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Diarmuid O'ColmainMay 7 2009, 10:10amI wonder if anyone has an orienteering map covering the area of the Corrig race please? The map I put up last year is an excerpt from the OS map and may not be detailed enough for anyone doing a recce.
Martina ColvilleMay 18 2009, 1:14pmHi Diarmuid, can't help with map but did want to volunteer as a helper at this race, if you need one. You might let me know. Martina
Diarmuid O'ColmainMay 18 2009, 2:14pmThanks for offer to help Martina, much needed! If you log in on 'myIMRA' and go to the event details page, there is a facility to volunteer.

More volunteers needed also please, especially for a Race Marker, if any of the existing or potential vounteers would like to do this, please let me know. Don't worry if you are not totally confident of the route; I will be glad to recconoitre it with you the weekend before the race, or some evening after work.
Martina ColvilleMay 29 2009, 1:34pmHi Diarmuid,

Tried the MyIMRA route to volunteer but don't have a username and password. I'm still willing to be at Corrig on 3rd June so you can let me know how I can help.

Pol O'MurchuMay 29 2009, 1:38pmMartina you have to give your phone number to get invited to my.imra. If you post it I will invite you.
Rene BorgMay 31 2009, 8:20pmI've made a change to the distance and ascent figures for this race as Gerry Brady managed to get a more precise measure on the route.
Diarmuid O'ColmainJun 1 2009, 2:39pmMartina,
it would be great if you would help with collecting and filing numbers after the race please. We'll need a second person to help with this so if you have a friend you can persuade...! Otherwise we will recruit someone on the night - that won't be a problem. All other duties are pretty well supported by various volunteers, although that doesn't show up on the Volunteering chart.

Please text me your phone number and email address to 087 2413303. I can be contacted at docolmain at gmail dot com
Diarmuid O'ColmainJun 1 2009, 4:14pmNow I see some further volunteers for this event - thanks to Richie, Pol and Jeffery, who will fill all vacant volunteering slots now. I can't find a way to accept/not accept volunteers; and quite a few people have volunteered directly to me without being visible on the Volunteer page. So, thanks to everyone, we have plenty of volunteers for Corrig now; no need for any further (famous last words!).

Richie, Pol and Jeffery - please contact me so I can assign duties to you for Wednesday. I can be reached on 087 2413303 and docolmain at gmail dot com.
Diamuid O'ColmainJun 2 2009, 11:26pmThis information will replace part of the Event details as soon as Rene gets a chance to do that. Anyway, I have the impression that many people read the Forum more often than reading the Event Details.

Important: The Pub is Aherne's pub in Oldbawn, Tallaght NOT Scholar's Pub

Directions to the race start are as follows:

For those coming from Dublin, leave the M50 at the N81/M50 junction (Tallaght turnoff). From the N81/M50 roundabout, proceed on the N81 west towards Tallaght for 2k.

Take the first major turn left to Oldbawn (R113)

After about 1k the road begins to turn gradually to the left. Before this happens you will encounter Aherne's pub on the right - this is where carpooling is to take place. Parking at the event location is very limited so you must pool from here please.

Stay on the road and after about a further 0.5k to 0.7k there is a full major crossroads (signposted R114 Ballinascorney, Bohernabreena). Turn right here onto the R114 for Ballinacorney. Don't take an earlier turn right at traffic lights which is not signposted for the aforementioned locations!!!!! It's easy to make a mistake here as the signposting is not wonderful.

Then it seems like quite a long drive to the Stone Cross junction, positioned at the beginning of a bend to the right. Actually it is only about 5 or 6k. There will be an IMRA sign here telling you to leave the R114 here to the left.

Then it's about 2.7k to the start.

Prize policy - as per normal for competition prizez. For Spot Prizes, there will be 2 prizes for Volunteers and 4 other spot prizes, selected in a pseudorandom fashion to be devised!

Diarmuid - Race Director

Rene BorgJun 3 2009, 9:42amHi all, Note that updated instructions and maps are now on this event page.
Gareth LittleJun 3 2009, 10:34pmThanks a lot to all my co-volunteers and Diarmuid for organising a great race today, that and the weather, you can’t really go wrong!
Eva FairmanerJun 4 2009, 8:34amThat is some result for Eileen Walsh (F40) - 4th overall and not even at the race!
Rene BorgJun 4 2009, 9:03amHi Eva,

I think Keith Daly was mixed up with someone for he finished in "Eileen's" position yesterday. He's registered as 84, so that position must belong to someone else. I think Justin is aware of this.
Diarmuid O'ColmainJun 4 2009, 9:08amEva, yes this is a new service for IMRA members. For a fee you can buy any finishing position you want!! Well, actually as you probably know, someone ran in the wrong number - will be fixed before next race.

So if you want to come first, you could give Eoin Keith your number for the next race, or maybe you should just up your training.
Jason KehoeJun 4 2009, 10:28amI really liked my custom text message I received from IMRA with my results last night! Great idea and 3 hours after the race finished too!
WILLIAM GRIFFINJun 4 2009, 10:28amHi,ran last night's race but down as a DNF.???
Niall McAlindenJun 4 2009, 12:12pmHey

Just a quick thank you to whoever organised the weather last night.... Thats one view in the Dublin mountains that I've never seen before and boy is it a good one. Also a big thank you to the organisers, well marked course, well organised start/finish... perfect Wednesday evening!

Rene BorgJun 4 2009, 1:39pmHi all,

there'll be a short delay in the club results due to a few errors we're working on on the overall results.

Rene BorgJun 4 2009, 10:46pmAfter the results correction club results are now up!
Anthony MaloneJun 4 2009, 11:19pmTo Rene,
Being new to this I was just wondering where on the site (if at all), the rules etc are pertaining to the team events. Also, is there a page where one can observe the team standings ?

Thanking You in anticipation.
Rene BorgJun 4 2009, 11:42pmHi Anthony,
If you go to the Leinster League main page: you can find a link to the overall standings just above the individual results.

For the race standings, just go to the Corrig event and select the race report written by me. It has all team result for the night.