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Glenmalure Zig Zags

Niamh O'CeallaighMar 21 2023, 9:00pmSadly due to some awful thuggery, the access to Lugnacoille via the Zig Zags from Glenmalure has been closed. Very sad and disappointing. The Dinner family have always been extremely accommodating.
Details at this link.
Niamh O'CeallaighMar 21 2023, 9:00pm*Dunne
Andy KeelingMar 22 2023, 9:38amWill this effect the glacier lakes race I wonder?
Rene BorgMar 22 2023, 11:32amYou can run from Kelly's to Arts Lough direct within getting too close to the zigzags and there are several ways back out to the road after that
John BellMar 22 2023, 1:49pmThat is disappointing that the zig zags route is closed after we have benefited from that access route up Lug for years.

For the Glacier Lakes I think the majority of people have realised that the direct route off the mountain and into the corner of the Coillte forest is quickest and avoids private lands. there are also other options through the forest. I'll update the events page / out of bounds area.
Richard NunanMar 24 2023, 2:54pmThanks Niamh, it was really disappointing to read the articles and see some pictures of the last few days.. Disgraceful behavior.