Sorrel Hill

Race to the top of Sorrell and back, starting on good forest trail but moving quickly on to slippery trial and finish on open mountain
Wednesday 7 July, 2004
7:30 PM
Men - 36:43 (John Lenihan, Riocht, 1987) Women - 49:55 (Vanessa Lawrenson)
Leinster League
Take left turn in Blesington and cross over lake, turn right and follow signs to Zellers pub in Lackan. Registration will take place in grounds of Zellers and runners when registered will go up to start in full cars to be parked in field at 2 Euros a car. The entry fee for this race is being donated to the two mountain rescue teams operating in the area in which we run the summer league and Leinster Championship (which resumes on Sunday). We greatly appreciate their efforts but hope we will never need them. Travel to this race is a little longer than normal and with the remote registration leave plenty of time. Note NO registration will be taken at race start. Start: Gr. O 012108
Zellers Pub, Lacken


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