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Thomas GalvinFeb 7 2013, 11:43amPlease include Tom as running helper at Seefingán Run.
Colum McKeownMay 23 2013, 1:19pmHi Brian,

I can volunteer for this race. Preferably as a running volunteer but if you're short of non-running volunteers then that's fine.


Brian O MurchuMay 24 2013, 2:34pm
Recce of Seefingan in two weeks time Friday 7th if anyone wants to join, see Facebook page for details:
Emma HandMay 26 2013, 4:07pmHi Brian,
I can volunteer to be a non-running volunteer at the Seefingen race.
Emma Hand 0876849235
Brian O MurchuMay 27 2013, 9:18amHi Emma,

Thanks for your offer. When I get 'approved' as RD I'll add you in as a helper
Richard NunanMay 27 2013, 4:51pmHi Brian,

Accepted !!
Ruth Nic Giolla IasachtaJun 1 2013, 11:15amHi Brian,

If you need another non-running volunteer for Seefingan, let me know. I'd be happy to help out.

Brian O MurchuJun 1 2013, 5:03pmHi Ruth,
I have added you in, thanks!

For anyone interested in Race Marker a vacancy exists!
Brian O MurchuJun 6 2013, 9:47amI have enough Helpers for now thanks, Race Markers still required (preferably x2)!
Rachel CinnsealachJun 6 2013, 12:07pmBrian, I will mark Seefingan. If anyone else wants to volunteer too great, otherwise I'll do it on my own.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 6 2013, 12:07pmBrian, I will mark Seefingan. If anyone else wants to volunteer too great, otherwise I'll do it on my own.
Des KennedyJun 6 2013, 12:40pmBrian, I'll give Rachel a hand with the marking.
First Name SurnameJun 6 2013, 9:09pmHas anyone got a GPS plot, including profile, from previous years ?
Brian O MurchuJun 9 2013, 11:32pmAll volunteer positions filled!

Please have exact change for entry fee if you can.

Prize giving will be at Ahearne's (in the carpark side of the pub).

There will be one early start at 19:00.

Please be mindful when parking, we aim for lines of 5 cars followed by a double-length free space to allow passing cars. If you arrive late and see a nice 30 foot gap, no, it is NOT your lucky night -keep going until directed by a marshal! Park as tight to the side of the road as possible

Please carpool as much as possible!

Colum McKeownJun 10 2013, 2:52pmHi,

Looking for a lift to Seefingan on Wednesday, anywhere in or around Dublin City. I'm volunteering so need to get there earlier, around 6pm.


Colum - 0860317357
David RouseJun 11 2013, 3:31pmTwo places in car from Ranelagh Triangle @6.10.

Email daverouse at gmail dot com.
David RouseJun 11 2013, 4:18pmPlaces taken.
Brian O MurchuJun 12 2013, 6:41amAm missing clipboards from the RD kit. If anyone has them please bring them along tonight!
Jason HalpinJun 12 2013, 12:44pmFor the interested, GPS plot of last year's event here:
Ronan FleetwoodJun 12 2013, 2:40pmA spot has just opened up in my car. I'm leaving Milltown Luas stop at 6. Will be passing through Rathfarnham/Templeogue. Ring/text me on 08685two4246 if you want a lift.
Anthony O'ReillyJun 12 2013, 9:30pmGreat race and great performance from all the volunteers tonight, collecting money, handing out race numbers, calling out finishing numbers, collecting race numbers in a midge infested hillside without loosing the patience. Bravo.
Miriam MaherJun 12 2013, 10:10pmBig thanks to the volunteers, utterly mancky conditions to be hanging around in!
James H CahillJun 12 2013, 10:24pmI second all the comments previous, thank you to all the volunteers for tonight's race, the midges were horrific and standing around in those conditions was above and beyond the call of duty. Well done to all volunteers
Warren SwordsJun 12 2013, 10:56pmHuge thanks to Brian and all the volunteers. Can't believe there wasn't a mutiny given the awful midges. Amazing stuff.
Ger LawlorJun 12 2013, 11:30pmGreat work tonight by Brian and his team. Patiently standing around while being savaged by midges. At least the rest of us got the opportunity to try and outrun them!
Brian O MurchuJun 13 2013, 12:09amIf the owner of a yellow rainjacket, Oxylane (US M, Europe L) would like to reclaim it, please contact myself

A big thanks to all the volunteers who braved the midges, everytime I thought the midges had gone they came back in bigger swarms (should a midge net be part of RD kit?)
Richard KieranJun 13 2013, 8:58amI'd like to add my thanks to the volunteers who kept smiling while being savaged by a plague of midges to make the race happen for the rest of us...
Brendan LawlorJun 13 2013, 9:18amWell done and thanks to Brian and all volunteers- never seen so many marshals at a hill race! Welcome back to Gary Crossan - Crossan v Kennedy next week at Sorrell Hill, what will Paul Mahon Bookmakers make of it ??!!
Sarah Ní RuaircJun 19 2013, 12:15amHi Everyone,

I've finally got around to posting my photos of Seefingan on the site, so please get tagging!

Apologies for the quality; there were probably a few midges on the lens.

Rene BorgAug 5 2013, 7:14pmTeam results are up.