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Jason KehoeMar 10 2011, 10:07amWow, here is a bit of news - The Snowdon International race has replaced the Ben Nevis race on the Skyrunner calendar! £10,000 in prizes to be had. We will see some serious competitors like Tofol Castaner, Jessed Hernandez, Killian Jornet, Ricky Lightfoot, Robbie Simpson (again, 2010 winner), and all the teams like Salomans trail and outdoor teams, Basque and Italian selection teams. A great win for organiser and local man Stephen Edwards.

"The ISF is pleased to welcome a new race onto the Skyrunner® World Series 2011 calendar. The International Snowdon Race on July 23 in Llanberis, Wales will replace The Ben Nevis Race as a Skyrunner® World Series Trial offering national and international competitors the chance to gain valuable ranking points."

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Rene BorgJul 5 2011, 6:53pmWe are in the process of organising the internationals trip to Snowdon. If any runners from Ireland are travelling over who want to be considered in our overall plans (where possible) please email me at coaching at championseverywhere dot com and I help out as best I can.
mike noelJul 21 2011, 12:37amHi.can you just go to wales and enter on day,or is it all pre entry,serious runner,was looking for race.This looks good,was ninth on matterhorn international,would this be more difficult as im not familer with race,would be an assender rather than decender.would like to do it though.Thank you.Mike.
Rene BorgJul 21 2011, 9:15amUnfortunately not Noel, registration opens only in two narrow windows throughout the year and entries are ripped away.

From my (limited) knowledge of the Matterhorn Berglauf, I believe it's a 12.5km uphill only race with 1000m climb? If this is so then it's a very different beast, a longer but more gradual ascent and no descent compared to Snowdon which requires an athlete proficient at both. That said, in the Andi Jones era the ascent decided the race, with Andi just cruising down fast enough to keep that old maestro Ian Holmes at bay. Last year saw the trend reversed when Joe Simpson came from behind to overtake the summit leader and win on the a fast descent. When Kenny Stuart set the record he was likewise only second to the ascent and secured the time on the way back.

The ascent on Snowdon is a stern test, but still a very runnable gradient in all but three sections. The descent is not very technical, stamina to keep going on the 5 mile descent and the leg strength to handle that there's no give in the terrain at all. Falls are expensive for there's no soft spot to land on unless you're running in a crowd!
Cormac O ceallaighJul 22 2011, 9:29pmBest of luck to all the runners taking part in the snowdon international race tomorrow,
mike noelJul 23 2011, 1:16amKind regards Rene,it's seems a tough but good course,maybe next year hey.Best of luck to all running.
Gerry BradyJul 23 2011, 9:53pmResults:

Summary in race report on IMRA page.
Ian ConroyJul 24 2011, 1:30amGreat running by everybody! Some great improvements on previous Snowdon showings and impressive débuts.
Rene BorgJul 24 2011, 12:26pmTeam manager's report up and a few photos uploading here from Pete's Eats in Llanberis as we speak. More photos available here:

Further photos will be added to Mick Hall photos later.
Jason KehoeJul 25 2011, 3:52pmWell done guys and gals! As Ian said, the times are really starting to come down and hopefully it will continue like that for the future. I hope some of the team members will give us a report or two.
Rene BorgJul 25 2011, 6:55pmDescent and ascent times and positions are up.
Mick HanneyJul 25 2011, 10:52pmSnowdon race S4C 11.05pm.
Rene BorgAug 6 2011, 11:04amI had great trouble getting the right file size for upload, but extremely belatedly please find another 13 Snowdon photos of the team before and after the event.