IAU Trail World Championships

World Championships
Saturday 10 June, 2017
10 (Extreme) - Extreme, >1,000M ascent or > 30Km
Only major junctions marked - Only major junctions marked

Bada Prataglia, Italy
The Maurice Mullins Ultra race on Saturday 25th March 2017 will be the trial race. Guideline selection times for Maurice Mullins Ultra Men : 4 hours 15 minutes Women : 5 hours 15 minutes Selection basis: First two in trial races with other positions based on trial race and mountain running and long-distance/road performances in 2016/2017. All selection is subject to the athlete being at least capable of finishing within 10% of the international race winners times. Only athletes who meet the criteria will be selected this means that full teams may not be sent. Selected athletes should be registered with Athletics Association of Ireland.
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