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Ruairí LongMikey Fry

A lazy man's report.

This race report must be taken with a grain of salt, as it was written from the sidelines. I felt like I should contribute something to the race, having not volunteered or raced but instead simply enjoyed the sun and smiles free of charge, so here goes my first IMRA race report!

I also don't want to steal the thunder from Mikey Fry who has been writing a series of exremely insightful reports- written exactly as the race happened for him, but thought another view would be good too. Keep them going Mikey!

Firstly, the conditions. I doubt words like magical or special were in many peoples minds as they sweated up the stones to Trooperstown cairn, but we truly have been lucky at recent races like Djouce and now Trooperstown. It was scorching. The course, an out and back to Boots from Trooperstown took the stunning and very dry Trooperstown ridge route. A good mix of road and path allowed strenghts and weaknesses to emerge easily.

As for the racing itself, the delays caused from Dublin by fires and emergencies must have given more time for firing up the quads, so the leaders set themselves out early in the course and stayed there. Some usual suspects were among the first few to come into my view from the first summit, like Brian, Colm, Mikey and the lads. Perhaps notable in second was experienced orienteer Shea O'Boyle, who, having been bitten by the Chamonix bug has been absent from the domestic scene recently. All the Ski-Mo and altitude is working well however, comfortable as he hit the last singletrack section.

Cutting stripes through all the IMRA heads though was an athlete that caused more then one mutter amongst the finishers. I must apologise for not knowing his name, but his talent was obvious from the ease he had spaced himself out by the first climb. Decked to the nines in top line Salomon S-Labs gear, laughing and joking every time he passed me both on the way out and back, this was a victory with inspiring ease.

Another congratulations must be given to Aoife McCavana in the womens, who is in flying form approaching the World Univeristy Orienteering Championships in Finland. Oh and another great run from my sister Róisin too, who continues her battles with our dad Mike.

As always, thanks to all the volunteers and the RD for embracing the incredible selfless tradition that keeps IMRA going and providing an excellent evening for all. To anyone reading this who hasn't had the opportunity to volunteer, from old schoolers to new recruits, do go out of your way to give back to everyone. A chance to meet some fellow runners, chat, and enjoy a painless evening in the hills all while getting you closer to that coveted LL finishers prize is more than worth it!

I suppose I should probably go do some hot mountain racing myself this Sunday in Macedonia, which provided a handy excuse to sit back and enjoy the rare Wicklow evening glow. Buzzing for it now.

By Ruairí Long

Lovely boots...,.

So I get a message from wife on Monday to get home as soon as possible cause she’s super sick vomiting achey bones and other problems when I eventually get home I have to head to bed bones sore tummy bad shape and my first thoughts r crap trooperstown Wednesday night will I be fit to run then a little puking Monday night:( so struggle through Tuesday managed to eat pasta with the lads Tuesday night hadn’t eaten anything since Monday morning and Wednesday comes along and my head all day is putting me off going ahh just have the 99er with the lads in Glendalough and forget the race but I manage to keep that thought out.... so head out to Glendalough in good time didn’t really matter race put back to 7.45 fire in kilmac causing delays ...pull into the troops Peter bell(John bell has stayed at home to do yoga and Kevin is painting his nails:)) jumps in with me no one man r lady cars allowed down ....the weather is so hot nearly consider going for a swim ...myself and Peter sign in some chats thanks to Karen for punch on voucher we then head out for warm up nice easy jog up to forest and back in time for start ...David gives the all clear and we’re sprinting down the road hoping the knees hold up to get to forest before the bottle neck and breathing begins beautiful trail up to the horrible road where nelus keeps us in the right direction so it’s off the road onto the trail and boom we hit first biggest climb I usually able to run up this but I power walked up most of the way Gavin Damien and a few others around at this stage myself and Gavin exchanged places a few times eventually we hit the top and head across to the stinker boots so we slog across towards it get passed by a few Graham paces me out I’m sure the same place every year before boots Luke also does hi to Keith and we’re back pushing pushing to try keep up Damian is on my heals and we exchange places a few times it’s tough up there in the heat we’re back at the troops (wow that was fast not..)so I lashing down the crazy hill steep steep take one place Luke still ahead hit the bottom of the hill I slow down a bit to catch my breath and try keep a steady pace this is where I’m suffering hit the road Damian passes me out I keep up with him it’s bernad all over again that road seems endless I keep pushing I get in front of Luke and Damian and have to lock my brain in to keep in front finally turning right into the forest passing nelus I was hoping if I was in front here I’d stay in front this finish is amazing beautiful fast and super comfy on the knees I’m bombing through the forest super fast finally hit the road sharp right turn and sprint finish in front still... phew what a race I wobble around saying well done to everyone nice drink and sit down...when legs back to walking nearly everyone heads to the river man this should be in every race mandatory requirement...walk in lay down it was so nice and the chats were mighty so many smiles like little kids in a swimming pool for the first time need for shower when I get home :))
Head to mountain rescue centre where Brian says what to put the kettle hell yes nothing better then a cup of tea ...also some coke nachos jelly’s knocking around more chats then chocolate over load...a little drying of dishes with Becky who was resting for the weekend and nice chats(always great chats in kitchens:))
Thanks again David and crew for a cracking race a perfect way to finish off a Wednesday evening at least my heads not down a toilet :)


And i hope everyone enjoys the weekend in the sticks I will make it down some day (I think Jason my kidnap me next year:))