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Úna Uí LoachaJun 5 2012, 3:07pmFirst time ever doing a mountain run and was thinking of doing the slieve bearnagh for I will be in the area on that weekend and was wondering if its advisable?? Have competed a 10k which was hilly enough for the first 4k 2wks ago. I know road running is totally different to mountain running but figure I need to start somewhere and not looking to make any times but to complete it, how long do you think it would take for a beginner roughly?? Regards Úna
Brian FlannellyJun 7 2012, 9:03amHi Una,
It's probably one of the better ones for a beginner to try. It is less than 9km so distance shouldn't be an issue.
If you could be there a little earlier to sort out registration, that would be great.
fiona ChristianJun 8 2012, 8:19pmNeed more volunteers?
Brian FlannellyJun 9 2012, 8:43amYeah, that would be great thanks. Much appreciated!