Trooperstown Hill

Niamh O'CeallaighJan 27, 11:58pmLots more volunteers required for this event. Please sign up!
Ben MooneyJan 28, 9:59pmRun and volunteer for Trooperstown Race
Colum McKeownJan 31, 7:12pmHi Nimah,

Could I volunteer for the race and run it? I'm not able to sign up for myIMRA so volunteering here.


Niamh O CeallaighJan 31, 8:59pmThanks Colum. That is no problem for you to run. I Will add you to the list.
Emma BolandJan 31, 10:01pmNiamh myimra not working so can you put Bronagh and I down as running volunteers please. Thanks.
henny brqandsmaFeb 2, 10:15amHi Niamh.
Can give you a hand At Trooperstown,just let me know what you want me to do.
Cheers Henny.
Contact no.087-7604825 or e-mail
Niamh O CeallaighFeb 7, 8:04pmThanks to all those who have volunteered so far. I have allocated tasks to each of you and will be in touch in the coming days with details.

I am still looking for people to fill the following roles:

1. Laptop Operator - non running
2. Laptop Operator Assistant - non running (no prior laptop experience required)
3. First Aid Officer - non running

4. Parking Marshal - running - Only required before race
5. Spot prize purchaser - running (purchase spot prizes and bring along on day when I will reimburse you)
6. post race helper x2 - running

Eoghan CartonFeb 7, 9:23pmNiamh,
I will help out before and after race as a running volunteer.
Joan StapletonFeb 9, 2:02pmHi, I'll help out after race as running volunteer,

Niamh O'CeallaighFeb 10, 3:24pmThanks Joan, Eoghan.
I still require the following volunteers:

1. Laptop Operator - non running
2. Laptop Operator Assistant - non running (no prior laptop experience required)
3. First Aid Officer - non running

Mick HanneyFeb 10, 8:29pmNiamh,
I'll give the laptop a go. I refamiliarised myself with the system in recent days.
Richie McLFeb 11, 10:43pmHi Niamh,
I can do Laptop Assistant

Richie (No. 165)
niamh o ceallaighFeb 12, 8:51pmThanks Richie,
That's great.
Niamh O'CeallaighFeb 12, 9:31pmThanks to everyone who has volunteered. Below are the volunteer roles. Please read carefully as your name may appear twice. Please check in with me when you arrive. Email me on niamhoceallaigh at gomail dot com if you have any difficulties or call o85 1445209


Hazel Thompson
Mark route as per map - NOC to email route.


Bernard Fortune


Mick Hanney & Richie McLiam


John Langan
Colum McKeown
Direct cars to sensible parking spaces. Wear Hi-viz if you have one.

FIRST AID - 10.45am

On arrival, check contents of F.A. Bag. Deal with any injured runners at race finish. Inform Race director of any serious injuries.

MONEY & REG QUEUE - 09.30am

Bronagh Cheetham
Emma Walsh
Get money bag and float from R.D. Count float to check. Take money in from queue
Send runners in queue to coorect desk (sign in desk for registered runners / registration desk for new runners for 2012).

SIGN IN SHEETS - 09.30am

Cormac O Ceallaigh
Eoghan Carton
Ensure that every runner signs in legibly

NUMBERS - 09.30am

Charlie Lyons
Ben Mooney
Hand out numbers to runners


Rafael Salazer - at turn off junior course. Need to be in position by 11.05. Check in with Niamh by 10.45 for detailed directions.

Henny Brandsma - At furtherst point on course. Need to be in position by 11.15. Can drive to this point. Niamh to email map.


Charlie Lyons
Record finishers numbers


Ben Mooney
Cormac O Ceallaigh
Joan Stapleton
Eoghan Carton
When you finish running, Collect numbers from runners. Sort numbers and put back in boxes.

Eoghan O'DonnellFeb 13, 1:01pmAny one need a lift from Greystones Bray, ive two seats available...
Niamh O CeallaighFeb 13, 1:53pmINSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPETITORS:

REGISTRATION: Will take place at the race start in Trooperstown and will be open from 09.45 - 10.45am. Try to have exact change ready - 7Euro for race entry plus 10Euro for annual IMRA membership if you have not joined for 2012 yet.

CARPOOLING: We request that all cars coming from Dublin direction would call by The Coach House in Roundwood to carpool from there as parking is limited at the race start. There is lots of parking along the road before the pub. Even better - carpool from Dublin or Kilmacanogue.

JUNIORS: Please check in with Race Director at registration to get your hi-viz bib and race briefing.

SAFETY: Please note that a section of this race is on public roads. Please keep to the sides and be cautious.

PRIZEGIVING: The Coach House Pub in Roundwood after the race.
Eoghan O'DonnellFeb 14, 8:19pmHey, could the person who has booked a seat from my car pool mail me at, IMRA automatic mails don't seem to be working.

Eoghan. ;-)
Colum McKeownFeb 15, 4:03pmHi,
Is there anyone,who is planning to be at the race before 9.30am,have a free space in their car?
I live in the Ranelagh/Donnybrook area but can get to wherever is convenient.


Alan AylingFeb 15, 5:57pm"Ensure that every runner signs in legibly"

Wishful thinking IMRA-style.
Mick HanneyFeb 15, 8:13pmA small lesson from previous races.. ensure everyone takes the right no. And, that everyone has their name (at least) written on the back of the no. as this helps with quick validation of same.
Mick HanneyFeb 16, 8:18pmIs this event cancelled if no 1st aider doesn't come forward?
Margarete ClarkFeb 17, 1:36pmHi Joan, if you're driving on Sunday, could I have a lift with you from Bray? ph 086 0842610, email
Niamh O'CeallaighFeb 17, 2:59pmIt is disappointing to note that nobody has signed up for First Aid for Trooperstown yet. The race will go ahead as Jimmy Synnott has agreed yet again to fill the role if nobody else signs up.
So, if anybody else is willing to do the task, please sign up!
Eoghan O'DonnellFeb 17, 4:40pmStill trying to find out the person who has booked a place in my carpool! Can you mail me with details please!!! 0868660520.

Dave KellyFeb 17, 7:19pmHi,

I will be travelling from Skerries/Lusk (leaving at 9am) for this race if anyone wants a lift. Text/call me on oh87 6four7 68one9.

Tony LyonsFeb 18, 8:34amHi, if you are still stuck for first aid I can do it if needed tomorrow.

Thanks, Tony.
Ken CowleyFeb 18, 11:06amHi Niamh - would you like one more non-running volunteer?
Ken Cowley (085 7129060)
Niamh O CeallaighFeb 18, 8:07pmTony,
It would be great if you could do first aid.

Ken, I could do with a marshal on top of Trooperstown where the juniors are turning.

Ken CowleyFeb 18, 9:58pmThat's grand niamh -see you in the morning
Mick HanneyFeb 19, 3:24pmThanks RD Niamh for a well run event this morning.

Thanks Richie for help with the laptop. Not easy when its so cold.

A few people didn't sign in and a few people signed in with eligible numbers or using other people's numbers. This leads to some headaches reconciling results.

Results will be up as soon as possible.

Congrats to race winner Alan Kelly who took his usual wrong turn but copped it this time :-).

Karen O'Hanlon was the ladies winner. Well done.
Margarete ClarkFeb 19, 3:49pmHi Niamh,
would you still be able to put me down as a helper for today's race (sorting numbers)? I probably won't be able to make the next few races as I'm working weekends next month, but I'll sign up again for sorting numbers as soon as possible. Thanks for organising today, your daughter must be very patient! All the best. Margarete
Ken CowleyFeb 19, 8:17pmI was junior marshall at Trooperstown cairn/summit today, and once those not-too-onerous duties were done, I took a bunch of photos of the main field of runners coming down Trooperstown. It was only on my iPhone, but some of them are not bad. Can I upload them to the site, does anyone know, and if so, is it easy to do?
Mick HanneyFeb 19, 8:21pmKen, you'll need to put them into a zip file, but the upload is touch and go sometimes. If you've lots of photos see if you can reduce their size and break them into a few zip files.
John ShielsFeb 19, 8:50pmhaving problems with photo uploads this evening, keeps crashing
anyone have any ideas?
Archie O'DonnellFeb 20, 8:56amExcellent race yesterday, loved the section through the forest and only slipped once. Well done to organisers and marshalls. Can you check my result again as I reckon I finished in around 30th place, I hope I didn't put on the wrong number. Cheers
Mick HanneyFeb 20, 9:56amArchie - I'll check the results sheet this evening with a view to correcting that.
Dave KellyFeb 20, 10:46amHi Mick,

Would you be able to check my result as well. My race no is 129 and my results normally come up under David Kelly70. My result for yesterday seems to have been ascribed to a namesake of mine in error.


Peter BellFeb 20, 10:47amI seem to be registered as a new runner. All my old results are not under my name anymore. Can I get it fixed, if not its fine. Thanks Peter.
Mick HanneyFeb 20, 10:49amDave, Peter. Will do. We'd a teething problem with some registrations that we are aware of and will seek to resolve. Thanks.
Dave KellyFeb 20, 10:57amThanks Mick.

Ken CowleyFeb 20, 12:19pmHi Mick - if you're reading, I've put my photos from yesterday in to a zip file as you suggested - feel free to give me further instructions how to upload them, but if it's tricky technically, I should point out my IT skills are even more mediocre than my hillrunning..
If you like, you can email me privately at kencowley at ireland dot com
Peter BellFeb 20, 1:38pmThanks mick
Ken BarryFeb 20, 1:43pmThanks to all organisers and helpers for a really enjoyable run yesterday. If someone is double-checking the results/names, please note that 408 is Ken Barry68 and not Ken Barry as posted (there are two of us !).

Mick, as mentioned yesterday, if you get time later in the week, could you or someone else set me up on myimra. My mobile no is 0eight6 two733six44.

Thanks !
John BellFeb 20, 2:03pmIt was a really enjoyable run yesterday - first one of the season and I feel it in my legs today!

I see that my result is incorrect. I think I finished in around 54 minutes just ahead of Justin Rea (471 looking at the photos)who's result is also missing, If you could check?

Mick HanneyFeb 20, 10:57pmArchie,
You used a wrong no. (Justin's) which confused us no end. Time should be adjusted tomorrow.
Alison WardeFeb 21, 10:40amThanks to all the organisers for a really enjoyable race. My result is also missing. I re-registered for 2012 on the morning - could be down to my dodgy handwriting! Think I came in around 65 mins, number 620. Would be great if someone could double check this one as well?

Mick HanneyFeb 21, 6:02pmThanks for letting us know Alison. I see you on the results sheet so I'll get that updated.
Alison WardeFeb 22, 9:39amThanks a mill Mick
Dave KellyFeb 23, 8:37pm@ Mick Hanney,

Hi Mick, I see you have changed my result to David Kelly70 as per my message above. Thanks a million for doing this (I presume it was you).

Just to let you know, there now seems to be 2 David Kelly70 names. One has the result from Trooperstown and one has my results from the other winter league races.

I'm actually not bothered - I just want to avoid any confusion in future. I am happy just to leave it as is if it's any problem. Just wanted to let you know in case it is messing up the IMRA database in some other.
Sarah Ni RuaircFeb 27, 11:30pmHello All,

Like many IMRA members I'm a bit of a nerd and I own a Garmin Forerunner. I GPSed the Trooperstown races in July and the last one on the 19th February.

Details here:
July 2011:
February 2012:

You can see the difference between the two, particularly where we all got lost.

CaitlĂ­n BentFeb 28, 10:08amThanks for that Sarah. Not all of us went wrong:)
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