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Siobhan LyonsNov 8 2018, 5:10pmHow can I register for this event please?
Graham K. BusheNov 21 2018, 12:43pmHi Siobhan, the usual online registration will be available in the 'Purchase IMRA Products' tab. I expect this happen a bit closer to the race day. Alternatively race vouchers can be used on the day.
Brendan LawlorNov 21 2018, 1:04pmHi

Graham is looking for a laptop operator, race marker and first aider for this race please
Gordon PlaceNov 21 2018, 1:58pmHi Brendan,
I stuck my name down to mark if its OK to be done earlier that morning?
Miriam MaherNov 21 2018, 10:01pmHi Brendan and Graham, I'll help set up the laptop and will finish it off and sort the results if someone else will look after it during the race and the finishers before I get in. I'll give them a crash course before toddling around the route myself...pointless using bravado phrases like 'racing' ;-) Would that work?
Miriam MaherNov 21 2018, 10:01pmHi Brendan and Graham, I'll help set up the laptop and will finish it off and sort the results if someone else will look after it during the race and the finishers before I get in. I'll give them a crash course before toddling around the route myself...pointless using bravado phrases like 'racing' ;-) Would that work?
Brendan LawlorNov 22 2018, 8:17amHi Gordon and Miriam

Thats great and both your suggestions should work.. thanks
Graham K. BusheNov 23 2018, 1:34pmHi Brendan, thanks for that. I was just coming on today to put the call out for volunteers.
Miriam I've put you down as Shadow Laptop and Gordon I've accepted your offer to mark the route. Thank you both.
Mick HanneyNov 30 2018, 7:59pmPut my name down as first aid.
Graham K. BusheDec 1 2018, 4:00pmThat's great Mick, thanks for that. Still looking for a laptop operator please (and remember, Miriam's kind offer to help set up and finish off.
Thank you, Graham
Mick HanneyDec 1 2018, 7:22pmGraham - if stuck I can do the laptop before. Need someone else to do the end bit so I am free for first aid should the need arise.
Graham K. BusheDec 9 2018, 12:22amHi all, online entry is now available for the Djouce Remembrance Race. Please register in good time. The usual €7 entry fee applies or race vouchers can be used. You must be an imra member to participate. However, as this is the last race of the year a special membership fee of €3 has been set up.
Thanks to those who have volunteered so far, I need a couple more please so don't be shy :)
Kevin O'RiordanDec 9 2018, 12:36amPlease note if you bought a voucher card in 2018, this will be your last opportunity to collect it before we wipe clear the uncollected vouchers list and start afresh for 2019.

If you have a collected voucher card with races remaining on it, the remainder of the card can be used in 2019
Laura FlynnDec 9 2018, 5:32pmI have a number of uncollected Prizes still from 2107 and 2108.
If your name is on the list below I’d be grateful if you would please get in touch with me to arrange collection or delivery.
I will be at Djouce and Hellfire races so can bring to them if you let me know in advance. My email is laura.flynn@imra
As I cannot hold on to them indefinitely, any prizes not collected by March 17th 2019 will be recycled:

Barry Minnock
Michael O’Donoghue
Pete Grant
Sean Quirke
Colm Murtagh
Henry Browne
Dee Bohan
Aoife McCavana
Kate Meskell
Seamus Lynch
David Kiely
Michael J. Kelly
Alan Ayling
Barry Murray
Connie Dottino
Bill Reed
Julie Byrne

Many thanks
Brendan LawlorDec 10 2018, 11:39amDecember 27th will be a poignant day as we remember our dear friend and IMRA stalwart Brendan Doherty at the Djouce Remembrance Race, as well as the other IMRA greats who have sadly left us over the past few years.

Brendan was a gentle quiet man but he still loved a little attention at the prize giving and I'm sure he'll be smiling down on us all as we tramp around the forest at Earls Drive and then repair to the Powerscourt Arms Hotel for a festive pint. Fancy dress is most welcome.

Please enter online or bring along your vouchers.

If you have bought a voucher and haven't collected it please do so as the slate gets wiped clean for voucher purchases going into 2019. Big thank you to Graham Bushe who is race directing the event this year. One or two more helpers are required
Gordon PlaceDec 10 2018, 12:45pmHi Graham, switched to non running and I can sweep/demark also if that suits.
Graham K. BusheDec 11 2018, 12:31amThat's great, thanks Gordon
Graham K. BusheDec 16 2018, 11:15pmHi all. Reminder. Entries available to purchase for €7 until 6pm on Saturday 22nd. All runners need to ráhave 2018 membership (now available for the reduced price of €3)
John MurrayDec 19 2018, 12:16pmHi Graham, just added my name to the volunteer list. Non runner so can do whatever is required.

Diarmuid O'ColmainDec 20 2018, 2:48pmHi Graham
I have volunteered as a Running volunteer for this race, but I am prepared to be a non running volunteer if needed.

I'd like to qualify for a League finisher for LL prize purposes if that is possible. This is (only!) my second volunteering role this year I'm afraid but I think either a running or non-running volunteer role qualify for LL prize purposes.

In any event, as mentioned above, I am happy to volunteer as a non-running volunteer if needed.
Graham K. BusheDec 20 2018, 5:13pmHi John, thank you for volunteering.

Hi Diarmuid, thank you also. In order to qualify for an end of year prize both volunteer roles must be non-running.
Graham K. BusheDec 20 2018, 7:02pmThank you very much for all the offers to help with this event. I have enough volunteers now. Yesterday evening I sent an email regarding roles etc to those who had already been accepted. I will follow up with anyone else shortly.
Remember that registration closes Saturday 6pm. €7 online entry, €3 membership for those not registered for 2018. Alternatively you may use a race voucher.
Either way, You must be an imra member to participate.
Thanks again, enjoy the Christmas and see you on the 27th, g :)
Siobhan LyonsDec 26 2018, 1:49pmWhat is latest time to check in (with prepaid voucher) on the day please?
Brendan LawlorDec 26 2018, 4:14pmRegistration will close at around 5 to 11 I'd expect Siobhan
Graham K. BusheDec 26 2018, 7:33pmHi all, registration will be from 10:00 - 10:45 to give a bit of time to the running volunteers and the laptop operator before the start of the race.
Only one sleep left...
See you tomorrow :)
Graham K. BusheDec 27 2018, 5:37pmA big "Thank You" to my team of volunteers today, each doing two or three jobs to make the whole event run smoothly. And especially to Lillian who guided me throug the RD role.
I hope everone enjoyed their morning on the trails.
Congratulations to Donna Mahon and Neilus Healy both running very impressive times.
matched only by a very speedy posting of race results.
Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year and see you on the mountains in 2019!
Caoimhin MacMaolainDec 27 2018, 6:05pmThanks very much Graham and volunteers for such a good event up at Djouce woods today. All brilliantly organised and thoroughly enjoyable. Great to get the chance to remember our IMRA friends who have died in recent times. A fitting tribute to them today.
Mick HanneyDec 27 2018, 7:45pmVery enjoyable and poignant morning.
A smoothly run event from Graham RDing for the first time.
Lovely mild conditions were an added bonus.
Jim FitzharrisDec 27 2018, 10:59pmMany thanks to Graham and his trusty team of volunteers for a great morning out.

I was an early starter and my time was 50:36. I did write this down for the laptop operator but he was busy recording real runners!


Conor O'FarrellDec 28 2018, 2:33pm@Jim, that's now fixed.

Massive thanks to Karen for filling in for me on results yesterday. She's left me with a momentous task of uploading quick results going forward ;-)

Any further results queries, please send an email to conor <dot> ofarrell <at> imra <dot> ie

Mary CollinsDec 31 2018, 12:44pmThanks Graham and all the volunteering team for race on Dec 27th. Very well organised.
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