Maurice Mullins Half

Samantha EdgarJan 6 2018, 7:26pmIs there any opportunity to enter this I am very disappointed I missed the entry?
John McCann72Jan 6 2018, 7:43pmHi Samantha, don't worry you haven't missed it. The entry won't open till closer to the race. Keep an eye on the Forums.
Jason DowlingJan 6 2018, 7:44pmHi Samantha,

Entries for this race have not opened yet. The race isn't on 'til early April but when registration opens, it is usually flagged on this forum.

Hope that helps,
Dermot MurphyJan 23 2018, 9:37amHi All, I have put name down as Race Director for the Maurice Mullins Ultra, and will help RD the Trail race too (I have left the RD for the Trail open for now). This will be my last year as RD for this race (10th year!). If anyone wants to RD the Trail race, with a view to RD the race in the future, please feel free to put your name down.

I will be looking for volunteers over the coming months for both races - again please feel free to sign up as soon as you know you can commit to help on the day.

Registration will open in around a month or so - Pol may be able to give a more approximate date - but we do not anticipate a cap on numbers at this stage. Any questions on the race, please just ask!
Mick HanneyJan 23 2018, 6:32pmI'll line up the buses. Can agree nearer the time the location for the pick-up (leopardstown or other). I note the event details as of today as probably a cut and paste from last year.
Aoibheann GaughranFeb 8 2018, 2:36pmHello, can anyone tell me what the distance is to Crone Woods and Curtlestown carparks? Just wondering if I'd make the cut-off times there. I will have done Debra Half on St. Kevin's Way a few weeks beforehand (I did this in 2016 in 2:40), but my IMRA results to date are about 175-180%, back of the pack stuff. Whatcha reckon?
James H CahillFeb 8 2018, 4:33pmAoibheann the cut offs are at Crone Woods Car Park : 14:45 (2 hours 45) - 12.2km and Curtlestown Car Park : 15:30 (3 hours 30) - 17km. The cut offs are more relevant the the ultra runers on their way back and they should be no bother to you.
Rachel CinnsealachFeb 8 2018, 6:33pmAoibhinn,

I am about the same as you or maybe a little slower depending on how much I've been training. The cut offs have never been a problem for me, so you'll be grand.

That said they maybe a problem this year as I am doing a he ultra!!
David MaddenFeb 8 2018, 6:45pmHi Guys, I notice that entries for the Ultra have opened but the half hasn't yet, can you tell me when it does ? Thanks, David
David MaddenFeb 8 2018, 6:45pmHi Guys, I notice that entries for the Ultra have opened but the half hasn't yet, can you tell me when it does ? Thanks, David
Aoibheann GaughranFeb 8 2018, 7:09pmThanks Rachel and James, will give it a bash so.
Dermot MurphyFeb 16 2018, 8:30amEntries for the Maurice Mullins half are now open - entries will close on April 1st.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 16 2018, 4:11pmHi Dermot

I foolishly paid entry for the Ultra, assuming it was the entry for both. Can I use this entry for the half?

Pol O'MurchuFeb 16 2018, 4:15pmHi Conor, Pop me a mail and I'll make that switch for you this evening or over the weekend at some stage.
Richard ChurchFeb 19 2018, 11:06pmHi Dermot/Pol. Could you remove the line from the Event Page stating "ENTRIES NOW CLOSED. STRICTLY NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS." as I've spoken to a few non-regular IMRA folk who were confused about whether the Half is closed or not. Thanks.
Eoin LennonFeb 21 2018, 7:29pmIs there a link to enter this race as I can't seem to find where to do so? The 'IMRA Products' only has the Ultra as an entry option.
Eoin LennonFeb 21 2018, 7:31pmNevermind, found it!
Anthony AlexanderMar 1 2018, 10:34amThe "Google Earth KML" link on the event description is broken. Can the organiser fix the link or someone provide an alternative KML/GPX file?

Here is the current broken link:

I'd like to use it for navigating the route in advance of the race. I used to rely on Strava for finding other attempts and downloading the route, but they've recently disabled their search of other runners' activities.

Pol O'MurchuMar 1 2018, 1:18pmThe correct address should be:
Not sure that that is working either though...Drop me a mail and I can email over the file to you but the route may have changed slightly since then as this file seems to have been created in 2010.
Ronan McCarthyMar 7 2018, 11:36amHi,

I am just wondering if i can switch from the Full to the Half (training has not gone well). I have purchased a full entry already so just seeing if I can jump across and do the half instead. Not worried about the tenner, can donate that to IMRA, just want to do a straight swap if possible.

Dermot MurphyMar 12 2018, 9:04amUPDATE ON PARKING - parking this year will be at the overflow car park at Johnnie Foxes. Registration will be there as well, along with the buses to the race start. If the overflow car park becomes full, alternative parking will be at the Glencullen Golf Club (race finish will be here as well). Please ensure are registered by 11am at the latest (registration will open shortly before 10am), as you will have a 10 minute walk from the Golf Club to registration.

Can I be accepted as race director? Once done, I can update on the race events page.
David CaulfieldMar 12 2018, 11:38amHi,

I tried to purchase an entry to the Maurice Mullins Half but it is not listed in the IMRA products. I'm guessing this means that it is sold out.
Is there a waiting list this year and if yes can I have my name added to it please?
Thanks in advance,
Dermot MurphyMar 12 2018, 1:10pmHi David - no, its not sold out. I can see the entries to date for the Trail and you are on the list - are you sure you hadn't entered earlier? You are entered now anyway...
Pol O'MurchuMar 12 2018, 1:22pmEntries still open...
Ronan McCarthyMar 12 2018, 2:51pmHi, just wondering if it's possible to swap my Ultra entry for a place in the Half? Cheers, Ronan.
David CaulfieldMar 12 2018, 5:05pmThanks for replies Dermot and Pol. Message on screen at time of purchase suggested my card hadn't processed. Obviously did. Looking forward to it.
David CaulfieldMar 12 2018, 5:05pmThanks for replies Dermot and Pol. Message on screen at time of purchase suggested my card hadn't processed. Obviously did. Looking forward to it.
David CaulfieldMar 12 2018, 5:05pmThanks for replies Dermot and Pol. Message on screen at time of purchase suggested my card hadn't processed. Obviously did. Looking forward to it.

I still need plenty of volunteers for this race. I have no volunteers for the checkpoints at either Crone Woods or Curtlestown - please note that there will be no aid stations at these venues if volunteers do not come forward.
I also need non running volunteers to help with the finish.
I will also need volunteers to help with registration and parking - these can be both running and non running volunteers.

Also note that we have a limit of 100 mugs per event (both Trail and Ultra) - these will go to the first 100 to register on the morning.
Anne-Marie FlahertyMar 26 2018, 1:49pmHi Dermot

I've put myself down as running volunteer for the half.
Probably more suited to helping with whatever is needed at registration than with car parking.
Stephen BrennanMar 26 2018, 3:15pmIs there chip timing for this race? I haven't been doing league races for a couple of years so haven't picked up a chip yet.
Dermot MurphyMar 26 2018, 3:30pmThanks Anne-Marie.

Stephen - no chip timing for this race.
Laura FlynnMar 26 2018, 7:20pmMy son Eoin, 19, will come along with me on the day also Dermot to help. As he’s not an IMRA member he can’t volunteer on the race page so am letting you know here. If you put him with or near me. We can be there as early as you need.
Bill HallidenMar 27 2018, 12:51pmIf I buy the block of race tickets for €50 - can I use one ticket against the entry fee for the Maurice Mullins Half or is the fee for the race €20 irrespective
Mike JordanMar 27 2018, 12:58pmOnline entry only. In the race instructions it says: NOTE - ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY FOR THIS RACE. NO REGISTRATIONS ON THE DAY.
Dermot MurphyMar 29 2018, 1:35pmA reminder that registration closes on Saturday. Make sure you are registered before then if you want to run.
Pol O'MurchuMar 30 2018, 10:42amAnyone looking to change course please see new forum post! Please add your details on this and I will sort once entries close!
Shane ColganApr 1 2018, 8:45amFolks, Just realised I missed registration deadline last night. Is there any lastminute entry route for the dim & disorganised...?
Dermot MurphyApr 1 2018, 1:10pmSorry, registration is now closed.
Rory LeadbetterApr 1 2018, 7:26pmI would also like to get in if there’s any chance of an entry.
Mick HanneyApr 3 2018, 8:46amJust repeating Dermot's message earlier to please ensure are registered by 11am at the latest, so that we can get everyone bussed to the start in Ballinastoe in time.

Please don't leave stuff on the bus. Only bring what you intend to run with.
Kevin NolanApr 3 2018, 10:23amHi Dermot,

Sorry I though I’d signed up for the 52k but I’ve just logged in and I must not have hit purchase - is there anything that can be done.

I’ve done a few Recis so would hate to see all that training go to waste.

Will be the first over 40's for me too!!

Many Thanks
Rachel O'CallaghanApr 3 2018, 11:39amIs the Glencullen Golf Club finish line now called The GAP?
Brendan LawlorApr 3 2018, 11:53amYes, its the Glencullen Adventure Park (GAP) now
David PenderApr 3 2018, 1:02pmHi,I have an entry for the half but unfortunately I've injured myself.there is a lad I know who is an imra member who wants to do do I transfer it over to him? Thanks
Andy ClarkeApr 3 2018, 1:11pmHi, all unfortunately I won’t be able to take part in the race ‘
I’m not sure if someone can take my place.
Someone is more than welcome
Beth StephensApr 3 2018, 5:32pmHi there is the half sold out? I cant see it to buy
Laura FlynnApr 3 2018, 5:38pmRegistration is closed since last Saturday Beth
Rory LeadbetterApr 3 2018, 9:26pmI missed registration. I’ll happily take Andy’s place if there’s any way that can be accommodated.
Pol O'MurchuApr 4 2018, 1:02amJust a little video for those who may be wondering who Maurice Mullins was and where the name for this race comes from:

Maurice was quite possibly one of earliest Ultra Runners in Ireland not just as a runner but also as an organiser and the original organiser of this race for a number of years before IMRA took over the organisation of it. Sadly Maurice passed away December 2015 and the following year it was decided to rename the race in his honour. I had the pleasure to meet Maurice a year or two earlier when we asked him to start the race - a truly remarkable man and an inspiration to those who knew him.
Dermot MurphyApr 4 2018, 11:50amEntry list for the Trail. This will include any changes requested on the Ultra/Trail switch thread. Please make sure your name is on the list - if not check to see if it is on the Ultra list. If you still cannot see it, please let us know.


Surname Firstname Race Number Category
Ahern John 187 M40
Alexander Anthony 1007 M40
Barry Conor 1566 M40
beakey denis 1598 M50
Bell David 1525 M50
Bell John 1330 M
Bell Peter 1027 M
Bidet Caroline 1565 F40
Bohan Dee 365 F50
Bradish David 239 M
Brady Susan 1770 F50
Brennan Martin 1606 M
Brennan Stephen 175 M60
Brennan Yvonne 1290 F40
Bright Aileen 1502 F
Buckley John 668 M
Butler Michael 72 M40
Byrne Bernie 1472 F40
Byrne Brian 647 M70
Byrne Wayne 1588 M40
Campbell Adrian 75 M
Campion Loughlin 1808 M60
Campion Stephen 1742 M
Casey Paraic 1825 M40
Caulfield David 1678 M
Cheetham Bronagh 688 F40
Clarke Andy 1146 M
Cloonan Maureen 1519 F40
Collins Christopher 1571 M
Collins John 813 M40
Collins Mary 228 F60
Conway Turlough 1649 M40
Cronin Damian 539 M40
Cullen Derek 1234 M
Culliton Steven 1521 M
Curran James 604 M50
Curran Nicky 1631 M
Cyganiak Richard 509 M
Dawson Neil 1877 M50
Delargy Ciaran 1600 M
Devas William 1698 M40
Devilly Ivan 1550 M40
Diggin Billy 1826 M50
Dillon Greg 1845 M40
Dobbs Neil 1106 M
Donnelly Gareth 232 M40
Douglas Gordon 856 M60
Doyle Liam 1596 M40
Doyle Padraig 557 M40
Duffy Paul 717 M
Duncan Jamie 1876 M
Durham Jim 632 M60
Edgar Samantha 1495 F
Egan Chris 1257 M
Egan Grace 1259 F40
Farrell David 1544 M40
Farrell Noel 333 M
Fassbender David G 744 M
Filan Sean 943 M40
Flaherty Anne-Marie 320 F
Flood Donal 719 M40
Flynn Rory 313 M
Fox Samuel 1392 M40
Frayne Thomas 1055 M
Furey Brian 1161 M
Gaughran Aoibheann 119 F40
Geelon Dan 144 M60
Geraghty Gerard 207 M40
gerry byrne 1840 M50
Gonzalez-Guridi Igor 1549 M40
Gorman Peter 686 M
Greene Luke 250 M
Greensmith William 1723 M
Griffin Ciaran 1602 M
Halpin Niall 1612 M40
Hanna Richard 1482 M
Hanney Andrew 125 M40
Hanney Mick 156 M50
Hell Martsje 1506 F
Heppenstall Lindsey 134 F40
Heron Oran 610 M40
Herron Beverley 1505 F
Higgins James 437 M50
Higgins Justin 324 M40
Horan Ann 774 F
Jay Juju 269 M40
Joyce Paul 1651 M40
Joyce Tony 1069 M40
Keane Stephen 873 M
Keegan Amanda (Mandy) 1681 F40
Kelly Diarmuid 1736 M40
Kelly Niamh 1057 F40
Kennedy Des 1488 M40
Kenny Jason 1810 M40
Kinch Ralph 1757 M40
King Ronan 1387 M50
Kohrs John Christopher 1561 M
Lambe Ronan 1853 M
Le Berre Celine 1834 F
Lehane Linda 1748 F40
Leith Rose 1623 F50
Lenihan Garrett 1533 M50
Lennon Eoin 1054 M
Leonard Brian 1873 M40
Livingstone Derek 200 M40
Long Mike 294 M50
Lord Peter 1175 M
Lynch Ronan 429 M40
Lynch1979 Stephen 1827 M
Maag Thomas 1683 M40
Madden David 74 M40
Madden Katherine 71 F40
Maguire Enda 1189 M40
Maguire Karl 393 M
Mathers Denise 1680 F50
Matthews Maura 889 F40
Maxwell Justin 1504 M
Mc Donnell Sean 713 M40
Mc mahon lorraine 241 F40
McAuley John 1773 M
McCarthy Ronan 182 M40
McCauley Craig 1498 M40
McDonald Maria 339 F40
McGowan Ruairi 210 M
McGuckin Brian 1793 M40
McGuinness Niall 1185 M
McKenna Luan 541 M
McNamara Dermot 1409 M
McNeilly Stuart 1640 M
McQuaid Neal 1847 M
McShane Eithne 1471 F50
Meghan Deborah 1470 F40
Melligan Tom 1878 M
Molloy Jean 1771 F50
Moloney Aisling 1620 F40
Moran Colm 1781 M
Moran Mark 1650 M
Mulgrew Alan 1746 M40
Mullins Fiona 1294 F50
Murphy Catherine 572 F50
Murphy David 1844 M40
Nolan Elaine 994 F
O'Brien David 1538 M
O connell patrick 1672 M40
O Connor Shelley 1346 F40
O sullivan Michael 1353 M50
O' Malley Shane 414 M50
O'Brien Larry 1301 M40
O'Callaghan Rachel 1193 F40
O'Ceallaigh Niamh 1515 F
O'Connor Justin 1593 M
O'Donnell Archie 1573 M40
O'Donoghue Aidan 110 M
O'Farrell Conor 137 M40
O'Flynn Ciaran 476 M40
O'Gorman Eoghan 585 M
O'Gorman Niamh 899 F
O'Reilly Anthony 1487 M40
O'Rourke Maria 70 F50
O'Toole Tony 397 M40
Pegman Sandra 996 F50
Pender David 158 M40
Pollard Brendan 404 M40
Power David 1481 M
Quinn Mark 1856 M40
Radford Rosemary 335 F
Raleigh Mark 488 M40
Rea Paula 1351 F50
Renshaw Aisling 1569 F40
Rice Martin 628 M
Richard Duffy 1334 M
ritchie alan 1516 M
Roche Adrian 559 M40
Ryan Liz 1503 F40
Sadowska Malgorzata 961 F
Scott Fergus 680 M
Seamus Byrne 960 M
shanahan jim 1769 M50
shanahan neil 528 M
Sheridan Brendan 1508 M40
Shiels John 1480 M50
Slattery Trevor 1821 M40
Snee Emma-Jane 871 F40
Steer Sarah 682 F
Stewart Cunningham 69 M60
Stewart Shaun 1063 M
Swords Warren 1337 M
Taaffe Eoin 1688 M40
Tees Andrew 1567 M
Tobin Mark 1675 M
Tucker James 177 M
Vickers Ross 548 M40
Weston Derek 1446 M40
Wharton Philip 695 M40
white Paul 1632 M40
Wieczorek Zbigniew 1820 M
Woods1 Trevor 866 M40
Elizabeth WheelerApr 4 2018, 1:00pmDermot, my name should be on the 555 F40
Dermot MurphyApr 4 2018, 1:08pmHi Elizabeth - your name is on the Ultra list. So please clarify - do you want to do the Half? If so, we will move your name over.
Elizabeth WheelerApr 4 2018, 1:38pmDermot,
I checked my purchase history and see that I entered the Ultra which was my mistake, sorry. If you could move me to the half that would be great, thanks!
Cormac O'CeallaighApr 4 2018, 1:50pmHi Dermot,

I paid and registered on the 16 Feb- can you double check your records and add my name.many thanks.
Cormac O'CeallaighApr 4 2018, 1:50pmHi Dermot,

I paid and registered on the 16 Feb- can you double check your records and add my name.many thanks.
Cormac O'CeallaighApr 4 2018, 1:50pmHi Dermot,

I paid and registered on the 16 Feb- can you double check your records and add my name.many thanks.
Dermot MurphyApr 4 2018, 1:52pmHi Elizabeth - no problem, I have you now transferred over to the Trail list.
David PenderApr 4 2018, 9:16pmHi Dermot,
Race number 158, I can't run as injured.can you take me off of the list please?
David Pender
Dermot MurphyApr 5 2018, 2:28pmIMPORTANT NOTE : Unfortunately, we have been forced to make changes to the parking arrangements for the Trail. Originally the plan was to have all parking at the Glencullen Golf Club and at Johnnie Foxes pub (overflow car park). However, due to the heavy recent rain, I received a call this morning to say that the field we had intended to use for parking at the Golf Club is not suitable (waterlogged). So we have now booked Leopardstown again and will arrange a shuttle bus back to Leopardstown at the end of the race - so basically back to the same arrangements as last year.
So for Ultra - only parking arrangements have changed. We will be using the Overflow car park at Johnnie Foxes, and I am also trying to get additional parking up near the start (will provide an update on that tomorrow). Finish should be at the same place.
Trail - parking is now at Leopardstown. Busses from there to the start line. Finish is the same, with a shuttle bus service in operation to bring people back.
I hope to be able to arrange a Bag Drop for the Trail people - still need to iron out the details for this though.
Please note - for parking at Leopardstown - please do not leave any valuables in the car. A few cars were broken into last year. We have booked additional security with Leopardstown this year - so there should be a security presence there all day, But please be cautious and do not leave anything valuable visible.
Conor O'FarrellApr 5 2018, 4:42pmSo are we registering in Leopardstown? What time do we need to be there at?
Ian BaileyApr 5 2018, 4:46pmHi, I'm not on the start list. Entered on March 12th, payment ID 14963. Haven't received my IMRA number either and paid for that at the same time. Both payments came out of my account at the time. Thanks, Ian Bailey.
Mick HanneyApr 5 2018, 6:05pmIMPORTANT. As per Dermot's note, the parking is Leopardstown. There is a Map on this events tab which shows the car park location for those who may not be familiar from last year. Its south of the race course near the Carrickmines flyover.
Dermot MurphyApr 5 2018, 6:10pmYes, registration is at Leopardstown from 9:45 to 11am.
Ian, yes - was aware on that - Pol will have it sorted for you on the day. Same with the others who have mentioned a similar problem.
Kyle PetrieApr 5 2018, 8:04pmHello Dermot,

I registered a few weeks ago for the race but did not receive an email or I don't see my name on the race list. Perhaps the payment didn't work or go through? my race number is 1293. Kyle
Dermot MurphyApr 5 2018, 8:42pmHi Kyle - have passed that on to Pol - who is fixing a similar problem with several other people - should have you sorted for Saturday.
Bill HallidenApr 5 2018, 10:58pmI am registered on the Ultra list but was looking to do the 25k route - my reg number is 1829 - can you switch me over please
Pol O'MurchuApr 5 2018, 11:02pmRegarding Half:

Ian Bailey - Number 67 - on list now
Rosanne Bell - Number 61 - on list now

Elizabeth you entered the get training! - changed now :-)

Cormac You also entered the Ultra - no bother to you! Can you confirm which you are looking to do?

Kyle - no payment or attempted payment showing for you for this event. For the few others I have payment logs and completed transactions they just didn't get a race number which meant they weren't added to race list so doesn't appear that you purchased this event. A known issue but more of an admin nightmare than a case that we have no records of these events...You did get a number in January so this would not stack up as this error only affected those registering and buying an entry at the same time...
Chris EganApr 6 2018, 10:48amAppears on ultra forum a bag drop is organised from Leopardstown to finish line but nothing official. Is there any more information on this? Car
Chris EganApr 6 2018, 10:48amAppears on ultra forum a bag drop is organised from Leopardstown to finish line but nothing official. Is there any more information on this?
Dermot MurphyApr 6 2018, 11:09amHi Chris - yes, there will be a bag drop from Leopardstown bag to the finish. Please try to keep the bag as compact as possible - any bags that are deemed too big will be turned away. The bags will be left near the finish line in Glencullen.
Greg DillonApr 6 2018, 3:43pmHi, does anyone have .kml or .gpx of the route. the one on the site seems to be corrupt.

Gordon PlaceApr 6 2018, 4:01pmGreg,
You can download the tracedetrail one through the ultra event page. Obviously the trail is the return leg only.
Neil DobbsApr 6 2018, 4:19pmJust to double-check... carpooling with Ultra runners and hanging out in Johnnie Fox's until the start is no longer an option, right? This doesn't even deserve a reply! /neil
Mick HanneyApr 6 2018, 6:11pm@Neil - if you are sharing a car with ultra guys and park at Johnny Foxes, there will be some of the organisers driving down to Leopardstown to do the registration of trail runners, so I daresay you'll be able to grab a lift down there. I'll be hanging around the Ultra registration and will be heading to Leopardstown for instance.
James HigginsApr 6 2018, 8:25pmHi Dermot, I’ve picked up an injury so unfortunately, I won’t be able to race tomorrow.

Best of luck on your long day and hope everything goes well.

Best of luck also to all runners in both races. Enjoy it!
Conor BarryApr 6 2018, 9:37pmHi, first IMRA race tomorrow (half). Should I have received an actual number in the post to pin onto my shorts/shirt or do I get one at start? Thanks, Conor
Mick HanneyApr 6 2018, 9:52pmNew runners collect their race no. at registration to wear in the race and in other races throughout the year.
Conor BarryApr 6 2018, 9:55pmGreat thanks
Neil DobbsApr 7 2018, 7:30am@Mick. Thanks. UltraShane is skedaddling afterwards it turns out, so that option is gone now anyway. Cheers.

Good luck all!
Padraig DoyleApr 7 2018, 9:43pmThanks very much Dermot and crew... another great Maurice Mullins day.
Dermot MurphyApr 7 2018, 9:52pmPreliminary results for the Trail. The guys are probably partying away at the social now, so might be a couple of days before they are up on the site. If anyone spots anything amiss, please give a shout...
Position Race No Name Surname Cat Time
1 1054 Eoin Lennon M 105
2 67 Ian Bailey M 107.07
3 1488 Des Kennedy M40 110
4 1063 Shaun Stewart M 113.2
5 1161 Brian Furey M 115.3
6 1606 Martin Brennan M 117.2
7 1649 Turlough Conway M40 117.3
8 1481 David Power M 117.4
9 1773 John McAuley M 123.45
10 1337 Warren Swords M 125.3
11 1330 John Bell M 126.24
12 393 Karl Maguire M 127.15
13 1387 Ronan King M50 127.25
14 1546 Stephen Lee M 128
15 1876 Jamie Duncan M 130.1
16 1516 alan ritchie M 130.25
17 1793 Brian McGuckin M40 131.4
18 686 Peter Gorman M 131.53
19 1567 Andrew Tees M 132.2
20 1506 Martsje Hell F 132.5
21 151 Mike Jordan M 136.08
22 610 Oran Heron M40 136.25
23 324 Justin Higgins M40 137.15
24 1504 Justin Maxwell M 137.25
25 156 Mick Hanney M50 137.35
26 1873 Brian Leonard M40 138.16
27 1301 Larry O'Brien M40 138.55
28 187 John Ahern M40 140.42
29 1027 Peter Bell M 142.05
30 1612 Niall Halpin M40 142.15
31 1055 Thomas Frayne M 142.3
32 1683 Thomas Maag M40 142.45
33 539 Damian Cronin M40 143.1
34 110 Aidan O'Donoghue M 143.25
35 1844 David Murphy M40 144
36 668 John Buckley M 145.1
37 488 Mark Raleigh M40 145.2
38 1234 Derek Cullen M 146
39 1392 Samuel Fox M40 146.1
40 232 Gareth Donnelly M40 147.1
41 414 Shane O' Malley M50 147.2
42 555 Elizabeth Wheeler F40 147.3
43 866 Trevor Woods1 M40 147.4
44 557 Padraig Doyle M40 148.05
45 1487 Anthony O'Reilly M40 148.3
46 1549 Igor Gonzalez-Guridi M40 148.4
47 774 Ann Horan F 148.5
48 528 neil shanahan M 149
49 1334 Duffy Richard M 149.5
50 1465 Keith Locke M 150.15
51 1853 Ronan Lambe M 150.3
52 294 Mike Long M50 150.4
53 177 James Tucker M 150.5
54 889 Maura Matthews F40 150.55
55 585 Eoghan O'Gorman M 152
56 614 Mark Horvath M 152.1
57 239 David Bradish M 153
58 1566 Conor Barry M40 153.4
59 541 Luan McKenna M 154.2
60 628 Martin Rice M 155.4
61 719 Donal Flood M40 155.5
62 1596 Liam Doyle M40 156
63 269 Juju Jay M40 156.4
64 680 Fergus Scott M 156.45
65 1840 byrne gerry M50 157.3
66 1106 Neil Dobbs M 158.2
67 404 Brendan Pollard M40 158.25
68 873 Stephen Keane M 158.55
69 1847 Neal McQuaid M 160.15
70 1602 Ciaran Griffin M 160.2
71 339 Maria McDonald F40 160.5
72 241 lorraine Mc mahon F40 160.5
73 1619 Ailis Brosnan F40 161
74 1515 Niamh O'Ceallaigh F 162.05
75 1498 Craig McCauley M40 162.2
76 1878 Tom Melligan M 162.55
77 1698 William Devas M40 163.1
78 250 Luke Greene M 163.15
79 688 Bronagh Cheetham F40 163.3
80 1189 Enda Maguire M40 164.45
81 1678 David Caulfield M50 165
82 1185 Niall McGuinness M 165
83 813 John Collins M40 165.05
84 1007 Anthony Alexander M40 166
85 1680 Denise Mathers F50 167
86 313 Rory Flynn M 168.1
87 1505 Beverley Herron F 169.1
88 69 Cunningham Stewart M60 169.5
89 1544 David Farrell M40 169.55
90 899 Niamh O'Gorman F 170.05
91 1290 Yvonne Brennan F40 171.05
92 207 Gerard Geraghty M40 171.3
93 1825 Paraic Casey M40 172.3
94 175 Stephen Brennan M60 172.4
95 744 David G Fassbender M 172.5
96 632 Jim Durham M60 173
97 144 Dan Geelon M60 174.1
98 1736 Diarmuid Kelly M40 174.3
99 1829 Bill Halliden M50 174.4
100 1471 Eithne McShane F50 175.3
101 943 Sean Filan M40 176.15
102 200 Derek Livingstone M40 177.15
103 1640 Stuart McNeilly M 177.45
104 1495 Samantha Edgar F 177.45
105 1257 Chris Egan M 179.3
106 228 Mary Collins F60 179.4
107 1650 Mark Moran M 180
108 1631 Nicky Curran M 180
109 871 Emma-Jane Snee F40 180.1
110 1632 Paul white M40 181.2
111 1533 Garrett Lenihan M50 181.2
112 72 Michael Butler M40 181.2
113 604 James Curran M50 181.3
114 74 David Madden M40 182.2
115 1688 Eoin Taaffe M40 182.3
116 134 Lindsey Heppenstall F40 183.1
117 1470 Deborah Meghan F40 183.35
118 61 Rozanne Bell M 184.45
119 1472 Bernie Byrne F40 184.55
120 559 Adrian Roche M40 185.15
121 1598 denis beakey M50 185.35
122 1521 Steven Culliton M 186.03
123 75 Adrian Campbell M 187.45
124 1810 Jason Kenny M40 188.1
125 1834 Celine Le Berre F 188.45
126 1675 Mark Tobin M 188.5
127 996 Sandra Pegman F50 189.15
128 1353 Michael O sullivan M50 190.1
129 1502 Aileen Bright F 191.2
130 1588 Wayne Byrne M40 192
131 1409 Dermot McNamara M 194.3
132 1620 Aisling Moloney F40 197.3
133 71 Katherine Madden F40 197.3
134 1519 Maureen Cloonan F40 197.4
135 1769 jim shanahan M50 198.3
136 1175 Peter Lord M 200.05
137 1672 patrick O connell M40 200.1
138 1069 Tony Joyce M40 200.15
139 1757 Ralph Kinch M40 201.5
140 1808 Loughlin Campion M60 202.15
141 1826 Billy Diggin M50 204.1
142 1877 Neil Dawson M50 204.15
143 1057 Niamh Kelly F40 204.5
144 320 Anne-Marie Flaherty F 204.55
145 333 Noel Farrell M 210
146 1480 John Shiels M50 212.1
147 1561 John Christopher Kohrs M 212.55
148 365 Dee Bohan F50 213.45
149 1193 Rachel O'Callaghan F40 213.5
150 1503 Liz Ryan F40 214.35
151 70 Maria O'Rourke F50 214.35
152 1569 Aisling Renshaw F40 214.55
153 459 Mark Earley M 216.55
154 1821 slattery Trevor M40 220.35
155 1856 Mark Quinn M40 222
156 1294 Fiona Mullins F50 222.2
157 572 Catherine Murphy F50 225.55
158 1259 Grace Egan F40 229.5
159 994 Elaine Nolan F 231.55
160 1351 Paula Rea F50 237.4
161 119 Aoibheann Gaughran F40 241.2
162 713 Sean Mc Donnell M40 243.25
163 695 Philip Wharton M40 243.5
164 647 Brian Byrne M70 262.25
165 856 Gordon Douglas M60 265.55
166 397 Tony O'Toole M40 279.4
167 1565 Caroline Bidet F40 360
168 1748 Linda Lehane F40 DNF
Niamh O'CeallaighApr 7 2018, 10:35pmThanks so much Dermot an all the volunteers. Brilliant day! Excellent organisation
Aoibheann GaughranApr 7 2018, 11:06pmThanks so much everyone, that was deadly!
James CurranApr 8 2018, 9:27amFantastic organisation, great day out. Thanks to Dermot and all the volunteers.
Neal McQuaidApr 8 2018, 9:53amThanks to all the organisers, great day!
denis beakeyApr 8 2018, 1:26pmLost: left blue hat and rab gloves on coach to the start. Pm if you find same please.
Thanks to all who volunteered. Superb event.
Mary CollinsApr 8 2018, 5:13pmThanks Dermot and all your volunteers for organising yet again another successful ultra/Half trail event. Well done also on the last minute reorganisation of the shuttle bus start location. Mary Collins
Dermot MurphyApr 8 2018, 6:13pmA note of thanks copied from the Ultra Thread:
Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out on Saturday - they are all essential for a race like this to happen.
I would also especially like to thank all the runners who stopped and helped the injured runner - Sarah - when she had her bad fall. Mountain rescue were called to the scene and were able to come to her aid in a timely fashion and help her off the mountain (it happened on the stoney path heading down towards the Dargle). I hope you recover soon, Sarah!
There is a long list to go through - apologies in advance if I miss anyone!
Many thanks to Pol, Richard and Mick, and others on the Committee who helped with a lot of the backround work on the lead up to the race. The lads also helped out a lot during the day as well, finding time to get their own races in (or part races!)
At the aid stations - Lindie (who has been involved with this race a lot longer than I have!!) and Emma at Ballinstoe.
Vivian is marked and marshaled the section at Lough Tay were the course leaves the Wicklow Way and heads down to the Turnaround point.
Paul and Jeff were at Crone Wood (and helped as much as they could with Sarah).
Jim and Mark at Curtlestown.
At the Ultra car parking, we had Graham, Brendan, Alistair and Laura.
At Ultra registration, we had Pol, Paul Mahon, Stephen, Colin, Gordan and Angela.
At Trail parking we had Paul O'Callaghan, Aidan and Tommy - special call out to Tommy and Paul who organised the drop bags back to the finish.
At Trail registration, we had Anne-Marie, Niamh and Bronagh.
At the finish, we had our two time records Jarlath (Trail) and James (Ulttra) who did great work on getting the times recorded - this was especially challenging when we had all that unforecasted rain for the first hour or so.
Also helping at the finish were Inigo (marshal at final turn off), Brian (who decided to help out when he realised he could not run himself) and Laura (who helped sort at the confusing markers and cones near the GAA club - I think those markers and cones were just to stop cars parking at the bus stop (Bus Eireann Bus Stop) and had nothing to do with our race). Patrica and Julie also helped out with food, water etc at the finish line. Lindie and Vivian also came back to the finish to put in further stints there.
Becky Quinn was our first aid person for the day and was at the half way point for a time and then back at the finish.
Thanks also to Leopardstown race course for parking and Alpine Coaches for the buses - they really came through when we needed last minute changes to car parking arrangements on Thursday.
Again, apologies if I have left anyone out - there were also plenty of people out supporting all along the route.
I hope everyone enjoyed the day - you can thank all the volunteers for that!
Paul O'CallaghanApr 8 2018, 7:17pmA few other people worthy of mention are Fiona Mullins, who traveled up from Kerry, and got to go home with a Maurice Mullins Mug.
Also Brian and Julie Byrne who left Kerry at 4am yesterday morning, at 71 years old Brian (who has represented Ireland at European and World level)was competing in the race, while Julie (taking a day off her own running) had a car boot full of sandwiches for the finishers.
Dermot MurphyApr 9 2018, 1:24pmPlease feel free to add a race reports - thanks to David Power, who has already done so. It's always great to read these and to have a record of the day for future years. To add a race report, log on to myIMRA and go to the results page, you should now see an option to add a race report.
Caroline BidetApr 21 2018, 12:14pmThank you for letting me finish the race and sorry for keeping the organisers waiting. I broke the record of the longest time I guess but I am proud to have finished, and that was thanks to your patience organisers and volunteers. Both the Coca-Cola at Crone car park and the water at Curtlestown were life savers, and the support at the end of the race. Also thanks to Tony O'Toole who waited for me and encouraged me for the first part of the race and who could have done a much better time if it was not for his kindness :-) . I will train better for next year and hope to improve my time!
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