Leinster League 2018

Summer league held on Wednesday evenings in Dublin and Wicklow. There are 13 races in the series starting at about 3.5km and building up to 12km. They are run on marked routes mainly tracks but can be quite rough underfoot. You must finish 7 races be deemed to have completed the league and claim your end-of-league-prize (item depends on funds). To qualify for the end of League prize you must also have volunteered at least twice in the current calendar year (volunteering in any League or Championship counts).


Best 7 races to score

Wed May 97:30 PMBray HeadBRH290m6.00km6
Wed May 167:30 PMScalpSCP212m5.80km5
Wed May 237:30 PMHowth SummerHWT376m8.00km6
Wed May 307:30 PMCarrick MountainCAM427m6.00km6
Wed Jun 67:30 PMPrince William's SeatPWS317m7.58km6
Wed Jun 137:30 PMScarrSCR383m8.25km7
Wed Jun 207:30 PMGlasnamullen and an anti-clockwise lap of DjouceGSM410m10.20km6
Wed Jun 277:30 PMTrooperstown HillTRS430m9.00km6
Wed Jul 47:30 PMSorrell HillSRH392m9.45km6
Wed Jul 117:30 PMBrockaghBRC443m11.00km7
Wed Jul 187:30 PMSeefinganSFN486m8.74km6
Wed Jul 257:30 PMBallinastoeBST490m12.00km8
Wed Aug 17:30 PMDownshill - End of League BBQDTR340m10.13km6
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