Irish Mountain
Running Association

Belmont and Little Sugar Loaf


Mikey Fry

Little pig

Tried asking Brian for race report cause to wrecked to write but he’s too expensive weeeeeeeeeee we’re flying down the first amazing fire road off many so exciting to talk about them warren and a good few lash ahead I get passed by a few along the wall then pass back out on the slightly down hill on a fire road back up slightly left turn passed by Tim Andy valdas think Ben somewhere behind phew passed Becky that up hill steep fire road style having to resort to speed walking past the gate Ben passes no no Ben I stay with him boom up rocks I jump into black panther mode passed him valdas too it’s a race to the top which valdas eventually beats us hit the top boom I’m flying down passing valdas Tim Rory passed Pete the bell hanging his cloths out Rory flys past me like it’s not even a race turn right sneaky up hill Tim valdas are ahead again down comes back I’m past them again all the way to the bottom left turn back to pain and not sure steep fire roads Tim valdas go past again right turn downhill then annoying up hill now the lovely Conor passes flip I’m out of gas keep going eventually finish line ahead Ben just behind me wow great to be back but a tough one for the mountain runners thanks again angels and the crew for a super race good chats food and all that comes with an Imra race good day mikey:))