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Tomás Mac CormaicJan 23 2012, 11:04pmJust a suggestion, but why not add another 2 km onto the event and make it a marathon.
Gerry BradyJan 24 2012, 12:09amIf anyone has GPS details on any of the legs, can they post them? The Committee meeting last week decided to take the shorter leg 4 option so no pint waiting at Drumgoff for the 3rd leg runner!

Hope teams have started to form and to recce the legs otherwise some teams may run a lot farther than a marathon! Different route choice decisions and executions will probably mean no teams run the same distance.
Rene BorgFeb 22 2012, 3:15pmhi all,

Mud, Sweat and Tears have posted a piece on this race based on information from Gerry Brady:

Hopefully this will attract an overseas team or two.

Gerry BradyFeb 25 2012, 10:02amMaps of the four legs in the Lakes relay have been added to the event page as well as approximate leg distances and climb. All courtesy of Kevin O'Riordan. The straight line is 39.5 km with 1,850m climb.

It would be helpful to get more volunteers (handover, registration, first aid and general safety issues). More preliminary entries would also help!
Aidan RoeFeb 25 2012, 5:39pmGerry
do you have to check in at each leg finish if you are running by yourself (non competitive)?. Checkpoint 2 can be bypassed by fire road if you are heading towards Arts Lough.

Gerry BradyFeb 25 2012, 7:05pmNice try Aidan :) but yes for safety, and to ensure all teams run a consistent course, all runners must pass through the three handover points.
Aidan RoeFeb 25 2012, 9:08pmFigured as much even as I was writing it:-) Was worth a try though.

niamh o ceallaighFeb 25 2012, 10:38pmI don't see the maps?
Mick HanneyFeb 26 2012, 8:39amSee Route Description. Each heading is a clickable link to each map.
Alan AylingMar 2 2012, 5:02pmVery tempted to have a solo go at this. Is the distance quoted on the event page based on the straight line route, or on the shortest "reasonable" route a runner might take?

Gerry BradyMar 3 2012, 12:36amAlan, on the straight line route, route choices would suit you!
Gerry BradyMar 21 2012, 7:57pmGentle reminder for teams to enter before the end of March, see event page for entries to-date.
Fergal DalyMar 27 2012, 6:44pmDo we have to register before the end of march ?
Is there a closing date for this ?
Just that I haven't had time yet to discuss this with others and get organised.
Gerry BradyMar 29 2012, 12:12amFergal, can you get provisional entry in, there is some discretion, thanks
Gerry BradyMar 30 2012, 8:07pmEntries-to-date file on the event page has been updated, eight teams so far will run the first ever holding of the glacier lakes relay!
Volkan KocApr 2 2012, 10:55amCan anyone advise what to do to enter the race? I'd like to run it on my own and this would be my first IMRA run. As far as I uhderstood racers try to pick/make their route, making sure passing through check points and lakes. Are there water stations at the checkpoints? Thanks
Gerry BradyApr 2 2012, 8:08pmVolkan

To enter simply turn up in good time at the hotel in Glendalough on race day, register for IMRA, and pay your entry fee for the race (email me prior to the event with your entry using the form on the event page). It is a difficult race so you should have experience and confidence in the mountains and be ready for weather from all seasons. Volunteer marshalls may be able to bring water from registration to the handover points or other teams may bring it for you.

There are currently 14 possible teams entered (see link to entries on event page). All teams should be using this weekend to recce their legs and/or further explore route choice options. Leg 2 in particular requires navigation skills even on a clear day. The other legs are more route choice challenges but will still require basic navigational skills in clear weather. One team is trying to put an all womens team together and they are looking for two more runners.
Kyle HeronApr 3 2012, 10:52pmTeams should be using this weekend to recce their legs and explore route choice??

It's hardly a navigation challenge if the legs are tested beforehand!
Dermot MurphyApr 4 2012, 9:41amIts a relay race, not a navigation race, but navigation and route choice will be important. Route is set out well in advance, so its up to competitors to recce the routes in advance if they want.
Kyle HeronApr 4 2012, 10:30pmI was just hoping to put people off the recce as I won't get the chance to!
suzanne kennyApr 4 2012, 11:24pmIm looking forward to this event! Hopefully search and rescue will be on hand for those that cant read maps lol :(
Catherine DevittApr 5 2012, 12:13pmHi - I see mention of a womens only team (in Gerry Brady's post). I'd love to do this race, am originally from Glendalough, know the area well (and a former mountain rescue girl, have good nav.skills). Any team looking for a female participant? Thanks,
Catherine DevittApr 5 2012, 12:39pmAt Suzanne,
I see you only have two ladies on your team, including yourself. I'd certainly be interested in a leg, if not both. Drop me an email if you wish. I'm at catherinedevitt at . Thanks Suzanne,


suzanne kennyApr 5 2012, 6:53pmBrilliant catherine! We wud love to have u on our team... Myself, mags and caroline reid... sent u email ..ur up for leg 3 !
Gerry BradyApr 5 2012, 7:56pmEntries file updated, some strong early starting teams. The solo hounds (Alan Ayling, Paul Mahon, and Zoran Skrba) will have their work cut out to catch and keep their quarries! Adrian Tucker may upstage everyone
Caroline ReidApr 6 2012, 8:28amAnyone interested in a recce of Leg two on Monday morning? :)
Text me on 086 4035910
Catherine DevittApr 6 2012, 7:20pmRecced Leg 3 today. Ouch! :-) Nice climbs and descents - great for those great at descending! Quite cold today - so if recce-ing over the weekend, may sure to bring hat and gloves.
Gerry BradyApr 8 2012, 2:40pmSolo runners in particular but all runners should heed safety advice re bringing a hat, gloves, mobile, cagoule etc. for their own safety particularly if cloudy, windy or wet. Teams should have worked out relocation/escape routines if a runner becomes disoriented or lost.

Can any teams who have not finalised their team names do so asap so that handover sheets can be prepared and any bonus start times calculated.

The Committee has agreed to provide some drinks at the handover points. Can runners advise on their preferences. Are 500 ml water bottles sufficient? If there are enough marshalls we could allow a 100 metres zone after the handover point in which you could drop the water bottle on the path and the marshall will collect (to save those vital leg time seconds!)?

A few more marshalls would make things easier. A marshall needs to collect the handover sheets with the runners names before they go the handover point and then to be there for the period all runners are passing through.

Does anyone know if only 4-wheel vehicles can currently cross the ford at the top of Glenmalure?
Mick HanneyApr 8 2012, 2:58pmGerry - I'll add my name down to marshall a handover preferably at either of the Glenmalure valley changeovers. My car has higher clearance so I should be able to cross at Baravore if needed. I haven't been there recently so if anyone has I'd appreciate feedback on how high the river is running.

Is there a cut-off time for runners to reach changeover points?
Adrian TuckerApr 8 2012, 4:10pmThe 'stream' is very crossable as of yesterday. There were quite a few ordinary cars on the far side, parked up along by the hostel. Unless we get some major downpours during the week it should be no problem to cross.

500ml water bottles at the handover pouints would be my choice. This makes it much easier to manage hydration for us solo runners - certainly takes the extra weight off my shoulders!
Paul Tierney Apr 8 2012, 8:29pmSurely there's plenty of fresh water out on the course?
Adrian TuckerApr 8 2012, 9:21pmPlenty of water out there all right, my running shoes pay testament to that, whether it's drinkable or not is another question altogether!!
Gerry BradyApr 9 2012, 8:11pmTwo more solo runners added to the entries: one a sprightly and experienced M60 with a 40 minutes time bonus, and the other a greyhound!
suzanne kennyApr 10 2012, 2:51pmAnyone off work this thurs morning or early afternoon... That wud fancy joining me for a recce of leg 4? Even if not doing this race themselves? I may get lost if i go alone lol ..
Mick HanneyApr 12 2012, 8:45pmGerry - can you post up when and for how long (aprox) you'll need your marshalls in place, whats the handover procedure, what we need to bring etc (if new members starting a leg etc.) Thanks.
Mick HanneyApr 14 2012, 2:08pmShort notice I know but it can't be helped. I'm unable to help tomorrow due to a family situation that has arisen over the weekend. Apols.
James FlanaganApr 14 2012, 4:49pmI am free if you need someone. Just let me know on 087 2715518 anytime.
Gerry BradyApr 14 2012, 7:39pmThanks James, sorry to hear that Mick.

Registration and the start and finish are at the Glendalough hotel. Volunteers will be there from 8 am.

There will be 330 ml bottles of water with drink assist tops at the handover points. These are essentially for the runners doing more than one leg. There will also be some Zero sports drink tablets if you want to add them to the water (ask the marshall for one). Some energy gels sachets will be available at registration at the hotel if you want to carry them for an energy boost! You are allowed to discard the water bottle on the path within 100m of the handover point (handover marshall will collect).

Weather looks good but there was snow on Lugnaquilla last night so don't forget to bring the recommended safety gear with you.

Touch the water at each designated lake. This is a must to validly complete the route.

On leg 1 you can only run on the Wicklow road where it is part of St. Kevin's Way. Be very careful at the finish of leg 1 as you cross the road at the Wicklow Gap as there is a sharp road bend on the Blessington side, and they won't be expecting runners out so early in the morning.

On leg 3 cultivated farmers fields near the bottom of the zig-zags are out of bounds.

On leg 4 remember to touch the water in both Glendalough lakes.

Hope everyone has a good and enjoyable run and that when recovered, each team posts a race report to assist the Committee to decide whether to make this an annual event.
gerry bradyApr 15 2012, 10:21amMags Greenan hands over with 12 minutes lead over Adrian Tucker on end leg 1
Pól Ó MurchúApr 15 2012, 8:10pmFantastic race today, really enjoyed it. Hope it'll be a regular on the calendar. Be great if you could organise the weather for it every year too. Absolutely perfect conditions for it. Well done Gerry for coming up with the race idea and for organising. Thanks also to the volunteers on the day : Stuart, Kevin, James and Aoife. And of course thanks to the Team - Paula, Mel and Bob!
Gerry BradyApr 15 2012, 9:17pmShort race report posted including results. Thanks to the volunteers and runners for a good day in the hills. Can you let me know of any errors in the time calculations. Photos later!
Derek KellettApr 15 2012, 9:41pmLads,

You've opened a can of worms, they debate about route choices, who did well/badly etc. has been going since. Thank you for a wonderful event, here's to next year.

Again thanks
Gerry BradyApr 16 2012, 8:35pmSome photos uploaded and four race reports with more promised!
Mags GreenanApr 16 2012, 11:00pmJust to say a bit thanks to Gerry and the helpers for organising such a great day yesterday for the relay. What an absolute incredible day of sun shine. I would think most of us had to recce the routes on cold misty days the previous week and it was such a relief and sheer magic to have such a beautiful day for the race. Great to be able to appreciate the fantastic scenery.I had the added bonus of a herd of deer on my route- although I must admit I was like an add for spec savers as I had thought they were a crop of stones and I had them in my sight for quite a while!. The high light was to reach the top of Tonelagee and find it covered in icicles. Can you put a price on such a feeling or a moment in time. You just want to bottle it. A definite must for the calendar and that is coming from some one who really needs to learn how to follow a map!
And before I forget as Suzanne Kenny would say ." Go girls go" What an effort we all had to put in to beat Adrian Tucker.... the man is a machine.!
aidan roeApr 17 2012, 8:05amjust like to add my few cents worth. really enjoyed the day. Weather was fantastic. a pure beast of a route (might finish it next time). many thanks to gerry and all the other volunteers who gave up their time to make it possible.
Zoran SkrbaApr 17 2012, 9:21amGreat race, and superb weather. Thanks to Gerry and all the volunteers. I think it is definitely a keeper on the calendar. Well done to Mags, Caroline, Catherine and Suzanne for the win.
suzanne kennyApr 17 2012, 12:38pmReally enjoyed this race! A definate keeper on the calender in my opinion...the handicap system seemed to work well (sometimes its good to be a girl ;) ! I was wrecked after doing only one leg...serious respect to those that did all 4 on their own! I have my suspicious that u are in fact bionic? Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day and to gerry of course! And to all the tourists who thought we were wierdos running thru glendalough and touching the water in each lake .. While was all part of the laughs of the day :) brilliant! x
Billy ReedApr 17 2012, 4:50pmJust to echo what has already been said. A unique race with the combination of chasing start and relay made for a very interesting day out. The legs were all very different with one being all trail and one requiring a bit of compass work even on a good day so could be a challenge in mist. Great choice for the relay teams and well worth the drive for the solo run for Fred and myself. We definitely got our value!
Very well organised by Gerry and his team with water and electrolyte tablets at the changeover points. I hope you guys put this event on again next year as I really enjoyed it. Spectacular scenery.
Eileen WalshApr 18 2012, 9:01amThanks again to Gerry and all the volunteers who put their time and effort into making the Glacier Lakes a truly special event. We were charmed by the fabulous weather and scenery. And touching the water in those beautiful hidden mountain lakes , takes the hardship out of the run, almost!
Well done to all who ran and to the winning Ladies. We're already looking forward to next year.

Eileen Frank Stephen and Colin.