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Stuart ScottJul 28 2021, 11:35amJust linking Alice's camping and bbq thread into here too ( Please let her know asap if you'd like to join, and before the end of the week at the latest. The more the merrier!
Alice ClancyJul 29 2021, 2:32pmHi there All,

We're really looking forward to the return of the Connaught Champs on the 7&8 August....we will need a few more running and non-running volunteers in order for Mweelrea to go ahead...specifically looking for first aid, laptop and a marshall or two! Thanks very much,

Ps I've added some photographs of the lovely campsite in Lecanvy on the Mweelrea photos page for anyone who is considering camping for the weekend and the bbq on the night of the'll be fun and all are welcome - to book/further details, check the forum thread here:
Alice ClancyAug 2 2021, 12:37pmRoll up, Roll up! Mweelrea and Nephin races open for places today at 6pm....Together these two races form the Connaught endurance weekend in the west to rival any Rogaine Race consisting of two excellent mountain races; a Mweelrea summit that has been known to move in the mist, a Nephin descent that has taken runners off for an extended exploration of Mayo field systems, guaranteed occasional or prolonged drizzle, momentary sunshine, a barbecue that manages to sizzle despite aforementioned rain, occasional sea dips and more craic than the Father Ted caravan! So who will become the 2021 Connaught Champions?
Emer O'ConnellAug 3 2021, 8:54pmHi, Mweelrea will be my first IMRA event- racing number 1945. Can I pick up my bib and chip please at the race? thank you Emer O'Connell
Alice ClancyAug 4 2021, 9:25amHi Emer, you’re very welcome to IMRA! You’ve picked a whopper of a first IMRA event, fair play to you!
You can collect your number at Mweelrea registration alright but as we are not using chip timing for the weekend, so you won’t be able to collect a chip. You’ll be able to collect your chip at the next race that uses chip timing. See you on Saturday !
Emer O'ConnellAug 4 2021, 10:48amMany thanks Alice- nervous but looking forward to Saturday
Alice ClancyAug 5 2021, 12:18pmHi All,
Mweelrea closes for registrations at 6pm this evening...with no registrations possible after this point...All those interested in taking on the challenge of the Misty Mweelrea summit, be sure to sign up before 6pm!

It’s shaping up to be a lovely ‘soft’ day on Saturday. Keep an eye on the we
Alice ClancyAug 5 2021, 12:42pmHi All,

Mweelrea closes for registrations at 6pm this evening...with no registrations possible after this point...All those interested in taking on it the challenge of the Misty Mweelrea summit, be sure to sign up before 6pm!

It’s shaping up to be a ‘soft’ day on Saturday. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and equip yourself accordingly. It’s likely that the full race kit listed in the event page will be mandatory.
Weather updates here:

Please note that on the race route, there are two mandatory points to navigate to on ascent and descent : the highest gully head on col north of Mweelrea summit (**bad weather turn around point, see below) and the summit itself.

**As outlined in the event page, if weather is deemed too inclement for safe racing to the summit, the shorter route will be used. This route turns around at the head of the highest gully on the col north of Mweelrea and is illustrated in the photos page for the event.
IF the shorter route is designated, it will be confirmed in the race briefing, the summit Marshall will be stationed at the gully head and it will be marked with an
orienteering kite.

In either event of shorter or longer route, the race poses cracking navigational and lung/leg can be a deceptively fast race if the nav is gotten right on the day!

See ye all on Saturday

Ps @Emer, you’ll be grand, once Mweelrea is under your belt there’ll be no stopping you!
Alice ClancyAug 5 2021, 1:13pmApologies for double posting! I blame my (un)smart phone and intermittent internet!
Alice ClancyAug 6 2021, 12:15pmHi All,
We’ve had a few requests to re-open Mweelrea registration (despite the forecast!). It’s open again now until 6pm this evening.
Both Nephin and Mweelrea close at 6pm today. It won’t be possible to enter either race after this.
See ye tomorrow!
Vivian O'GormanAug 7 2021, 5:34pmA lovely day for a run! Rainy - wet - mud and oh yeah
mist half way down the mountain!! So no views today...

A big thank you to Alice and all her volunteers for a great day...

Must say that was the most comprehensive race briefing
I have had. What direction to run, where to cross the river and
what to look for on the way down to get to the finish and that's only
half it!! Brilliant...

Couldn't go wrong after that!!!
Sara MohanAug 7 2021, 5:59pmMassive thank you to Alice. Great event. Was a bit nervous in the weather for my first unmarked event but with her directions and race briefing it was no bother. Thanks again!
Paul SmythAug 8 2021, 5:31pmThank you Alice and volunteers for today's race.

Hopefully next year we'll get to the summit!
Paul SmythAug 8 2021, 6:13pmOf course I meant 'yesterday's race'!
Brendan LawlorAug 8 2021, 7:23pmBig thank you to Alice, Anne Marie and all the volunteers for a great race in Mayo on Saturday. The mist and wet were nice bonuses !
Alice ClancyAug 9 2021, 1:37pmA huge thank you to the crack team of volunteers who helped out in that lovely weather on Saturday, in particular assistant RD Anne-Marie. Ye made my first RD role so easy!!
Well done to the runners who braved the elements and got up to that nebulous point at the head of the gully. Thanks to your good humour on this. We had tried hard to make the turn-around point clear, and it was disappointing to not be able to race all the way to the summit. Mick has started a good forum post on this here: please share your thoughts on this and on any possible alternatives for next year :

A huge well done to the race winners, Liz Wheeler and Jonny Steede, with some very impressive running!

Congratulations to the overall Connaught Champions Laura Flynn and Jonny Steede, who put in strong performances at all three of the Connaught Champs events ;-)

And finally I’d like to give particular kudos to those runners for whom this was your first open mountain event. You ran and navigated well in some very tough’re off to a flying start in IMRA!!!