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Running Association

Killiney Hill Relay Charity Race


Mike JordanDavid Power

Killiney Hill Charity Relay Results

OverallTeamPosition Team # Team Members
1st Team8 (Oscar, Pol, Darren)
2nd Team15 (Andy Mc, Andy K, Tommy)
3rd Team4 (Gareth, Michael, Brian)
4th Team1 (Derek, Stephen, Cormac)
5th Team11 (Ronan, Aisling, Martin)
6th Team10 (Issa, Stephanie, Arthur)
7th Team5 (Stephen, Lindsay, Alan)
8th Team16 (James, Maeve, Rob)
9th Team9 (Ian, Gavan, Donall)
10th Team12 (James, Sandra, Derek)
11th Team2 (Maike, Eamonn, Philip)
12th Team14 (Chris, Shauna, Bill)
13th Team13 (Layla, Santina, Richard)
14th Team3 (Caroline, Angela, Paddy)
15th Team7 (Lucile, Conor, David)
16th Team17 (Helen, Jodie, Eoin)
17th Team6 (Ciara, Anne, Dave)

Leg 1 Times:
Team # IMRA# Surname Firstname LegTime
Team1 706 Livingstone Derek 00:18:37
Team2 1940 Jürgens Maike 00:16:12
Team3 1507 Henry Caroline 00:17:48
Team4 679 Little Gareth 00:11:50
Team5 102 Lavelle Stephen 00:14:23
Team6 3017 Ni Cheallaigh Ciara 00:22:44
Team7 2998 Terrier Lucile 00:18:48
Team8 2950 Rowe Oscar 00:11:25
Team9 3005 Clifford Ian 00:14:39
Team10 El Habri Issa 00:13:03
Team11 3008 Hickey Ronan 00:13:28
Team12 1186 Clancy James 00:13:40
Team13 1405 Dixon Layla 00:15:13
Team14 302 Willoughby Christopher 00:13:14
Team15 3023 McGeady Andy 00:14:30
Team16 108 Heggie James 00:15:55
Team17 409 Roche Helen 00:16:27

Leg 2 Times:
Team # IMRA# Surname Firstname LegTime
Team1 2167 Kennedy Stephen 00:11:24
Team2 1528 Hodge Eamonn 00:13:30
Team3 114 Flynn Angela 00:18:49
Team4 2906 Killilea Michael 00:16:50
Team5 3007 Heppenstall Lindsey 00:17:37
Team6 1488 Wynne Anne 00:16:26
Team7 3006 Henry Conor 00:19:33
Team8 2 Ó Murchú Pól 00:12:45
Team9 1511 Doherty Gavan 00:16:41
Team10 2402 Bergin Stephanie 00:14:00
Team11 3010 O Sullivan Aisling 00:17:06
Team12 2632 Orozco Sandra 00:18:47
Team13 984 Doherty Santina 00:20:18
Team14 2997 Creane Shauna 00:16:25
Team15 447 Keeling Andy 00:11:32
Team16 2986 Sweeney Maeve 00:17:18
Team17 2657 Neary Jodie 00:20:52

Leg 3 Times:
Team # IMRA# Surname Firstname LegTime
Team1 2154 O'Ceallaigh Cormac 00:14:16
Team2 1092 Boylan Philip 00:16:07
Team3 1862 Holohan Paddy 00:14:52
Team4 2995 Rowe Brian 00:13:41
Team5 549 Ayling Alan 00:13:00
Team6 103 Docherty Dave 00:13:44
Team7 2952 Power David 00:13:11
Team8 3020 O'Toole Darren 00:12:15
Team9 3022 Flanagan Donall 00:14:11
Team10 2315 Spring Arthur 00:17:25
Team11 Francis Martin 00:13:44
Team12 184 Hay Derek 00:13:20
Team13 626 Barnwall Richard 00:13:23
Team14 716 Gunning Bill 00:16:40
Team15 916 Galvin Thomas 00:14:19
Team16 151 Tobin Rob 00:11:52
Team17 2587 O'Neill Eoin 00:15:34

private parking

We were warned that the park was open to the public and would be busy. Logical enough - the long evenings are here in April, so I left for work early that morning imagining a nice warm sunny evening on Killiney Hill, running around in the charity relay.
Like the Formula 1 - weather conditions can change and cause havoc. The lingering rain all afternoon never cleared, so my bright idea of running from work was damper than expected. A 40min warm up was longer than the race.

Unlike the F1, I didn't have a pitcrew to swap out my slick road runners for a pair of grippy trail runners, required for the slippy descents from the Obelisk. No harm, on arrival, tried to seek shelter from the cold rain drops under the leafless trees and met my team of Lucile and Conor - their combined age still less than mine probably.

Off they went, while I mingled and got progressively colder. Gloves and Boston jacket on. ("Don\'t you know I did the marathon? Let me tell you...").

The race was won by the time I got going, so off I trotted up the path. The slicks came in handy for most of the lap. We had the park to ourselves, the rain keeping that single body, "the public", away. It was glorious to come out about Vico Road and see Killiney Bay and Bray Head, all calm and beautiful. Still silence. Same when we got up the steps to Telegraph Hill and saw Dublin Bay and Dún Laoghaire.

At this point, I had moved well clear of the wooden spoon race, passing a runner, who then charged down the hill to the finish, dashing my hopes of redeeming dignity by passing me by a nose at the line. Nobody saw me pass him, but 50 people say him pass me back. Chapeau.

My run back to the bus home after involved a nav error. Must have missed the tape, so didn't hit the #7 bus, but managed to salvage a #63 home via a circuitous route. Should have brought my map, compass and bus timetable.

All in all, a nice intro for Wednesday evening racing. Great to see new runners dipping their toes with IMRA.