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James H CahillFeb 28 2018, 6:14pmWicklow Glacier Lakes Team Relay is now open for entry. Please download and submit a team entry form and then individual team members can pay for their entry using the IMRA online payment system (Purchase IMRA Products)
Inigo AlanaMar 5 2018, 12:45pmI would like to run a leg if any teams are missing a runner. I did leg 4 last year.
Liam VinesMar 15 2018, 10:10pmSo entries are flying in for both solo and relay. A few new faces and the old reliables.
Need a few more non running volunteers. Would really like to have a non runner at each checkpoint to take the leg times some of the relay runners could help out after or before there leg. Need to have a first aid volunteer too would love to have more than one person with first aid experience as the race covers such a big area and phone signal is poor in a lot of it.
If anyone has registered for the race but not filled out the entire form please go back into the event details and do so as it’s needed to work out start times.
Conor O'FarrellMar 25 2018, 9:17pmThanks Liam, James and all the volunteers today. Great event, really enjoyed it.
Rachel CinnsealachMar 25 2018, 11:40pmCracking day. One of my favourite events on the calendar. A big thankyou to Liam Vines, James Cahill, John Condon, Mike Jordan, Stephen Brennan,, Rory Campbell and anyone else who helped outl.
Barry DrennanMar 26 2018, 7:30amThanks Liam,James + all the Volunteers! Savage Race...Sore and SUNBURNT!!!!
Barry DrennanMar 26 2018, 7:30amThanks Liam,James + all the Volunteers! Savage Race...Sore and SUNBURNT!!!!
Daniela BoehmMar 26 2018, 8:26amA massive thank you to Liam, James and all the volunteers who spent so many hours out there for us yesterday! :) Very much appreciated. You even ordered the right weather! Fabulous day and fantastic race!
Gael HernandezMar 26 2018, 9:15amIt was my first IMRA race and really enjoyed. Thanks again to race director and the team of volunteers.

James H CahillMar 26 2018, 11:31amThe results are available in the reports section and the solo results will be online on the IMRA system in due course.

A number of runners correctly declared themselves DNF's at the finish line as they had not hit and touched Lough Firrib on their route.

To preserve the integrity of the race results, please review your memory (and your strava's) to ensure that you have adhered to the race rules. We are reliant on runners integrity for fair results of the Glacier Lakes race. If you did not touch all the lakes, ran too far on the Wicklow Gap road or crossed fences into private land on leg 3, please let me or Liam know and we can adjust the results accordingly.
James H CahillMar 26 2018, 1:49pmTo further clarify ref. Leg 3, private land and from the clear route description: "NOTE: Private land is out of bounds. Fenced fields should not be entered, this occurs near the lower part of the zig-zags)" - there are three potential reasonable options to cross to the road access Ballinafunshogue car park handover point (there may be a million unreasonable ones but in pursuit of clarity):

1. Follow the zig zags to the road.

2. Reach the fence line at the bottom of the zig zags (not the top, not near the style, not anywhere else in the Wicklow Mountains!) by any route and bear left. Find any route by which you do not have to cross a fence into a fenced field as per the race directions. By way of hint I can tell you that there are two options. I do not intend to short circuit the race advantage of reccies and map reading by telling you what they are!

The rule is simple - do not climb over a fence onto the river flood plain. Any route which did not require you scaling a fence in this area is fine.

Ref. the lakes - any route which involved you not touching a required lake is unacceptable.

Ref the road - any route which involved you running the road outside the 400m of St Kevins Way which is clearly marked by St. Kevin's way signage is not fine.
Richard LeahyMar 27 2018, 3:31pmDo I get a time bonus for nearly ending up in Lough Ferrib? I put my foot on what I thought was solid ice on top of shallow water at the edge but ended up with my entire leg in the lake and barely managed to avoid going in head first.
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