHi Greg, I dont see my name on the list. I registered last Thrusday evening from memory. Can you double check and let me know. Tks, John
Greg ByrneFeb 19 2018, 3:19pm@ John Murray

Sorry John, you're not registered with the IMRA system for the race. Please check your purchase history through myIMRA, check for your confirmation email, check you credit card for payment and contact the webmaster if you think you have a problem with your account.

I am not much use here as I have no access to the system and can only check who has been logged by the system as entered.
John MurrayFeb 19 2018, 7:14pmHi Greg! Checked all and have no evidence of anything which more than likely means I made a complete balls up of the registration somehow! Dont know how as its such an easy system to use.

Dropped an email to Webmaster to also have a look and see if anything can be sorted. Hopefully all those recce runs were not done in vein! Lol
Christopher DunneFeb 20 2018, 10:02pmHi Greg, i just check the list of entries for the clover and my name isn’t there , so I check my purchase history and there’s no sign of it there either... I thought I had paid for this race when I renewed my membership this year but obviously not...
Is there a chance of an entre at this late stage as I have all the recces done....
Thanks Chris
Christopher DunneFeb 20 2018, 10:03pmHi Greg, i just check the list of entries for the clover and my name isn’t there , so I check my purchase history and there’s no sign of it there either... I thought I had paid for this race when I renewed my membership this year but obviously not...
Is there a chance of an entre at this late stage as I have all the recces done....
Thanks Chris
Greg ByrneFeb 22 2018, 5:35pmGlendalough Clover Solo Ultra – Runners Update

Course Notes

Course should be as advertised in the latest issue of the race instructions. We have a diversion in place on Leg 3. Please see the map and images uploaded to the photos section.


Access to the car park costs €4.

Plan A is to have the car park open from 5:20 am and we will park in behind the cafe, please see the in the photos section. Should Plan A fail we will park along the left hand side of the road approaching the car park and collect the keys/cash from runners. All cars will be moved into the car park once the gates open. Please obey the traffic marshals.


As of lunchtime today (22.02.2018) it looks cold, but dry for the whole day. Overnight it will be cold, but at the moment it looks like plenty of cloud cover and nothing too severe. From the organisation point of view this looks good for running the highest points on the course and for the transition. As with all long races please prepare kit for all eventualities. Better to have it in the car then sitting at home. Also have warm clothes for after the race.

Please check the weather closer the race and adjust your plans accordingly.

In cases of cold and wet weather many of the running surfaces can become slippery. We expect all runners to exercise good judgement and to adjust their speed to match the conditions.

If we think alternative arrangements are required we will post in this forum and/or advise runners during the race briefing.


Registration for the Solo ultra race will open at 5:30 am. For registration all runners need to bring their mandatory kit. Registration will consistent of signing in and collecting numbers… followed by a kit check.

For many this will be the first IMRA race of 2018. We have all the race numbers for this newly registered. For those collecting a number please bring a print out of your IMRA registration or your IMRA runners profile page, both should show you 2018 IMRA race number. At the registration table ask for your number. Some safety pins will also be available.

After registration and kit check runner are free to do the final preparations.


The transition/finish area is located about 100 metres south of registration. We will have the transition area laid out in advance, so runners can leave their drop bags there once they have completed registration. Transition will be a number of tarpaulins on open ground. Please ensure you have your kit protected from the elements as we cannot guarantee shelter for all bags.

Food supplies

We will have stock of fruit, jellies, chocolate, cola and water at all check points. We will have a larger selection at the transition in Glendalough. It is always hard to predict what will be popular and scarcity if the biggest driver of demand, so please do not be upset if your favourite is gone. There are no cups at the on-course check point so runners will need to use their bottles.

For hot drinks we are advising runners to bring cash and use the café in the Upper Glendalough Car Park. The volunteers will help where they can.

There is water on the course available from a tap on Leg 2 as runners descend Paddock. Having passed the Mountain Meitheal Shelter runners cross two stiles and descend a gravel track. After crossing one more stile a tap is available on the right hand side. Runners also pass this point on their return from Lough Dan

Lough Dan Turnaround

The marshalled check point for Lough Dan is actually located approximately 2.5k from the turnaround point on the beach at Lough Dan. This gives runners a chance to pass the food stop twice.

Runners are required to collect a token from the beach and hand it to the marshal upon their return. The marshal at the checkpoint will give instructions on the TOKEN.

Cut-off Times

The cut-off times are:
11:00 for Leg 1
15:00 for Leg 2
17:00 at Drumgoff turnaround

Race briefing

We will meet up at 6:45 am close of the registration desk. Quick race briefing and then we will walk over to the start point for a photo of all runners by the lake.


Race start is 7 am
Graham K. BusheFeb 24 2018, 10:16pmA HUGE thatks to Greg and team of volunteers, who made todays great* race possible. After a few minutes at the finish line I was frozen. I can't imagine what it was like for the marshals who waited patiently for all us runners at the transition area and the turn-aound points.
My frst race of 2018. Everthing semed to run so smoothly, and that dosen't just happen. A lot of thought, planning and effort went into this event. Well done all. Great to see such a big turn out, even if it did mean more opposition. Well done to all theruners on the day too.

* my aching legs an muscles might not necessarily agree wioth the use of this word!!
John MollohanFeb 25 2018, 12:05pmEvents like the Glendalough Tucker Trail are what make IMRA great. It's always a privilege to participate, no matter how long or short the race. Yesterday we saw the outcome of committed and lengthy preparation for what was a wonderful day out. This was capably driven by Greg and the support team with dedication and enthusiasm, from 5.30am. I'm really grateful for your time and hard work.
Billy ReedFeb 25 2018, 9:02pmJust wanted to add my thanks to Greg and all team who had a long cold day looking after us all. That was a really superb event which obviously took months of planning and the execution was flawless. This has to be one of the most diverse and scenic ultras anywhere and a really great legacy for our friend Adrian T. Thanks guys.
Mark O KellyFeb 26 2018, 9:10amHi, just to reiterate my thanks to all the volunteers and Greg for fantastic event. Well done all. On a related note, I borrowed 2 soft water bottles on the morning as my camel bag had leak. My mobile is 087 2219087 so whoever it was, firstly thanks a million and secondly, let me know and I'll arrange to send across. Thanks,Mark
Sinéad KeoghFeb 26 2018, 9:45am+1 to everything that's been said before. A top quality event with the most friendly and supportive volunteers, thanks to Greg and his team for looking after each and every one of us so well and for doing such a great job with the weather.
John MurrayFeb 26 2018, 10:01amMy sincere and utter thanks to Greg and every single volunteer who made Saturdays event such a truly enjoyable and memorable day. Run with military precision, friendly smiles and encouragement all round doesn't come well done guys on an amazing event!
Brendan LawlorFeb 26 2018, 10:40amVery well done to Greg Byrne and his team of Rathfarnham AC and other helpers for putting on a great event last Saturday.. Adrian would have been delighted with the turnout and the exceptional event organisation.. a great way to honour his legacy
John J BarryFeb 26 2018, 11:51amSuper well done to Greg and his team for a wonderful event. I felt so sorry for the volunteer up at the Wicklow gap at that unearthly hour half frozen to death.

When I get back to base the second time, somebody had provided ham and cheese sandwiches which were a godsend at that stage.

A wild guess the Picture of Adrian on the wonderful finishers medal is from this
Greg ByrneFeb 26 2018, 12:57pm@ John J Barry, well spotted, that is the photo. We thought it symbolic that the photo should come from and IMRA ultra race. We are greatly appreciative to John Shiels (Action Photography) for providing the photo for this purpose.

For everyone else, the split time for the solo finishers have been posted to the race report section, and finish times have been sent to IMRA for posting to the results tab in due course.
Jackie ToalFeb 26 2018, 9:02pmThanks so much to Greg, Eilis and everyone involved in organising such a fantastic race. There was so much motivation and friendly faces the whole day & felt so well looked after at all the checkpoints. The clover is such a brilliant concept. I loved the course & such a beautiful day to enjoy the mountains, such a fitting way to remember Adrian Tucker whom I met last year, such a gentleman who was so helpful in sharing his knowledge & advice on running. I look forward to the next Clover:)
Gavin ByrneFeb 26 2018, 9:39pmThanks Greg and all the Volunteers that helped make a great race. Not sure if I got to thank you in person as I was a bit flustered... I definitely wasn't expecting to win that one.. the clover must bring me luck! Also thanks to Mark Doyle for setting a savage pace to chase... great report Greg.. see you all again in the near future. Happy Running!
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 26 2018, 9:40pmJust to echo the comments of thanks and well done to Greg and his team of volunteers for the hard work that went into organising this race.
Events like these do not happen without serious dedication and hard work and it's clear to see that many hours of work went into organising this race from drawing maps, updating instructions and race booklets, medals, signs, marshals and everything else that made the day.
I was sorry I couldn't make it along on the day but looks to have been a great day out. I received a message from an old colleague of Adrian today who had been speaking to his wife. She was delighted with the medal. well done Greg and Team!
Greg ByrneFeb 26 2018, 10:08pmSplit times now added as a spreadsheet link in the organisers notes. Many thanks to James Tucker for sorting all these out.
Greg ByrneFeb 27 2018, 2:10pmRace report added from John J Barry... anyone else got a story to tell? You just need to log into myIMRA to add a report.
Clare KeeleyMar 14 2018, 8:29pmReport up.
Clare KeeleyMar 14 2018, 8:29pmReport up.
Clare KeeleyMar 14 2018, 8:30pmReport up.
Dave EvansSep 10 2018, 6:29pmAny idea of a provisional date for next year's race?