WMRA Youths Trial

WMRA Youths Trial 2011
Saturday 9 April, 2011
12:00 PM
3 (1,1,1) - Easy Terrain, <200M ascent, <6Km
Route fully marked - Route fully marked

2 laps for both boys and girls. Very good underfoot conditions with route all on good quality forest path. Route goes uphill for 900m with a climb of 74m then very short flat section across two bridges before descending down on other side of the river.
Upper lake car park, Glendalough. Race starts on Wicklow Way near to Information centre. See course map for relative location of entrance road from Laragh, car park, and race route.
Glendalough, Wicklow.

Advice is to wear road racing shoes unless it is very wet where light trail shoes may be needed.

International race details

Enter on the day : 5 euro for annual registration and 4 euro for race entry.

Boys race starts at 12:00 and Girls race at 12:02
Start is on the Wicklow Way on the right-hand side of a river. Route initially follows WW but then swings right rather than going up the steps on the WW.



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