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John J BarryJun 26 2021, 8:25pmRobbie,

Is there time limits/cut of times on the route?

Robbie WilliamsJun 26 2021, 9:00pmHi John,

Will base it on the previous years. Runners should be covering the first half in less than 3.5 hours.
If they fail to do that, its a 5km jog back to the start/finish.

Not fair on volunteers otherwise.

No walkers allowed.

Natalia PocelujkoJul 5 2021, 12:21pmHi Robbie ,

I was trying to get e mail to you but unfortunately there is no direct information given . Is there is any chance to hold an entry for next year. Just got a letter and I am awaiting surgery on July 22nd and there is no small chance to cancel or postpone that because of Covid 19 . I won't be able to take a part of the race even if I really wanted to. I could send you a letter with appoitment if needed .
Looking forward to hear from you . Natalia
Robbie WilliamsJul 5 2021, 1:19pmNatalia

Please email

robbie.williams@ IMRA dot ie
Robbie WilliamsJul 6 2021, 8:03pm50 extra places have been added to the Moonlight Half Challenge as per restrictions lifting for those interested.

Reg open until Friday 5pm
Natalia PocelujkoJul 7 2021, 10:22pmHi guys thank you for the e mail to Robbie but there is no response at all.
Natalia PocelujkoAug 13 2021, 3:02pmGood afternoon guys.
I have been told that i will have a refund for this race. Is more than month by now and I have no replay for any of my emails or sign of refund . Can you take a look please or contact Robbie direct.

Thanks Natalia
Robbie WilliamsAug 14 2021, 7:45amNatalia I have sent on refund request to the finance side so I expect they are just under pressure with all the refunds as a lot of races that were canceled last year too are being processed

It is all done by volunteers in their spare time so that’s why it can take a bit of time. You will definitely get it back but I can’t tell you exactly when.

They are working their way through a backlog.

Toby TallentAug 24 2021, 11:36amHi,
Has this race now moved to a summer race or will it move back to early January for 2022?
Robbie WilliamsAug 24 2021, 2:22pmNo winter for sure

On a full moon