Colin DoyleApr 23, 10:29amHi Vivian, just wondering can I do the summmit marshal on this one, Bring my camera aswell??
Vivian O'GormanApr 23, 6:04pmThanks Colin no problem!
Jean O'NeillApr 26, 5:56pmAre any more volunteers needed? I would like to be a running volunteer.
Vivian O'GormanMay 4, 12:09amA few notes on Scalp Race --

Car parking and race registration for this race is in a private field on the Ballyman Road. See event details for directions. Be careful of any fences in or around the field they are electric! and there to keep cattle and sheep out while we are there.

There will be absolutely NO race entries taken after 7.15. The race start is 2km uphill from registration so allow yourselves plenty of time to walk/jog to the start.

As this is a short race - between 5/6km - there will be NO early start. The race will get underway for everybody at 7.30.

Under 14 and 16 Juniors will run the first loop, this can also be used as a short course. If in doubt see me before the start.

There is one change to the race route. On the second shorter loop runners will be turned right as they enter the forest car park. They will,therefore, be running this loop in the opposite direction and finish on the long forest track. The race distance will still remain the same.

I still need volunteers - 3 to be exact - 1 non running and 2 running.

I am away until Monday so answers to any questions will be done then.

Rachel CinnsealachMay 4, 12:30amHi Vivian, I will be a non running volunteer.

Megan LepperMay 4, 9:08pmI can be a running volunteer if still needed
Niamh O'CeallaighMay 4, 11:27pmI know it is very late in the day for me to post this, but hadn't realised this race had made it back onto the calendar. This was removed from the calendar because it was such a congested race with narrow paths at the start causing frustration.

Just a suggestion that may ease the problem - a back to back start - everybody with odd race numbers starts the race with the scalp loop first and everybbody with even numbers starts the race with the carrigoligan loop first.

The start and finish would need to be in the same location to make sure both groups run the same distance.

Anyway, just a suggestion. If it is too late for this year, perhaps it could be considered for next year.

Brian O'MurchuMay 6, 9:48amHi Vivian,
Are you looking for any more volunteers?
murchubrian at gmail dot com
Vivian O'GormanMay 7, 9:28pmI have enough volunteers now. Thank you to all. Would Karl Maguire please text me his email or mobile number to 0874150398.

Niamh that sounds like a good idea up to a point but it might get a bit messy at the finish. Maybe have a better look next time.
Stuart ScottMay 8, 3:23pmHi all,

Would anyone be passing one of the Green Luas stations tomorrow at 1745 or so? The carpool is looking a little empty at the moment!


peter o'farrellMay 8, 4:21pmSpeaking of cars and driving within the speed limits it would be very advisable to drive within the speed limits - especially just beyond Stepaside village - for anyone on the Enniskerry road...

Just to note that the triathlon belt device for wearing a race number makes it very difficult to read that number at the finish.

Please wear your number loud and proud on your chest.
Sarah HarleyMay 8, 5:26pmHi, I don't suppose anyone is driving down the N11/ through Bray en route to this?
Laura SchwirzMay 8, 6:15pmHello

I'm a volunteer for tomorrow's race and I was wondering whether anybody else is driving out a little earlier? I could meet in town or somewhere along the N11.

Tamas FarkasMay 8, 6:53pmAnyone having a problem with getting to the race please see the route of dublin bus 44. There is supposed to be a stop 400 m from the location indicated by the google maps link for parking and registration.
John DoyleMay 8, 7:18pmany runners from meath going to this?
Derek KellettMay 8, 9:04pmJohn, I'll be heading from Ashbourne, if I'm going, 90% probability. If that's of help give me a bell in the morning 087 1466292.
Angus TynerMay 8, 9:12pmSarah
I'm coming from Wicklow direction on N11, can go via Bray if you think that'll work out.
I've places available in carpool, but don't usually get takers from my neck of woods. :)
John DoyleMay 8, 10:12pmThanks Derek,will give you a bell in the morning
Ian O'KaneMay 8, 11:09pmRe carpool I will be leaving at 6
seamus kilcullenMay 9, 12:45amhi vivion,
can I have an early start, i'll buy apint afterwards,honestly
seamus kilcullen
Eamonn O'NeillMay 9, 9:10amHey, I'm leaving mount street opposite the howl of the moon, going down the N11 and have space for 3. 087 6712950 if you need a lift.

I can't remember my IMRA log in :( Sorry

John CondonMay 9, 9:26amI'm leaving Greystones at 6.30 and can pick up in Bray/Loughlinstown area. Room for 3. Ph 086 609 2316
Shane CarrollMay 9, 1:28pmHi, leaving Ranelagh about 5.45pm if anyone needs a lift somewhere along the way. text me on 0877254143. Shane
Vivian O'GormanMay 9, 3:03pmYes Seamus no problem - although there won't be anybody there
when you start at 4!!
John DoyleMay 9, 3:46pmany one with a spare seat can meet stepaside or kiltiernan
Karen MooreMay 9, 6:06pmSorry John probably way too late but I can pick you up in Kilternan at about 6.40
Aoibheann LeeneyMay 9, 9:49pmCan I just say a huge "Thank you!!!" to the many lads who helped push my car out of the field after the race!! It was very much appreciated!!
Thanks also to all the volunteers!
John DoyleMay 9, 10:45pmthanks Karen but i had left allready
niall o connor May 9, 10:49pmGreat mild night for it :-) another great race well done all involved , thanks for the push also guys
Ken CowleyMay 9, 10:50pmGreat race tonight - fast, wet, muddy and furious - classic Summer League experience!
Apologies to the volunteers (who must have been having a trying night in the rain!), but I got my race number confused, and ended up running with a temporary number - 187.
I just checked and my correct number is 287.
Can I ask to be entered in the results?
I asked the girl who I finished behind (by a few seconds) her number, and she was 260.
Therefore my time would be pretty much 36 mins 10 seconds.
Hope that's ok.
Vivian O'GormanMay 10, 12:42amHi Folks,

I want to thank ALL the volunteers who helped at the race tonight. They all got wet and muddy and no complaints!!

I do have one complaint however.

I would ask all runners that if they miss race registration and don't have a race number NOT to cross the finishing line if they have run the race route while the race is still in progress. By all means go for a run on the course but don't interfere with the race by crossing the finishing line!

Stephen WatersMay 10, 9:39amHi,
Thanks for organising a great race. Just checked the results and my name/number does not appear - stephen waters/1144.
I am not sure of what time we actually started but think I finished around 8.15pm.
Brian FarrellMay 10, 9:44amHi

A great race last night and thanks to all the organisers. Like Stephen I don't appear in the results sheet either. I just joined last night and I think my race number is 1306. On my watch my time was just under 34 minutes.

Brian Farrell
Jim FitzharrisMay 10, 10:24amThanks Vivian and team for a gret race last night!

Very well organised (as we have come to expect!) and a real blast in the muck & rain. I hope Brendan Lawlor enjoyed it .............. ;-)


Brendan LawlorMay 10, 10:33amBeaten on the first lap by my 12 year old son, cursing whoever decided to run the second lap counter clockwise, thrilled by the steamy buzz at the finish, whining Juniors complaining on the walk jog back to the car, muck and sh&*te to bate the band - thanks to Vivian and all volunteers for a great evening - Rain is IMRA's secret friend
Pol O'MurchuMay 10, 11:48amYeah I was just saying that last night Brendan...That son of yours was fairly flying. I used to try and stick with you for a while now I can't even keep up with a 12 year old! haha.

Well done on the race organisation vivian. Great race as always.
Ursula RedmondMay 10, 2:40pmHi,
Excellent race, great job with the organization. Just checked the results and my name doesn't appear - I had a jacket on and forgot to unzip in time! I'm Ursula Redmond, number 1064, and finished directly after number 452. (On the site I'm Redmon - I guess that's a typing error).
Thanks again!
Stephen DoorlyMay 10, 2:59pmI wonder if electronic tagging of the number bibs has been considered as a way of making the finishing results easier to manage?
Mick HanneyMay 10, 3:12pmTagging is an area that has been discussed before but has its issues in terms of cost of set up etc.

In a race such as this you are always going to have issues when it is so relatively short. Runners are arriving in bunches at the finish line. The weather plays its part as runners may have jackets over numbers. The finish line marshalls can only do so much given the circumstances.
Kevin O'RiordanMay 10, 3:15pmA lot of the missing results were due to people running with the wrong number. We managed to capture pretty much every number that passed but about 10 of the numbers didn't match up with the names of people who registered.
Gerry BradyMay 10, 11:35pmShort posting to give recognition to a great run last night by the 2011 British and Irish under 16 champion, Killian Mooney (DSD) who finished third overall and only 18 seconds behind the winner at the Scalp race. The two lads can rest easy as Killian's next race will be in the green colours at the International Youth Cup in Glendalough on June 24th. Preliminary entries indicate we will have around 12 countries participating including Russia, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, etc. More volunteers needed (you can arrive in single occupancy cars as the Information Centre car park is close by)!
Kevin O'RiordanMay 12, 5:24pmupdated results uploaded.
Declan O'DwyerMay 14, 12:58pmReport added
Rene BorgMay 25, 10:36pmTeam results are up.
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