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Niamh O'Ceallaigh


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SlĂ­ Chualann

Volunteer Record (non-running)

2024Djouce Remembrance RaceRace Marker
2024Trooperstown HillRace Marker
2024Wobbly Bridge RathdrumRace Director
2024BrockaghRace Director
2024Killiney Hill Relay Charity RaceDeputy Race Director
2024Forth Mountain WexfordHelper
2024Trooperstown WinterRace Marker
2023Trooperstown HillRace Marker
2023Wobbly Bridge RathdrumRace Marker
2023BrockaghRace Marker
2023Wicklow Way RelayHelper
2023Carrick MountainRace Marker
2023Killiney Hill Relay Charity Race for IMNDARace Director
2023AnnacurraRace Marker
2022Powerscourt RidgeRace Marker
2022Fraughen Rock GlenRace Director
2022Nav Challenge 1Helper
2022Scarr/Lough DanRace Marker
2022Trooperstown HillRace Marker
2022Carrick MountainRace Marker
2022Killiney Hill Relay Charity RaceRace Director
2022Trooperstown WinterRace Marker
2022Brockagh BurstRace Marker
2021Djouce Remembrance RaceRace Marker
2021ScarrRace Marker
2020Devil's GlenRace Director
2020Maurice Mullins HalfLaptop Operator
2020DrumgoffLaptop Operator
2020Trooperstown HillRace Marker
2019Trooperstown HillRace Marker
2019Killiney Hill Relay Charity RaceDeputy Race Director
2019Devil's Glen TiglinRace Director
2019Trooperstown HillRace Marker
2018Circuit of Brandon HillLaptop Operator
2017Nav Challenge 3Race Director
2017Killiney Hill Relay in aid of Special OlympicsRace Director
2016Carrick MountainRace Marker
2016GOAL Relay Race - Killiney HillRace Director
2015Devil's GlenRace Marker
2015BrockaghRace Marker
2015Wicklow Way RelayHelper
2015Trooperstown HillRace Marker
2015Ticknock WinterHelper
2014Carrick MountainRace Director
2014GOAL Relay Race - Killiney HillRace Director
2013Carrick MountainRace Director
2013GOAL Relay Race - Killiney HillRace Director
2013Trooperstown HillRace Marker
2013AnnacurraRace Marker
2012Slievenamon End of season raceHelper
2012European & Youths TrialsHelper
2012Tonelagee and Clockwise lap of the LakeHelper
2012Trooperstown HillRace Director
2012Annagh HillRace Marker
2011Kippure Race Marker
2010B&I Under 18Helper
2010Slieve Donard - ComedaghRace Director
2010Devil's GlenRace Marker
2010TrooperstownRace Director
2010Powerscourt UphillRace Marker
2010Croagh PatrickHelper
2010Tonelagee and the LakeRace Director
2010HowthRace Marker
2010Bray HeadHelper
2010Black MountainHelper
2010MaulinRace Marker
2010Tibradden WinterRace Director
2010Race Director TrainingDeputy Race Director
2009Race Director TrainingDeputy Race Director
2009Race Director Training - CancelledDeputy Race Director
2009Stone Cross to Lug RelayRace Director
2009Circuit of GlenmacnassRace Director
2009CorrigRace Marker
2009Powerscourt UphillRace Marker
2009AnnacurraRace Marker
2008Circuit of GlenmacnassRace Director
2008ScalpRace Director
2007GlenmacnassRace Director
2007Three Rock WinterLaptop Operator